Check Kenya ETA requirements for Syrians

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Kenya ETA for Syrian  citizens

Kenya ETA for Syrian citizens

The application process for the new Kenya ETA for Syrians is faster than ever before. The country has now opened its doors to more individuals thanks to its new electronic travel permission, which makes traveling simpler.

All you have to do is apply for the Kenya ETA for Syrians now on the Kenya Immigration Services website.

All of the information you need from us is provided below.

1. What is Kenya's ETA for Syrian Citizens

From January 2024, all foreign citizens including Syria wishing to travel to Kenya will no longer require a visa and will instead apply for a Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).

To apply for a Kenya ETA, passengers must have a valid passport and provide contact information. Applications should be filed at least seven days before travel to allow enough time for permission. Travelers can submit their applications up to three months before their trip, although it is strongly advised to do so as soon as they have booked their hotels and transportation tickets.

The Kenya ETA is required for all international visitors, including children and newborns.

Kenya ETA is valid for 90 days or until the accompanying passport expires, whichever occurs first.

Syrian passport holders traveling to Kenya can enter with an authorized eTA without having to apply for a regular visa at an embassy or consulate.

To achieve this, they must fulfill Kenya's eTA requirements for Syrians.

Do Syrian citizens still need a visa for Kenya?

No. Syrian tourists do not need a visa to enter Kenya. Instead, they must apply online for a Kenya ETA For Syrians to authorize their trip.

This online travel permit is electronically linked to the traveler's passport and cannot be transferred to a different document.

2. Kenya ETA Requirements for Syrian Citizens

Kenya ETA Requirements for Syrian  Citizens

Kenya ETA Requirements for Syrian Citizens

Before starting the online Kenya eTA application, Syrian nationals should review Kenya ETA requirements. They must guarantee that they have all of the necessary information and documentation beforehand. These are listed as follows:

  • Passport: You will require a valid passport issued by the Syrian government. You must guarantee that your passport does not expire six months after you enter Kenya. In addition, you will require a scanned copy of the passport's information page.
  • Email address: to receive the approved visa
  • Photo: recent passport-style photo
  • Travel itinerary and airline tickets.
  • Method of payment (Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Amex card, or a debit/credit card) to cover the fee

When entering Kenya, you need to provide the passport that was recorded on the Kenya ETA application form.

If the passport used to apply is lost, stolen, destroyed, or otherwise rendered invalid, you will need to apply for a new eTA for Kenya using the new Syrian passport.

3. How to apply for e Kenya ETA from Syria

Syrian nationals can receive a Kenya ETA by filling out a simple online application form. This takes a few minutes to complete and is simple and user-friendly.

Applicants must enter the following data:

  • Basic personal information
  • Passport details
  • Contact telephone number and email address

The application process is similar for Kenya ETA. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit our website and enter your basic information and passport data. Choose your chosen processing time depending on your budget and requirements, and then pay the visa payments.

Step 2: Fill out the rest of the application form and send the relevant papers, including the flight reservation form, passport photo, and a scanned copy of your passport page.

Step 3: Submit your application and wait for your Kenya ETA in your inbox. That is it! Remember to print a copy as well as an electronic version to give to local authorities in Kenya

Processing time of a Kenya ETA for Syrian Citizens

Syrian nationals must wait 5 hours to 3 working days to receive their authorized Kenya ETA via email.

To avoid unnecessary delays, passengers should submit their application forms well in advance to provide adequate time for them to be processed.

4. Kenya ETA fees for Syrian Citizens

Kenya ETA fees for Syrian   Citizens

Kenya ETA fees for Syrian Citizens

To apply for a Kenya ETA for Syrian citizens, you have to pay 2 types of Kenya ETA fees including government fees and service fees

The visa fees for the Kenya ETA For Syrians vary according to the processing time you prefer. There are three (3) different options to apply for a Kenya ETA online:

  • Normal: It takes three days to process your Kenya ETA.
  • Urgent: Your Kenya ETA will be processed within 24 business hours.
  • Super urgent: For those who would like to get an ETA within 05 business hours

Do I need travel insurance for Kenya?

No, Kenya travel insurance is not compulsory for a trip to Kenya, but it is strongly recommended. While it's not a mandatory requirement, obtaining travel insurance is a wise choice to ensure a worry-free experience.

Travel insurance for Kenya may include a variety of coverages designed to assist passengers in the event of medical or travel-related crises. Passengers flying with an airline, for example, may wish to consider insurance that covers transportation delays/cancellations or luggage loss/damage.

In addition, Kenya Immigration Services also provides package services to support international travelers when traveling to Kenya such as Kenya eSim and Car Pickup Service in Kenya.

5. Can you get a Kenya visa on arrival for Syrian citizens?

No, Kenya's visa-on-arrival program expired at the end of 2020.

Previously, Syrian citizens could apply for a visa upon arrival in Kenya, however, this is no longer the case.

Visitors from Syria must now apply for a Kenya ETA before traveling. This is faster, easier, and more convenient than the prior visa-on-arrival system. It removes the need to queue at border control to complete visa paperwork and submit documents.