Kenya eTA requirements for Latvian citizens

Kenya eTA requirements for Latvian citizens: The first thing a Latvian thinks about while planning a holiday is going to a place where they can observe nature, like a rainforest, beach, high peak, or stunning lake. You can also see lions, zebras, cheetahs, rhinos, giraffes, and other animals in real time.

This is the reason why Kenya is always a top destination for Latvian tourists. Kenya is famous for its snowy mountains like Mount Kenya, dramatic volcanoes like Mount Kilimanjaro, and beautiful rivers like Thika and Tana. You'll also have the chance to see natural wonders like animal migration and the display of pink flamingos on Lake Nakuru.

However, you must meet the Kenya eTA requirements for Latvian citizens before entering Kenya, which our team of experts will discuss with you below.

Kenya eTA for Latvian citizens

Kenya eTA for Latvian citizens

1. Kenya eTA for Latvian citizens:

The requirement to physically visit a consulate or embassy is eliminated by electronic eTA. You can simply apply for and get a Kenya eTA using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The Kenya eTA, introduced in 2024, is an electronic travel authorization that allows visitors to enter a country for a limited time.

The automated system makes obtaining a Kenya eTA for Latvian citizens quick and easy. For short-term stays for the following purposes, Latvian travelers must apply online for an electronic eTA:

  • Tourism
  • Business trips
  • To receive medical treatment

Latvian citizens can stay in Kenya for up to 90 days with an eTA. The Kenya eTA is single-entry, which means a new application must be submitted before each trip.

However, for reasons other than leisure and stays longer than 90 days, Latvian citizens will need to obtain a traditional eTA by applying in person at the Kenya Embassy in Latvia.

Type of Kenya eTA for Latvians:

  • Kenya tourist eTA: For many travelers, the Tourist eTA is the best option for a longer stay in Kenya. With a Tourist eTA, you can relax, enjoy the food and culture, or visit friends and family in Kenya. You won't be rushed because you have 90 days to spend. Use your Tourist eTA for a single entry within 90 days of arrival. Use our simplified online form to obtain a Tourist eTA.
  • Kenya business eTA: If you're planning a business trip to Kenya, this is an approved travel document that will allow you to enter the country. You can enter Kenya for a total of 90 days if you are from Latvia and have a Business eTA. All visits are strictly for business trips only.
  • Kenya transit eTA: If you do not intend to stay in Kenya for an extended period of time, the Transit eTA is an excellent choice. People can visit Kenya for three days before their next flight with this eTA. Get the Transit eTA if you have a long layover.

2. Kenya eTA requirements for Latvian citizens:

Kenya eTA for Latvian citizens

Kenya eTA for Latvian citizens

Before applying online for a Kenya eTA for Latvian citizens, make sure you have the following documents, as they are required:

  • There is no such thing as a eTA that can be obtained without a valid passport. You must have one that is valid for at least 6 months after your arrival in Kenya
  • The passport should also have at least 2 blank pages for the immigration stamps on entry and exit to Kenya.
  • Passport Personal Details Scan: This means that you have to scan the information page. You don’t have to scan the entire passport.
  • A digital photograph (Making sure to meet the photo requirements)
  • To process a business eTA, you need to submit an invitation letter, company COI from your partner company and staff’s ID card.
  • Return flight ticket (in - out - 3 days)
  • Proof of accommodation
  • E-mail address – An email address is required as part of the online application process because the eTA is sent to you via this method of communication. You should print the document before leaving. Preferably in multiple copies.

Latvian visitors must print the valid eTA and bring it with them to their preferred Kenyan border crossing point. It is critical that they have the same Latvian passport that they used during the application process.

This is due to the fact that the eTA is directly linked to a single passport, and if eTA holders present a different document, their eTA will be considered invalid, and they will be denied entry into the country.

In addition to presenting the documents, Latvian citizens crossing the Kenyan border should comply with Kenyan authorities' requests and follow local customs regulations.

3. How to get a Kenya online eTA for Latvian citizens:

The application process and requirements differ depending on the type of eTA sought. Applying for a Kenya online eTA is the quickest and easiest way to obtain a Kenya travel permit, and it only takes a few minutes.

Latvian citizens need to fill out the online Kenya eTA application form. They can submit their request from any location on the planet, including their home or office. The online eTA application can be completed in three simple steps:

  • Fill out the information required in the electronic form and select a processing time (Normal, urgent, and super urgent).
  • Review your details and proceed to pay with a Credit/Debit Card, eTA, American, PayPal, or Wire Transfer to our Bank of Cyprus (Payment Guidelines).
  • Download and print out the Kenya eTA

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The entire Kenya online eTA application process takes approximately 10 minutes and can be completed from virtually any location on the planet. All travelers need is an internet connection to meet all the requirements.

Applicants with a Latvian passport must prepare to provide the following information in the online form:

  • Personal details (full name, date of birth, and country of citizenship)
  • Passport details (number)
  • Contact details (phone number and email address)
  • Travel plans, specifically the traveler’s intended date of arrival and departure in Kenya

Travelers from Latvia must pay close attention to the information provided and ensure that it is accurate and free of spelling errors. Inaccuracies can cause delays in processing or even denial of the eTA.

How to get a Kenya eTA for Latvian citizens

How to get a Kenya eTA for Latvian citizens

Processing time of the Kenya eTA for Latvian citizens

Latvian citizens should apply for the eTA at least one week in advance of their trip to ensure they receive it before departure. Once approved, travelers will be emailed their eTA, which they must print and present at border controls when entering Kenya

4. Kenya eTA fees for Latvian citizens:

To apply for a Kenya eTA online from Latvia, you have to pay two (02) kinds of Kenya eTA fees: Service fees & Government fees.

By using Kenya Immigration Services, you have 3 available options when it comes to processing times. Although the costs of these options differ, keep in mind that the faster you want to receive the document, the more you will have to pay. There are 3 options are as follows:

  • Normal: This option for your eTA application will take 3 business days, but you will be able to save some money on your trip.
  • Urgent: This option allows you to get your document in only 1 day
  • Super urgent: If you need your eTA as soon as possible, this is the best option you have. Within 5 business hours, your application will be processed. This is, as you might expect, the most expensive option.

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