Kenya visa requirements for Albanian citizens - Fees & Services

Obtaining a visa to visit Kenya and stay there for tourism purposes is no longer difficult. Fortunately, Albanian citizens are eligible for a Kenya e-visa, which allows them to apply for this document online rather than visiting an Embassy or Consulate.

You can easily apply for a Kenya visa and receive it as soon as possible. But, before you begin, there are a few details you should be aware of, which we will go over in this article.

To travel to Kenya from Albania, you must first obtain a visa. If you are an Albanian citizen that wants to obtain a visa to Kenya, read the following information to find out the Kenya visa requirements for Albanian citizens, how to apply, and visa fees

Kenya visa for Albanian citizens - How to get a Kenya eVisa from  Albania

Kenya visa for Albanian citizens - How to get a Kenya e visa from Albania?

Kenya visa for Albanian citizens:

Albanian passport holders are required to have a visa in order to enter Kenya.

Albanian visitors, fortunately, can save time by applying for an electronic visa online.

There are more than 140 countries whose citizens can apply online for a Kenya e-visa, and Albania is one of them. Applying for a Kenya visa online does not differ very much from any other country

The Kenya e-Visa, introduced in 2015,  is an official document that allows thousands of citizens to travel and enter Kenya without problems. As the whole processing of the e-Visa is online, you don't require to approach any Embassy or Consulate to supply documents.

This visa allows Albanians to enter Kenya for short stays for purposes of tourism, business, or medical reasons.

The Kenya e-Visa for Albanian citizens is a Single Entry, meaning you can only enter one time. You can stay on that visit for a maximum of 90 days in Total.

For longer stays, or to visit for other purposes, travelers need to apply for a visa through a Kenya embassy in Albania

Check Kenya Visa Requirements For Albanian Citizens

Applicants are advised to apply at least 7 days prior to the intended trip. To apply for the Kenya online visa, Albanian citizens must gather a few documents that are required for submission together with the completed online application form. The Kenya e-visa requirements for Albanian citizens include:

  • An Albanian passport that is valid at the time of application and will still be valid no less than 6 months after the passport holder’s planned arrival date in Kenya
  • Color passport-style photograph
  • At least two blank pages in the traveler’s passport: This is to ensure that the immigration officer has enough space in the traveler's passport to place the stamp.
  • Digital photo of yourself – It is recommended that the photo be taken recently. There should be no facial expressions in it, and the background should be white.
  • A current email address. The e-visa will be issued via email
  • Proof of travel — this can be a confirmation email from your hotel reservation, flight confirmation, an invitation or referral letter, or a travel itinerary

In addition, depending on the type of Kenya e-visa for Albanian citizens you apply for, there are some extra documents that you need to provide. These are listed below:

  • Kenya Tourist visa requirements: Albanians need to provide your travel itinerary. A hotel booking, flight tickets, or an invitation letter from a Kenyan host is also required to obtain a Kenya tourist visa for Albanian citizens.
  • Kenya Business visa requirements: You are required to provide an invitation letter from the company or invitation letter for business visits, a Certificate Of Incorporation of the company, and your staff ID card/Passport.

If an Albanian traveler's passport is less than six months old, they should consider renewing it before applying for a Kenya e-visa. 

All information and documents are uploaded digitally. Albanians don’t need to present paperwork in person at the embassy.

If an Albanian traveler's passport is less than six months old, they should consider renewing it before applying for a Kenya e-visa. 

All information and documents are uploaded digitally. Albanians don’t need to present paperwork in person at the embassy.

Check Kenya e visa requirements for Albanian citizens

Check Kenya e visa requirements for Albanian citizens

All Types Of Kenya Visa For Albanian Citizens

Albanians seeking to travel to Kenya will need to obtain the relevant Kenya visa in order to enter the country. There are several different types of Kenya visas available for Albanian citizens, depending on their travel purpose.

The most common type is the Kenyan e visa for Albanian citizens, which is an electronic visa that can be obtained online in advance of travel. This Kenya visa type is valid for 90 days and is suitable for those traveling to Kenya for leisure, business, medical or transit purposes.

There are four (04) types of Kenya e visa available to Albanian citizens, depending on the purpose of the visit:

  • Kenya Tourist e visa: is a single-entry visa that allows for stays of up to 90 days.
  • Kenya Transit e visa: A lengthy layover is one of the most common reasons for obtaining a Kenya e-visa. Visitors cannot leave the terminal and enter the nation without a visa, but with a Transit e-Visa, you can stay in Kenya for up to three days before your next flight.
  • Kenya Business e visa: is crucial for your work trip to Kenya. Albanian workers will have 90 consecutive days in this country with a Kenya business eVisa.
  • East Africa Tourist e visa:This is the ticket to the ultimate East African experience for Albanian and international travelers.If you obtain an East Africa e-Visa, you will be able to visit Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya during your 90-day trip. This e-Visa allows you to enter and leave Rwanda and Uganda whenever you want.

Albanian citizens can request a multiple-entry Kenya visa or apply for a different type of Kenya visa at the nearest Kenya embassy or consulate.

How To Apply For A Kenya Visa For Albanian Citizens Right From Your Home

Apply a Kenya e visa for Albanian citizens online

Apply a Kenya e visa for Albanian citizens online

In addition to the requirements listed in the above section, each applicant must also fill out a Kenya e-Visa application form for Albanian citizens

The application form asks for personal details such as:

  • Full name and gender
  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport number
  • Date of arrival and departure

The process of applying for a Kenya visa online is simple and quick.

Apply for a Kenya e visa online for Albanian citizens by following these steps

  • Step 1: Fill out the Kenya e visa application form with basic information, including your full name, date of birth, nationality, as well as the passport number. Albanians should carefully check the accuracy of the information provided to avoid errors during the Kenya visa application process.
  • Step 2

    The second step will ask you to revise step one and make the payment.

  • Step 3: The Kenya visa check status system enables Albanian citizens to track your Kenya e visa application status at anytime. Albanian passport holders will receive your Kenya e visa via email in a maximum of 03 business days.

It is best to double-check the provided information for any errors or missing documents before submitting, as this can cause the visa processing process to be delayed or even rejected.

Applicants will receive an email confirming the beginning of processing within an hour of completing the application. Generally, the approved visa can be expected within 1 to 3 business days, which will be sent to the applicant’s email address.

Once the visa has been approved, travelers should print a copy and bring it to the airport for passport control. It is recommended that you keep a copy of your visa with you at all times while in Kenya. Travelers should also be aware that there is a restricted area for visitors with electronic visas.

Everything About Kenya Visa Fees For Albanian Citizens

Kenya visa fees for Albanian citizens depend on the type of visa required. Electronic visas for Kenya are generally less expensive than those obtained through the embassy.

To apply for a Kenya visa online from Albania, you have to pay two (02) kinds of Visa fees, which were called Service fees and Government fees. 

Lean about Kenya visa fees for Albanian citizens

Lean about Kenya visa fees for Albanian citizens

We have three fantastic options for Albanian citizens who value their time above all else. Logically, the cost of your visa is higher in exchange for a faster processing time. Albanian citizens have the following options:

  • Normal: This is the most affordable option for you and it allows you to get the e-Visa ready in 3 Business Days.
  • Urgent: in only 24 business hours you can receive your document but at a higher price
  • Super urgent: This visa processing is the most expensive, but that is due to the fact that you receive the e-Visa in only 5 business hours

In addition, Kenya Immigration Services also provide other package services to assist Albanian citizens while traveling to Kenya such as Kenya travel insurance, Kenya eSim, and Car Pick-up service in Kenya.