Kenya Visa Requirements for UK citizens - Kenya Immigration

Kenya visa requirements for UK citizens as well as getting it is the first step to make a Kenya trip for British citizens. Let’s have a look at what is necessary and how to apply for it in the fastest way.

1. Kenya visa requirements for UK citizens

The government of Kenya required a Kenya visa to UK citizens.

In case you want to do business or arrange an adventure to this wonderful country, it is easy to apply for a visa. A transit time within 72 hours would need a visa also.

For UK citizens, the Kenya visa with simple requirements does not take a long time to get.

2. How To Apply Kenya e-Visa for UK citizens

For each reason why you want to enter Kenya, the government has the suitable type of visa. It is too convenient that they allow visitors to get a Kenya visa completely online, named electronic visa, or e-visa. Despite UK citizens still being able to apply for a Kenya visa at the Kenya embassy, Britishes prefer applying for it online than having to get out and stand in line at the embassy.

Kenya visa requirements for UK citizens

Every purpose in visiting Kenya has a type of e-visa correspondingly. Beside that, the three neighboring governments, which are Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda, allow travellers to legally travel within these countries with one time applying for e-visa.

In conclusion, there are four types of Kenya e-visa for UK citizens to apply for:

  • Tourist e-visa.
  • Transit e-visa.
  • Business e-visa.
  • East Africa Tourist e-visa.

With your available document and also our support, UK citizens could easily get the Kenya e-visa in minutes through some steps right at home.

After making a decision on the type of e-visa, you simply apply online on our website with some basic information. Our expert will support you for all inquiries documents, get updated and result from the government and send it to your email.

The whole process can be completed as soon as just 5 business hours in case you are very urgent in your Kenya journey.

3. Required docs need to be prepared to apply Kenya visa for UK citizens

Although getting the Kenya e-visa is not difficult, the British still may be rejected by the Kenya government because of the lack of standard in the document you submit.

There are some documents that the UK citizens have to prepare. For all types of visa, the basic requirements including:

  1. Your passport photo which was taken within the past 6 months.
  2. Your passport with at least one blank page.

Additionally, each type of visa will need separate extra documents.

  • For those who enter Kenya for tourism: Hotel bookings, travel itinerary, and return flight ticket.
  • For those who enter Kenya for business: Copies of registration of the company, Invitation Letters of company or Invitation letter for business visits, and return flight ticket.
  • For those who enter Kenya to visit family and relatives: Invitation Letters from family, Identity card/ Passport of the host, and return flight ticket.
  • For those who want to transit in Kenya: A round trip ticket.

It is obvious that the return flight ticket is required in almost all cases. Fortunately, you could get it quickly with us. We also highly recommend you to get travel insurance (including covid-19 treatment expense). With these preparations, your application would be faster approved e-visa by the Kenya government.

4. Kenya visa fee for British citizens

UK citizens as well as foreigners who want to apply for Kenya e-visa will pay for two kinds of Kenya visa fee including the government and admin fee, and service fee.

We also set up to support British citizens in the situation of needing a Kenya e-visa urgently. It may be the context that you are in line at the airport in Kenya while you had been too busy to prepare for the e-visa before. Or your flight to Kenya will take off in the next 48 hours, don’t worry about getting e-visa to enter Kenya legally. Our expert with 10 years experience will help you, and in return, you will pay an amount additionally.