Check Kenya ETA Requirements for Afghan citizens

Kenya is noted for its exquisite elegance and rural ambiance. Kenya is often considered as one of Africa's best-kept tourism secrets. The amazing spots in Kenya will always provide you with abundant natural beauty and diversity. This is why many first-time travelers opt to visit Africa. Wildlife will undoubtedly be at the top of your list if you're visiting Kenya for the first time. Kenya has several wonderful sites to explore, including safari reserves and coastline gems.

Kenya ETA for Afghan citizens

Kenya ETA for Afghan citizens

Kenya is also a destination where you may get used to lovely sandy beaches and azure skies. From Lake Nakuru, where you can see a multitude of flamingos, to sun-soaked countryside, Kenya is one of those destinations that will captivate you to the core. Whatever your tastes are in a given scenario, you will always find Kenya an amazing nation eager to captivate you with its beauty.

When traveling to Kenya as a citizen of Afghanistan you must have either a Kenya ETA. This is an essential document mandated by the Government of Kenya.

At Kenya Immigration Services, we've streamlined the Kenya ETA application procedure, so you can focus on packing your camera and adventurous attitude rather than paperwork. You can learn more about Kenya ETA requirements for Afghan citizens

1. Do Afghan citizens Need a Visa to Visit Kenya?

No, citizens of Afghanistan don’t need a visa to visit Kenya. Kenya is spreading out the red carpet for all foreign tourists with the game-changing Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), which will replace the Kenya eVisa.

Traveling to Kenya has just been easier! The government implemented a new Kenya ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) system on January 1, 2024.

Afghan citizens can use Kenya eTA for tourism, friends & family, business, conferences, crew (planes of ships), crew (positioning), foreign delegations, laissez passer holders, seaman, work, disembarking in Kenya, medical care, religious visits, study/ education, and transit.

Afghan citizens can apply for a Kenya eTA online from the comfort of their homes. Tourists don't need to apply directly at the embassy

2. What is a Kenya ETA for Afghan citizens?

Now all foreigners, including Afghan citizens, should obtain a Kenya eTA online before travelling to Kenya. The Kenya ETA is a pre-screening system for visa-free international nationals. Although it is not a visa, all overseas travelers to Kenya must have one in order to board a flight.

The Kenya ETA for Afghan citizens is valid for 90 from the date of approval. An eTA does not guarantee you can enter Kenya. Customs officers will ask to check your passport and other documents and you must be convinced that you are eligible to enter Kenya

Fortunately, the process of applying for a Kenya ETA online has been extremely expedited, quick, and hassle-free since the advent of an online/electronic ETA application procedure.

Type of Kenya ETA:

  • Kenya Tourist ETA: Allows the tourist to remain in Kenya for up to 90 days for tourism reasons.
  • Kenya Business ETA: It permits you to remain for up to 90 days for business reasons, such as attending a meeting or an exhibition.
  • Kenya transit ETA: It enables you to go to other countries via Kenya and remain for a brief period of less than 72 hours. The Kenya transit ETA is valid for 72 hours from the date of entrance.

3. Kenya ETA requirements for Afghan citizens:

Kenya ETA requirements for Afghan citizens

Kenya ETA requirements for Afghan citizens

The Kenyan government has created fairly liberal eligibility conditions for Afghan travelers applying for an eTA. Only a few papers are necessary, which you can simply provide while completing the online ETA application form.

Check out the list of documents needed to apply for a Kenya eTA.

  • A valid Afghan passport with at least six months remaining until it expires, beginning on the day of entry in Kenya. The passport must include at least two blank pages.
  • A current, colored, digital passport-sized picture.
  • Details about their travel plans, including the locations or cities they wish to visit, the activities they want to participate in, and evidence of hotel accommodations for the duration of their journey to Kenya.
  • An onward or return ticket to ensure that the passenger does not overstay their ETA.
  • To pay the Kenya ETA costs, you will need a valid credit or debit card, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or wire transfer to a Cyprus bank account. This is another required step because your ETA application will not be approved until you pay the costs.

4. How to apply for a Kenya visa from Afghanistan:

You may consider yourself ready if you have all of the essential documents, and then all you have to do is fill out the application form. This technique is really straightforward and will not take much work on your part. However, if you have any issues while completing it, please contact our customer care staff via email. The service is also available via online chat, and there is no payment.

You can apply for a Kenya visa online from Afghanistan in 3 simple steps:

  • The first step is to carefully enter your personal information on the first questionnaire you see. This phase also prompts you to select a processing time for your application.
  • The second step is to complete the payment, but not before examining the information. Check that your information is correct before paying the costs.
  • Finally, the third step requires you to upload your application's supporting documents. After you've completed these procedures, click the submit button, and we will provide the paperwork in the time range you specified.

After filling out the application form and submitting the relevant documents, you pay the application fee. Most Kenya ETAs are then approved within 72 hours.

5. Kenya ETA fees for Afghan citizens

Kenya ETA fees for Afghan citizens

Kenya ETA fees for Afghan citizens

For Afghan citizens with little time, we have three options for Kenya ETA fees. As is customary, the cost of your visa increases in exchange for speedier processing. Afghan citizens can go for the following:

  • Normal: It's the cheapest choice available. We will process your application within 72 hours
  • Urgent: Your visa will be ready within 24 hours
  • Super urgent: You can select this option and have your application completed within 5 hours. Ideal if you're in a rush or have an emergency.

In addition, we recommend that you should buy Kenya travel insurance. Although Kenya does not require tourists to have travel insurance, it is strongly advised that all visitors acquire coverage for their stay in this picturesque nation. Kenya trip insurance is intended to protect visitors from several unanticipated charges, like as fees associated with airline delays, baggage loss, or illnesses or injuries that may necessitate medical treatment while overseas.

To be able to use the internet in Kenya, we recommend that tourists buy a Kenyan e-sim. Getting a Kenya eSIM is one of the simplest and most cost-effective methods to stay connected throughout your vacation.