Kenya ETA Requirements For Papua New Guinea Citizens

Kenya is a beautiful nation located on the Indian Ocean's coastline. The country is well-known for its savannah, lakelands, stunning Great Rift Valley, and alpine ranges. It is also home to a diverse animal population, including lions, elephants, and rhinos. Kenya is not a well-known tourist destination, yet the breathtaking beauty of this country will captivate you once you are there. If you appreciate nature and the fantastic play it provides, Kenya is the ideal vacation place for you.

Are you a Papua New Guinea passport holder planning a dream trip to Kenya? The first step in visiting Kenya is applying for a Kenya ETA online. You may apply for a visa to Kenya online without visiting the Kenya Embassy. To apply for the travel document online, you only need a computer or smartphone with an internet connection and a visa application form for a Kenya ETA from our platform.

Kenya ETA for Papua New Guinea citizens

Kenya ETA for Papua New Guinea citizens

1. What is Kenya's ETA for Papua New Guinea Citizens?

All foreign citizens who desire to travel to Kenya do not require a Visa from January 2024 and will now apply for a Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).

This follows a mandate from Kenya's President. Kenya is currently a visa-free country for all tourists. More information about the new online digital platform for acquiring prior advance Travel Electronic Authorization will be made available soon. All non-citizen visitors to Kenya should receive this permit before their trip, and the service may be free or at a minimal cost.

The Kenya ETA permits Papua New Guinean tourists to visit the nation for up to 90 days for vacation, business, or transit and allows one entry.

Type of Kenya ETA

  • Kenya Tourist ETA: must be used within 90 days from the time of arrival and provides for one entrance into Kenya.
  • Kenya Transit Visa: this Kenya ETA will be appropriate for you. This visa permits you to depart the airport and stay in Kenya for 72 hours.
  • Kenya business ETA: enables tourists to attend conferences, workshops, seminars, or talks but does not permit them to work in Kenya. You can stay 90 days in total in Kenya.

2. Kenya ETA Requirements for Papua New Guinea Citizens

Kenya ETA requirements for Papua New Guinea citizens

Kenya ETA requirements for Papua New Guinea citizens

We prepared the following list of documents for Papua New Guinea passport holders to apply for their Kenya ETA

  • Passport - Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the scheduled arrival date.
  • A current passport photo – Simply scan and include it with your application.
  • Travel plans and a return ticket - The Republic of Uganda will want to know why you're visiting and how long you intend to remain.
  • Once your information has been validated, we will send your ETA to this email address. When you receive your ETA, you may use it right away or print a copy to retain.
  • Payment Options - we allow you to pay using more than one way. You can pay with a credit or debit card, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or wire transfers to a bank account.

3. How to apply for e Kenya ETA from Papua New Guinea

After ensuring that all prerequisites have been completed, you may go to the application page and complete the online form.

Applicants typically accomplish this procedure in around 20 minutes. However, our customer support is available 72 hours a day, seven days a week, if you want assistance. You may contact the service for free via online chat or phone.

1- Complete the simple Kenya ETA application form

Fill it out with your basic personal, passport, and travel information. It takes most people roughly ten minutes.

2- Confirm the Kenya tourist visa fee

Before completing your form, you’ll need to pay the Kenya ETA fees using a credit or debit card, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or wire transfers to a Cyprus bank account

3- Receive the approved Kenya ETA For Papua New Guinea Citizens sent by email

You will get your visa by email, which you may then print off in preparation for your journey.

4. Kenya ETA fees for Papua New Guinea Citizens

To apply for a Kenya ETA for Papua New Guinea citizens, you have to pay 2 types of Kenya ETA fees including government fees and service fees

The cost of the Kenya ETA varies based on the kind you select, processing time, and other factors such as the amount of entries on your ETA.

Keep in mind that Kenya Immigration Services offers competitive costs as well as 24-hour customer care. In addition, you will receive your ETA quickly and be guided through the procedure by an expert.

We offer you three different prices according to your time an needs:

  • Normal: You get your Kenya ETA in 3 business days
  • Urgent: It provides a 1 business day waiting period
  • Super urgent: It provides only a 5 business hours waiting period

Do I need travel insurance for Kenya?

No, you don’t need travel insurance for Kenya. We recommend that you obtain comprehensive travel insurance covering medical issues before your trip to prevent any hefty fees if something goes wrong while overseas.

Kenya ETA fees for Papua New Guinea citizens

Kenya ETA fees for Papua New Guinea citizens

In addition, Kenya Immigration Services also provides package services to support international travelers when traveling to Kenya such as Kenya eSim and Car Pickup Service in Kenya.