Kenya visa requirements for Sao Tome and Principe citizens

For many travelers, Kenya, a country located on Africa's east coast on the endless Indian Ocean, is a mysterious, exotic, and unexplored land. If you intend to visit this wonderful location, you should be aware of the requirements upon arrival in Kenya.

If you already have a plane ticket and a place to stay, please double-check that you have all the necessary documents to cross the border. Because electronic travel authorization is required at the port of entry, you must first determine whether your nationality is among those eligible for such a document.

Find more information below regarding the application process, the Kenya visa requirements for São Toméan citizens, and everything you need to know in order to secure a Kenyan visa from São Tomé and Príncipe.

Kenya e-visa for São Toméan citizens

Kenya e-visa for São Toméan citizens

1. Kenya e visa for São Toméan citizens

The Kenya Government introduced an e-visa system in 2015 to facilitate visa applications and tourism in Kenya. São Toméan citizens are able to apply for a Kenya e visa providing that they follow the necessary visa requirements.

The Kenya e visa for São Toméan citizens is an electronic visa obtained to visit Kenya, São Toméan citizens can quickly complete an online application to request the Kenya e-visa. After approval, applicants receive their electronic visa via email within a few days.

Applying for a visa remotely via the internet is seen as a significant improvement over the previous method of physically visiting Kenyan embassy to file the paperwork.

São Toméan citizens planning a holiday in Kenya can take advantage of the many benefits this digital visa has:

  • The application system is quick and simple to use.
  • Within a few business days, the process was completed.
  • There is no need to visit an embassy; a visa can be obtained from home.

Type of Kenya e-visas:

  • Kenya tourist e-visa: If you plan on staying in the country for an extended period of time, the Tourist e-Visa is a great option. With a Tourist e-Visa which is valid for 3 months after being issued, you'll have up to 90 days to relax, visit colleagues or friends, and enjoy the food, culture, and sights that Kenya has to offer.
  • Kenya transit e-visa: If you do not intend to stay for an extended period of time, the Transit e-Visa may be an option as long as Kenya is not the final destination in your travel plan. With this e-Visa, Toméan citizens will be able to stay in Uganda for up to three days.
  • Kenya business e-visa: Business e-Visa is used for all commercial purposes such as negotiating contract terms, looking for new cooperation opportunities, or handling any other business matters in Kenya for 90 days. The e-Visa Kenya is valid for three months after it is issued and can be used to travel to Kenya from So Tomé and Principe at any time during that time.
  • East Africa e-visa: If you want to see more than just Kenya during your trip, get the East Africa e-Visa which has 3-month validity. With this e-Visa, you have unfettered access to Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda during your 90-day Kenya trip.

2. Kenya e visa requirements for São Toméan citizens

Kenya e-visa requirements for São Toméan citizens

Kenya e-visa requirements for São Toméan citizens

All applicants must make sure they meet the Kenya e visa requirements for São Toméan citizens. Without below basic requirements, the applicant will not be able to submit their Kenyan visa request:

  • Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry into Kenya and have at least two blank pages.
  • You must present your entire travel itinerary such as flight ticker or hotel booking confirmation.
  • A digital copy of the main page of your passport on which your personal information is displayed.
  • Recent digital photo card with a white background and visible face, no attachments.
  • Email address to receive the approved e-Visa documents
  • To be qualified for a business e-visa, you must send an invitation letter from your Kenyan business partner, the company's Certificate Of Incorporation, and your information card (staff ID/business card).
  • Payment method: We accept a debit or credit card, visa, PayPal, American Express, Master Card, or Wire Transfer to Bank of Cyprus.

3. How to get a Kenya visa online from São Tomé and Príncipe

Once all the Kenya visa requirements for São Toméan citizens are met, candidates can start the application process. The Kenyan e-Visa application for São Toméan citizens consists of a few easy steps:

Step 1: Fill out the Kenyan visa application form for São Toméan citizens:

  • Full name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Nationalities
  • Passport numbers
  • Email address
  • Date of arrival and departure in Kenya

Step 2: Pay the Kenya e visa fees for São Toméan citizens

Step 3: Submit the visa request for approval

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With all of the necessary information, travelers can apply for a Kenya e-visa from Sao Tome and Principe in a matter of minutes. The Kenya e-Visa processing time for São Toméan citizens is very short. Applicants should expect approval within 1 to 3 business days of submitting the form.

It should be noted that the processing time may be extended if the application contains errors and the information does not match that of the passport. As a result, São Toméan citizens should submit their e-Visa application no later than four business days before their trip.

4. Kenya e visa fees for São Toméan citizens:

 Kenya e-visa fees for São Toméan citizens

Kenya e-visa fees for São Toméan citizens

All São Toméan visitors must pay the Kenya visa processing fee. Citizens of São Tomé and Príncipe pay the fee whether they apply online or through the embassy. You must pay two types of visa costs - called service fees and government fees in order to apply for a Kenya visa online via Kenya Immigration Services.

There are 3 alternatives which affect the service fees that you can choose from . At the moment, we can explain each of the alternatives:

  • Normal: In 3 business days, you'll get your visa. This is the cheapest process service and the most popular choice for travelers around the world.
  • Urgent: Your visa will be completed in 1 business day if you pay an extra fee when choosing this service.
  • Super urgent: You will get your travel authorization in 5 business hours. This is the most expensive process service which is needed for those who are expecting to arrive in Kenya within the next 2 days.

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