Kenya eTA requirements for Kuwaiti citizens in 2024

One of the world's most authentic safari destinations is Kenya. Every year, thousands of visitors go to East Africa to enjoy an authentic African safari.

Kenya will surprise and excite tourists with its world-class cities and rich culture, as well as its unique animals, fauna, and flora.

To travel to Kenya from Kuwait, it is mandatory to obtain an eTA first. If you are a Kuwaiti citizen who wants to obtain an eTA to Kenya, read the following information to find out how to get a Kenya eTA for Kuwaiti citizens.

Kenya eTA for Kuwaiti citizens

Kenya eTA for Kuwaiti citizens

1. Kenya eTA for Kuwaiti citizens:

Kuwaiti passport holders are required to have an eTA to enter Kenya.

Kuwaiti visitors can save time by applying for an electronic eTA (also known as an eTA) online.

Applying for a Kenya electronic travel authorization saves you the time and effort of visiting an Embassy or consulate. Kenya does not offer eTA on arrival, so an eTA is the most convenient way to obtain an entry permit.

Fortunately, the online eTA application process is quick and easy, taking less than half an hour to complete.

In this sense, the Kenya eTA can be used for various purposes when entering the country such as tourism, business, and medical reasons.

The Kenya eTA for Kuwaiti citizens is a single-entry eTA that allows the holder to stay in Kenya for up to 90 days.

Citizens of Kuwait who wish to visit Kenya for reasons other than tourism, medical care, or business, or who wish to stay for more than 90 days, must first visit a Kenyan embassy or consulate, such as the Kenyan Embassy in Kuwait . Officials there will assist in helping you find the right eTA for you.

Type of Kenya eTA:

Kuwaiti citizens can apply for different types of Kenya eTA based on the length of their stay and the purpose of their visit. Kuwaiti nationals are advised to review various eTA provided by the Kenyan government in order to select the one that best meets their travel requirements.

  • Kenya transit eTA: Are you only planning a short trip to Kenya? This is possible with the Transit eTA. Kuwaiti citizens can spend up to three days sightseeing, relaxing, or simply immersing themselves in the local culture. If you have a Transit eTA, you won't have to spend your layover at the airport. If you plan to stay at the airport, you don't need a Transit eTA. However, if you know you'll have a long layover, why not spend it exploring a beautiful country? Apply for an eTA for Transit here.
  • Kenya tourist eTA: If you intend to stay in Kenya for more than a few days, you should apply for a Tourist eTA. This eTA will allow you to enjoy everything Kenya has to offer Kuwaiti visitors. Once you arrive, you can unwind and enjoy the culture, shopping, food, sightseeing, or romantic getaways for 90 days. The Kenya eTA is valid for up to 90 days after being issued with a Single Entry.
  • Kenya business eTA: When planning a business meeting or attending an exhibition, you should apply for a business eTA, which allows for a stay of up to 90 days with a single entry and a three-month validity period.

2. Kenya eTA requirements for Kuwaiti citizens:

Kenya eTA requirements for Kuwaiti citizens

Kenya eTA requirements for Kuwaiti citizens

There are several prerequisites for applying for a Kenya eTA for Kuwaiti citizens. Kenya eTA requirements include:

  • Having a valid Kuwaiti passport with at least a couple of blank pages for entry and exit stamps
  • Copy of the passport information page
  • A digital photograph: Please provide a recent color photograph of yourself (the traveler) in good condition. It must be taken against an all-white background, with a full-frontal view of the traveler's head and shoulders and a neutral expression.
  • A basic travel itinerary: Travelers may be required to submit a copy of their hotel/accommodation details (where they plan to stay during their trip).
  • A return ticket: To ensure that the traveler does not overstay their eTA, immigration officers may request to see a return ticket (or onward travel ticket).
  • E-mail address – Kenya immigration service sends the travel document in PDF format via email. You must supply an email address to which you have access.
  • Business documents (for Business eTA): To apply for this type of eTA, you need to provide an invitation letter from your company's partner in Kenya, a company COI, and your information card (staff ID/business card).

Kenya eTA requirements for Kuwaiti citizens include having a passport that is valid for at least 06 months after their entry into the country. If this is not the case, the applicant must obtain a new passport before applying for an eTA. If the application has already been submitted, the candidate must reapply with the new passport number.

To allow for any processing delays, it is best to apply for a Kenya eTA online from Kuwait as soon as possible, but no later than 7 days before the travel date.

3. How to get a Kenya online eTA for Kuwaiti citizens:

Kuwaiti citizens can apply for a Kenya eTA online in 3 steps:

  1. Fill out the Kenya eTA application form
  2. Pay the eTA fees and submit the application
  3. Receive the approved eTA by email

To obtain a Kenya eTA for Kuwaiti citizens, travelers must complete the Kenya electronic eTA application form for Kuwaiti citizens with the necessary information (including personal details, passport details, travel plans, and more). It is recommended that travelers keep the above-mentioned documents nearby so that they can refer to them while filling out the application.

Kenyan eTA processing is fast. The majority of Kuwait passport holders receive their approved eTA within 5 to 72 business hours. After approval, the eTA is emailed to the applicant; travelers should print a copy of the Kenya eTA and present it at the border.

4. Kenya eTA fees for Kuwaiti citizens

Two factors influence the Kenya ETA fees: the eTA type (tourist or business), and the processing speed you choose for your application. When it comes to processing, the Kenya immigration services give you three options:

  • Normal: The majority of applicants choose this option because it is the least expensive and the processing time is not too long. Your application will be reviewed and processed within 03 business days.
  • Urgent: The second available option costs a little bit more than the previous one. Your Kenya eTA is ready within 1 business day.
  • Super urgent: If time is of the essence, you need to opt for this processing time. Your application is processed within 05 business hours

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