Kenya eTA requirements for Costa Rican citizens in 2024

The Kenya eTA for citizens of Costa Rica is an electronic entry permit. Costa Rican passport holders can apply online for permission to visit the Republic of Kenya.

To enter Kenya, Costa Rican nationals are required to have an eTA. They need to meet certain requirements in order to obtain one.

Costa Rican visitors will simply fill out a brief online application form and attach the necessary supporting documentation. The process is user-friendly and travelers will soon receive their eTA for Kenya by email. Find out all information about the Kenya eTA requirements for Costa Rican citizens, how to apply, and eTA fees.

Kenya eTA for Costa Rican citizens

Kenya eTA for Costa Rican citizens

1. Kenya eTA for Costa Rican citizens:

This electronic travel authorization system for visiting Kenya, commonly referred to as the Kenyan eTA, is available to more than 200 eligible countries, including Costa Rica, which means that their nationals do not need to apply for a eTA through immigration offices, embassies, or consulates.

The Kenya electronic eTA, which was introduced in 2024, is a digital and automated document that allows you to visit Kenya for a short period of time. It functions similarly to a paper visa, with the exception that it is processed through an electronic system. Instead of going to the embassy to obtain an eTA; you can apply for it online.

Kenyan eTA applications are entirely completed online. This eliminates the need for a trip-planning visit to an embassy or consulate.

Furthermore, travelers are not required to be in Costa Rica to submit their applications. They can apply from anywhere in the world with internet access as long as they have the proper documents.

The Kenya eTA for Costa Rican citizens allows a stay of up to 90 consecutive days in Kenya. Once in Kenya, eTA holders have the option to extend their stay for an additional 90 days.

Activities permitted with the Kenyan eTA online for Costa Ricans include:

  • Holidays
  • Business activities
  • Visiting friends and relatives
  • Medical treatment.

Costa Rican nationals who wish to stay in Kenya for longer than 90 days or for non-tourism purposes should contact the Kenya embassy in Costa Rica for further eTA information.

Type of Kenya eTA

  • Kenya transit eTA: Are you looking to spend just a few days in Kenya? If you're on a tight schedule or anticipate a lengthy layover in Kenya, the Transit eTA is an excellent choice. While waiting for their next flight, Costa Ricans can spend up to 03 days exploring the country. What better way to kill time? Get your Transit eTA now!
  • Kenya tourist eTA: If you plan to stay in Kenya for more than a few days, the Tourist eTA is an excellent option. Costa Rican visitors can use this eTA to relax, visit friends and family in Kenya, or simply explore the sights. As soon as you arrive in Kenya, you'll have 90 days to explore this beautiful country. Only one entry into Kenya is allowed with the Tourist eTA.
  • Kenya business eTA: This type of eTA will permit you to participate in any business-related activities. A business eTA can be obtained, for example, to attend exhibitions, visit business partners, receive technical assistance, or conduct sales negotiations. The single-entry electronic eTA is valid for 03 months from the date of issuance, with a maximum stay of up to 90 days. Passport photocopy, digital portrait, certificate of incorporation, and a staff’s ID card are all required documents.

2. Kenya eTA requirements for Costa Rican citizens:

To obtain your Kenya eTA for Costa Rican citizens, you’ll need to have the following documents handy, it's not that many so it shouldn't be too difficult to gather them together:

  • A valid passport - Your passport must be valid for at least six months after you arrive in Kenya. The scan must be clear, and all of your information must be legible. There are no spliced images, blurs, or glares. At least two blank pages should be included in the passport.
  • A current email address to receive all information and approval of the eTA
  • A travel itinerary while in Kenya and onward ticket
  • Digital photo: All travelers need to have a recent passport-size digital photo in order to apply for a Kenya eTA online (in any format)

Costa Rican applicants need to meet these requirements before beginning their application form. If your passport is about to expire, you should renew it before applying for a Kenya eTA online.

Kenya eTA requirements for Costa Rican citizens

Kenya eTA requirements for Costa Rican citizens

3. How to get a Kenya eTA online from Costa Rica:

Costa Ricans can request an eTA from anywhere in the world, including in the comfort of their own homes, thanks to the electronic system. Costa Rican passport holders will no longer be required to wait in line at an embassy. It is a simple way for anyone to apply for a Kenya eTA online.

All applicants need to do is ensure they have a working internet connection, complete the Kenyan eTA online application form, and simply wait for the eTA approval to arrive directly in their inbox.

Costa Ricans can apply for a Kenyan eTA online in 3 steps:

Step 1: Fill out the Kenyan eTA application form for Costa Rican citizens

Step 2: Pay the Kenya eTA online for Costa Ricans

Step 3: Download and Print out Kenya eTA

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The applicant must ensure that the submitted information is free of errors and misleading information, as this can result in a delay of the eTA or even a Kenyan eTA rejection.

The approved Kenya eTA for Costa Rican citizens is sent by email. It can then be printed out and used to travel to Kenya from Costa Rica. Most Costa Rican applicants receive the eTA within 5 to 72 hours of submitting the request. Travelers should allow extra time for processing in case of delays.

Costa Ricans who require a eTA for Kenya today can choose the priority service, which guarantees 5-hour processing.

How to get a Kenya eTA from Costa Rica

How to get a Kenya eTA from Costa Rica

4. Kenya eTA fees for Costa Rican citizens:

The Kenya eTA fees vary depending on the type of eTA and the processing time that you choose. Electronic eTA are typically less expensive than embassy-issued eTA. There are various types of Kenya eTA types, depending on the purpose of the visit (tourism, business, etc.) and the length of time the Costa Rican citizen intends to stay.

Costa Rican nationals pay the Kenya eTA fees securely online by debit or credit card, American Express, eTA Card, Master Card, or Wire Transfer to the Bank of Cyprus.

One good thing about using Kenya Immigration Services is that you can choose one of its three processing time options. These processing options were created to meet the needs and budgets of everyone. These are normal, urgent, and super urgent

  • Normal: You only need to wait 72 hours to receive your Kenya eTA for Costa Ricans.
  • Urgent: This option is significantly faster than the first. In just 24 hours, you will have your Kenya eTA for Costa Ricans. You should expect to pay more this time.
  • Super urgent: This alternative option is the quickest that Kenya Immigration Services offers. You can apply on your way to the airport because it only takes only 05 hours to process your application.

Besides, Kenya Immigration Services also provide service packages to help customers have a great trip and ensure safety such as Kenya travel insurance, Kenya eSim cards, and Car Pick-up service in Kenya.