Check Kenya eTA requirements for Italian citizens in 2024

Exploring Kenya is the ideal plan for your future vacations, but you may be confused by the country's eTA policy. To make trips even easier, travelers from Italy planning to visit Kenya can avail of the Kenya eTA for Italian citizens. With the approved Kenya eTA, Italian tourists can spend up to 90 days in Kenya.

Read on to know exactly what you need to know before traveling from Italy to Kenya with an eTA.

1. Do Italian Citizens Require an eTA for Kenya?

Italy is one of over 200 countries whose citizens are eligible to apply for a Kenya eTA. The Kenya eTA allows Italian travelers to stay for 90 consecutive days and travelers from Italy can also extend their stay in Kenya at the Immigration Headquarters in Nairobi.

Kenya eTA for Italian citizens can be extended once for a total of three months.

Kenya eTA Types for Italian nationals

The type of eTA required for entering Kenya depends on the visitor’s:

  • Nationality
  • Reason for visiting
  • Length of stay

There are 3 main types of eTA in Kenya for foreigners:

  • Kenya tourist eTA 90 days, Single-Entry
  • Kenya business eTA 90 days, Single-Entry
  • Kenya transit eTA 72 hours, Single-Entry

2. Kenya eTA Requirements for Italian citizens

To apply for a Kenya eTA from Italy, it is first necessary for applicants to ensure that they meet the Kenya eTA requirements for Italian citizens, which involve having:

  • Italian passport which is valid for at least 6 months after the date of arrival and one blank page. Application risks being denied if the applicant's passport does not meet this criterion.
  • A digital photo: It is required that all applicants submit a digital (JPEG or PNG) passport size picture with a white background. You must take the photo within six months of the day of application.
  • Proof of accommodation, such as your hotel reservation.
  • A return flight ticket: This simply confirms that you do not intend to overstay your eTA.
  • Active email address: the approved Kenya eTA will be sent to the email you provided.
  • Method of payment: Before beginning the eTA application, the applicant should ensure that they have a valid Paypal, American express, eTA card or mastercard that will be used to complete the eTA payment.

When applicants have completed the eTA application process, they will be notified via email. The approved Kenya eTA for Italian citizens will be sent to the same email address as the eTA application. The eTA should be printed and presented to Kenyan immigration officials along with the traveler's passport upon arrival.

To enter Kenya on the day of travel, the applicant must use the same passport that was used to apply for the eTA. Because the Kenya eTA is electronically linked to the applicants' passports, this is the case. Applicants who hold dual citizenship should keep this in mind.

Kenya eTA for Italian citizens

3. How to apply for a Kenya eTA from Italy

Once you have all of the necessary documents and passport validity, the process of applying for the Kenyan Tourist eTA will begin It may take just under 10 minutes to complete the application without visiting a Kenyan Embassy in 3 simple steps.

The Kenya eTA process is very simple and quick. After submitting the eTA application, Italian citizens will have to wait between 5-72 hours to receive approval for eTA via email.

Depending on the service type you choose, waiting time will be adjusted accordingly above range:

  • Normal: you will wait for a guaranteed maximum of 3 business days.
  • Urgent: you just need to wait for a guaranteed maximum of 24 hours.
  • Super urgent: with this selection, the process will be rapid and you will get an eTA in just a guaranteed maximum of 5 business hours.

4. Kenya eTA fee for Italian citizens:

Since Italy is not on Kenya’s exemption list, people from this place need to get an eTA before entering this country for any purpose. But there is one thing that can be good news for Italian travelers, applying for an eTA not only saves time for you but your effort and money too. With 100% online processing you just need to wait for a response and then enjoy your trip.

There are two main kinds of Kenya eTA fees you may pay for getting an eTA: Government fee and service fee. In addition, if you want to increase your chances of getting accepted, you can choose to pay a small fee for COVID-19 insurance and it is totally optional.

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