Kenya Visa Requirements for US Citizens - Kenya Immigration

Kenya visa requirements for US citizens is the common issue that is interesting when Americans travel to Kenya. The Kenya government requires visas to the majority nationalities in the world and the US citizens are not an exception.

1. Kenya visa requirements for US citizens

American citizens need a Kenya Visa when they want to enter this country for travelling, business or other purposes.

Depending on the reason why you visit Kenya and the referred documents you have, you could apply for the suitable visa type. The Kenya visa requirement for US citizens is simple and now you could apply for it right at home.

2. How to get a visa to Kenya from USA: 

Conveniently, the Kenya government recently allowed travellers to apply for a Kenya visa online, called electronic visa or e-visa. While some countries are not eligible for applying for it, US nationality holders could apply for an e-visa easily in just some simple steps.

There are many activities that the US citizens can do during the period of time staying in Kenya with a Kenya e-visa. It could be visiting your family and relatives or getting tourism with your team, doing business or investment activities, or connecting to other destinations through this country.

Especially now the governments of the three countries in East Africa including Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda release the East Africa Tourist Visa. It allows the holders to legally enter three countries with just one time to apply for.

For each purpose mentioned above, there is a type of e-visa. So there are four types of Kenya e-visa that the American citizens could apply for:

  • Tourist e-visa.
  • Transit e-visa.
  • Business e-visa.
  • East Africa Tourist e-visa.

After choosing the type of visa that is suitable for you, US citizens could apply for a Kenya e-visa easily on our website with the advice and support from experts.

3. Required docs need to be prepared to apply Kenya visa for US citizens

Basic required documents being necessary for the Kenya government to approve Kenya visa for US citizens including:

  • a passport validity not less than six months and 1 blank page at least.
  • a passport photo of the applicant.

In addition, based on the type of e-visa you apply for, there are some extra documents that you need to attach on the application form correspondingly. These are listed below:

  • For applications who want to visit family: Invitation Letters from family, Alien card/ Identity card/ Passport/ Entry permit of the host, and return air ticket.
  • For applications who want to travel Kenya: travel itinerary, Hotel bookings, and return flight ticket.
  • For applications who want to go for business: Invitation Letters of company or Invitation letter for business visits, Copies of registration of the company, and return flight ticket.

Actually, beside the Kenya e visa for US citizens, the hotel bookings and return flight tickets are almost the “must have” thing for Americans and also any travellers traveling to Kenya. So to be advantageous, you should prepare all of it before you enter Kenya.

If you are more careful, you could buy travel insurance (including Covid-19 treatment expenses).

With these documents, your visa application properly is approved quickly by the government. You can apply with us to get comprehensive support for your Kenya trip.

4. Kenya visa fee for US citizens

Not only for US citizens but also for any foreigners, the Kenya visa fee is divided into 2 kinds of fees, called Government and Admin Fee, and service fee.

If you are in line at the airport in Kenya or your flight is scheduled to take off within the next 48 hours, we support you to get a Kenya e-visa in the earliest possible. In this case, you would be charged an amount of fee. In return, you would be guaranteed to receive your Kenya e-visa in the exact interval you want. You could apply for a rush visa to be serviced.