Kenya e-visa requirements for Egyptian citizens

Kenya is a paradise for travelers who love wildlife and adventures. In years, there have been countless people coming to Kenya to enjoy a peaceful and refreshing atmosphere. In addition, Kenya is also a country that has great potential in business, trading, and investment. Therefore, the demand for transportation to Kenya is increasing gradually, asking the nation’s government to do something in advance.

As a result of the previous issue, Kenya Electronic Visa (e-Visa) was released to bring convenience to you because you no longer need to wait for hours at embassies just to get a visa just for short-term trips and more importantly, save you a remarkable amount of money.

As with other nationalities, Egyptian citizens traveling to Kenya for some purposes can obtain an electronic visa, as long as they meet Kenya's visa requirements. As a result, you will not need to visit an embassy to obtain your travel documents. Even though online applications are simple, you must have all of the necessary information and documents.

For your information, this article contains all information about Kenya e-visa, including Kenya visa requirements for Egyptians and how to apply online in a short time.

Do Egyptian need visa to Kenya?

1. Do Egyptian need visa to Kenya?

Yes, Egyptian passport holders are required to have a valid visa to enter the country. Only a select few countries are exempt from this requirement. Citizens of countries which Kenya has a visa-waiver agreement can enter the country without a visa. Egypt isn't one of them.

A Kenya tourist visa for Egyptians can now be easily obtained online. The tourist e-Visa is a single entry visa that allows a total stay of 30 days in Kenya for tourism, business and leisure purposes. Kenya tourist e-visa is a single entry visa that allows you to stay in Kenya for a total of 90 days for tourism and business purposes. A holder of this e-Visa may stay in Kenya for short stays for tourism, business, and medical reasons.

If you intend to visit the country for any other reason, you must first visit the Kenyan embassy in Egypt.

Egyptian citizens traveling to Kenya will need an electronic visa to enter the country. There are 4 main types of Kenya e-visa for Egyptians:

  • Kenya Tourist e-visa: The Tourist Visa is the type of e-visa that allows you to enter Kenya for tourism purposes. It is valid for all types of vacations and recreational activities. Kenya tourist e-visa allows you to enter the country once and you can stay in Kenya within 90 days.
  • Kenya Transit e-visa: if you need to stop in Kenyan ports on the way to your original destination, which is not in Kenya, must obtain a transit visa. It is a 72-hour visa that can only be used once. For tourists or business travelers, the transit visa is not issued.
  • Kenya Business e-visa: This Kenya business e-visa is intended for attendance at business meetings, conferences, and other events. If you are going for business in Kenya, Keep in mind that this type of e-visa is valid for 03 months from the date of issue and allows you to stay in Kenya for a maximum of 90 days with single-entry only.
  • East Africa Tourist e-visa: This visa allows you to enter Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda by using just one visa. With this visa, you can visit these countries and stay there for up to 90 days with multiple-entry, the starting entrance is Kenya territory.

2. Kenya e-visa requirements for Egyptians

To submit an Kenya eVisa application, it is first necessary to meet the following Kenya visa requirements for Egyptians:

  • An Egyptian passport that is valid for at least 06 months from the date of your arrival in Kenya and a blank page in your passport for immigration stamps upon entry and exit from Kenya.
  • A photograph of yourself in any version.
  • An email address to receive your e-visa result.
  • Flight ticket/round-trip ticket: for transit and East Africa e-visa, this document is required in order to confirm your point of entry. For tourism and business e-visa, it is optional.
  • Business paper (for Business e-visa): you will provide the following documents related to your business travel: invitation letter, COI of your company, business ID card.
  • Hotel reservation (if any).

Kenya e-visa requirements for Egyptians

You will also be asked questions about your circumstances and travel plans. This may include questions about your plans to leave Kenya, what funds you will have access to during your trip, and where you will be staying in the country.

It is important to verify that all the information provided matches the Egyptian passport exactly. Errors could cause processing delays.

In addition, Egyptians plan to travel to Kenya should review the latest COVID-19 restrictions.

3. How to apply for a Kenya visa from Egypt

The e-visa application process for those traveling to Kenya from Egypt is simple and quick. Simply fill out and submit the online Kenya visa application form.

Egyptian nationals can obtain the Kenya visa online in 3 steps.

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To apply for a Kenya visa for Egyptians, you need to pay 02 kinds of fees: the government and the service fee. In addition, you can add a smal amount of money for COVID-19 insurance to increase your benefit safety when traveling abroad.

There are 3 application service options available for Egyptians:

  • Normal: used in most cases when you have enough time to prepare the paperwork and wait for a response. With this option, you will get your Visa within 03 business days.
  • Urgent: used when in special circumstances, especially when you do not have much time waiting for a result. In this option, your waiting time is a maximum of 24 hours.
  • Super urgent: used in emergencies when you need your Visa in hours. This option can help you get your Visa just within 05 business hours.

After applying for the Kenya e-Visa from Egypt, applicants must check the inbox of the email address provided for visa updates and approved travel authorizations.

Payment method: to complete your payment, you can choose to pay in 02 ways: electronic payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Paypal) and wire transfer (HSBC bank transaction).

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Kenya Visa Requirements for Egypt Citizens FAQs

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