Check Kenya ETA requirements for Swiss citizens

Kenya welcomes more than two million international tourists each year, including many from Switzerland. Kenya is a wonderland for all travelers. This East African destination is the perfect place for adventure seekers of all kinds. You can discover the syncretic culture of the country while enjoying one of the best safaris in the world.

Swiss nationals need an eTA to travel to Kenya. Conveniently, Swiss passport holders can now get the essential entry permit online. The Kenya eTA application takes only a few minutes to complete. The process is 100% electronic with no need to visit a Kenya embassy or consulate.

In this page, travelers from Switzerland can find all the necessary information about the Kenya eTA requirements for Swiss citizens.

1. Kenyan eTA is available for Swiss citizens

Despite a brief five-day delay, Kenya announced the arrival of the first batch of overseas tourists using an innovative and efficient admittance process on Friday, January 5.

This method, designed to streamline and quicken the admissions procedure, aims to attract more international tourists and contribute to Kenya's thriving tourism sector.

Although visas are no longer required, travelers who are not East African Community (EAC) nationals must now apply for an ETA online before traveling to Kenya. The government can take up to three working days to process it.

If you are a Swiss national planning a trip to Kenya, you will need a Kenya eTA to enter the country. Depending on your purpose of travel, you can apply for different types of Kenyan eTA.

The Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), which was introduced in January 2024, is a new procedure for applying for travel authorization to Kenya online. ETA is intended for single-entry usage and has been applied to a variety of reasons, including tourism, commercial activity, and family visits. It is vital to remember that the ETA is only valid for visiting Kenya and does not allow entrance into other African nations. It supersedes the prior visa process.

However, the Kenyan eTA for Swiss citizens is valid for 90 days in the country for trips related to leisure, tourism, business, employment, family visits, or medical issues. The eTA to Kenya is a single-entry permit.

Swiss nationals in Kenya can extend your electronic eTA for 3 months, bringing the total possible stay to 6 months.

Kenya eTA can be applied for online in a matter of minutes. The application process is designed to be straightforward, fast, and easy to complete. Kenya eTA are linked to your passport electronically.

Swiss travelers should pay attention to the Kenya eTA:

  • It is available online.
  • Is valid for a period of up to three months from the date of approval/issuance.
  • Is a single-entry permit.

Kenyan eTA for Swiss citizens

2. Kenya eTA Requirements for Swiss Citizens: 

The Kenya eTA application process is simple, and Swiss citizens can complete and submit the application in a quarter. Visitors should meet the Kenya eTA requirements for Swiss citizens before beginning the application process.

Basically, the eTA requirements for Swiss citizens are:

  • Valid Swiss passport: valid for 6 months after the intended arrival date. In addition, the passport must have at least one blank page for border officials to stamp.
  • Email address to receive your approved eTA.
  • A recent digital passport-sized color photo of the Swiss applicant on a white background.
  • A valid eTA card/Mastercard/American express/Paypal to pay the eTA processing fee.

Other requirements for entering Kenya from Switzerland may include:

  • Reservation confirmation from a hotel.
  • Proof of onward or return travel (for example your plane ticket).

It would be a plus point for your application to include the Covid-19 insurance. It benefits both the eTA approval and decreases your finance risks.

Once approved, your Kenya eTA will automatically link to your Swiss passport, and a PDF copy will be emailed to you. As a result, if the passport used during the application is damaged, lost, or expires, a new eTA will almost certainly be required.

3. How to apply for Kenya eTA from Switzerland

For Swiss citizens wishing to apply for the Kenyan eTA, you should fill out the online application form. Applying for a eTA for Kenya from Switzerland is simple. Swiss travelers can get an online Kenya eTA from Switzerland in 3 simple steps.

On the way, after submitting the application, we will review your information and give advice if necessary to make sure your materials meet all the standards. So you should keep in mind to check your email regularly to update information and finally receive your approved eTA.

Beside, you can also apply to get a regular eTA at Kenya embassy in Switzerland

4. The Kenya eTA fee for Swiss citizens

Kenya eTA fee is a small expense for an overseas trip. Normally, getting the Kenya eTA from Switzerland takes you two kinds of fee including government and service fee. With the two basic types of fee, you will be guaranteed to receive your Kenya eTA in the following next 3 days.

The government fee will vary depending on the type of eTA you apply for. While the service fee changes depending on the quantity of applications you apply for. In detail, the more applications you order, the better price you receive.

If you need a Kenya entry permit within 24 hours or even 5 business hours, don’t worry, you can enjoy our extra services. Our experts will support you in person to help you solve the problem with a small extra fee.

In addition, we also provide other service packages to help customers have a safe and time-saving trip when coming to Kenya, including Kenya travel insuranceKenya travel Sim, and Car Pick-up service in Kenya.

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