Kenya e-visa Requirements For Bahamian Citizens

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Kenya ETA for Bahamian Citizens

Kenya ETA for Bahamian Citizens

Are you a Bahamian citizen planning a vacation to Kenya? With so many intricate procedures and restrictions, applying for a Kenyan ETA might be confusing. We're here to assist!

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the steps of applying for a Kenya ETA for Bahamian citizens, including visa criteria, relevant paperwork, visa costs, and more.

Following this instruction will ease the ETA application procedure, allowing you to focus on arranging your exciting adventure. Let's get started.

1. What is a Kenya ETA for Bahamian Citizens?

The Kenyan government declared that beginning January 1, 2024, tourists entering Kenya would not need a visa and would instead apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization. The ETA system has replaced the eVisa system in Kenya and is now in use.

Kenya eTA is a semi-automated system used to verify the eligibility of tourists to travel to Kenya. The eTA grants travel authorizations issued by the Government of the Republic of Kenya. The eTA does not determine whether visitors are allowed into Kenya. When passengers arrive, immigration authorities will assess their entry.

The Kenya ETA for Bahamian citizens is a convenient way for Bahamian citizens, to visit Kenya for various purposes such as family visits, medical treatment, tourism, or business.

Kenya ETA’s validity for Bahamian Citizens

The Kenya ETA is valid for up to 3 months from the date of issue.

It authorizes the holder to enter Kenya on a single visit for up to 90 days.

If you leave Kenya within these 90 days, you must obtain an ETA before returning.

Type of Kenya ETA:

  • Kenya tourist ETA: If you want to explore Kenya with friends for longer than 3 days to 90 days, you are eligible to apply for a tourist ETA.
  • Kenya transit ETA: Bahamians who are planning to travel to their next destination and do not intend to stay in Kenya for longer than 72 hours are allowed to apply for a transit visa.
  • Kenya business ETA: People who are asked to participate in meetings, exhibits, sales discussions, or steering new collaboration, as well as any other business-related activities, should apply for a Kenya ETA. This ETA is valid for 90 days from the date of issue with a single entry

2. Kenya ETA Requirements for Bahamian Citizens

Kenya ETA requirements for Bahamian Citizens

Kenya ETA requirements for Bahamian Citizens

Excellent news for Bahamian passport holders! You are among the privileged nationalities who may apply for the Kenya ETA online. This means you won't have to visit a Kenyan embassy or consulate to finish your visa application.

To be eligible for the Kenya ETA, Bahamian nationals need to additionally complete particular conditions, which include:

  • Have a valid passport with at least two blank pages.
  • Showing documentation of a return or onward ticket.
  • A hotel reservation or a letter of invitation from the Kenyan host could serve as proof of accommodations.
  • A recent photo was taken on a white background with a passport size.
  • A valid email address: Please ensure that the email address is valid and entered accurately in the online form.
  • Means of payment – online payments accepted: valid credit or debit card, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or wire transfer to a Cyprus bank account

3. How to apply for e Kenya ETA from Bahamas:

Most people don't like the form, but it provides an easy application form. To use our application form, you simply fill in your information, make a payment and submit it. Here we give you the details of these three simple steps:

  • First, fill in your basic information and select the processing time from the above options.
  • Next, modify all the information provided and click Next.
  • The final step is dedicated to processing payments. Once this is done, simply submit your application and wait for the confirmation email we will send you.

The Kenya ETA application for Bahamian citizens covers the following sections:

  • Personal information, such as complete name, address, date of birth, and others.
  • Passport information, including the number, expiration date, and country, among others.

Upon arriving in Kenya, show a printed copy of the Kenya ETA at the port of entry. In this circumstance, the International Airport serves as the single port of entry for ETA for the time being.

Applicants with dual citizenship must enter Kenya with the same passport used to complete the Kenya ETA application form.

4. Kenya ETA fees for Bahamian Citizens

To apply for a Kenya ETA online from the Bahamas, you have to pay 2 kinds of ETA fees including government fees and service fees

The government fee for the Kenya ETA is a fixed cost, excluding the processing fee.

Our processing cost includes various additional perks, such as an easy application procedure, skilled customer service, and a review of your application before it is submitted to the government!

Here are the options:

  • Normal: We will process your application on a regular basis. Get your ETA in 3 days
  • Urgent: If you are in a hurry, we can give your travel documents sooner. Get your ETA in 1 day
  • Super urgent: Get your travel documents sooner. You will receive your ETA in 5 hours

Kenya ETA fees for Bahamian Citizens

Kenya ETA fees for Bahamian Citizens

Do Bahamian citizens Need Travel Health Insurance for Kenya?

No. You do not need to obtain travel insurance to enter Kenya because the nation has not made it necessary. Regardless, purchasing travel insurance is usually a smart idea. If you become ill while in the nation or need to cut your vacation short due to unforeseen circumstances, your travel insurance will cover these costs, ensuring you do not incur a financial loss.