Kenya visa requirements for Moroccan citizens

Kenya is well-known for being the ideal location in Africa for a safari. Visit the well-known Maasai Mara National Reserve to witness the Great Migration. Thousands of zebras and gazelles travel from and to the Serengeti between July and October in this incredible natural spectacle. Let help you with the entry requirements necessary to visit Kenya.

Citizens of Morocco must acquire a Kenya visa before traveling to this side of Africa. Our service is offering fast and reliable service for your Kenya visa.

The Kenya e-visa for Moroccans is just a click away. Continue learning more below!

Kenya e-visa for Moroccans

1. Kenya e-visa for Moroccans:

The Kenya electronic visa for Moroccans-simply shortened to the Kenya e-Visa-was originally introduced in 2015, is an electronic visa travel authorization. Citizens from all e-Visa eligible countries can apply for an Ethiopia e-Visa, including Moroccan citizens.

The Kenya e-visa for Moroccans, validity is 3 months from the date of issue. The e-Visa allows a 90-day stay time in Kenya.

Moroccan nationals can take advantage of the electronic version of the visa, which simplifies the process: using this system, visitors can simply submit online information via a form, and then wait for the electronic visa to be sent via email. This also improves arrivals at Kenyan airports and other entry points.

Kenya e-visa allows citizens of eligible countries to travel to the Republic of Kenya for short-term stays for tourist, business, and medical treatment. Those wishing to visit the country for other purposes are required to contact at Kenya Embassy in Morocco .

Type of Kenya e-visas:

When you plan to travel from Kenya to Morocco, think about the kind of experience you want to have, and choose the e-Visa that’s the best fit. There are 4 main types of visas for Moroccans traveling to Kenya:

  • Kenya e-Tourist Visa: This visa is granted to applicants with a validity of 90 days after being issued and a Single Entry. With this e-visa, you can stay in Kenya for up to 90 days.
  • Kenya Business e-Visa: allows Moroccans to enter Kenya for business ventures. You can use your Kenya business e-visa for 90 days after issued. Once you enter Kenya, you can stay for up to 90 days.
  • Kenya Transit Visa: Are you planning a lengthy layover in Kenya? If you only have two or three days in Kenya before continuing on to your next destination, the Transit e-Visa is an excellent choice. Moroccans can stay in Kenya for up to 72 hours in Kenya before your flight departs with the Transit e-Visa.
  • Kenya East Africa Visa: If you want to really dive into the travel experience, you need the East Africa e-Visa. With the East Africa e-Visa, you can spend 90 days in Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya, coming and going as you please.

2. Kenya e-visa requirements for Moroccan citizens:

To apply for a Kenya visa online from Morocco, you must meet the Kenyan e-Visa requirements for Moroccan citizens, which are a set of documents and requirements that all eligible citizens must meet prior to their trip to Kenya.

The conditions that must be met include having and presenting the following:

  • Having a valid Moroccan passport with a minimum validity of 6 months and one blank page
  • A digital scan or picture of the biographical page of the applicant’s Moroccan passport.
  • A recent digitalized color photograph
  • Email address: This is where we'll send your e-Visa once we've verified your information. When you receive your e-Visa, you can use it immediately or print a copy to keep with you.
  • Flight tickets: You will provide your flight ticket with Kenya as the starting entry point for East Africa e-visa and a flight ticket in and out of Kenya within 03 days for Transit e-visa.
  • Business-related documents (for Kenya e-visa): you need the following documents to apply for a Business e-visa: an invitation letter from the organization you will meet in Kenya, a COI from your company, and your business card/ID staff.

Once you get all the requirements, you have to fill in an application form. You only need to fill in a few blanks and attach some files. With, all visa application processes are simple.

Kenya e-visa requirements for Moroccan citizens

3. How to apply for a Kenya visa from Morocco:

In order to obtain a Kenyan e-Visa for Moroccans, you must fill out the online application. The Kenya online visa application is quick and simple and should take you less than one hour to complete.

Moroccan nationals can obtain the Kenya visa online in 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Fill in the electronic visa form for Moroccan nationals
  • Step 2: Pay the e-visa fee to submit the application.
  • Step 3: Print out Kenya e-Visa.

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Travelers from Morocco must ensure that all information provided on the Kenya e-Visa application form is correct and matches the information on their passports. Any mismatch or error could cause their approval to be delayed or rejected.

Moroccan applicants who have submitted their application will receive an email confirming receipt of their application along with a reference number for their petition. Their request is evaluated within one to three business days. If their petition was properly submitted, and they meet the requirements, they will receive a resolution in the form of a PDF with the approved e-Visa attached in a confirmation email. We recommend that they print a copy before traveling to Kenya.

4. Kenya e-visa fees for Moroccans:

Kenya issues different types of visas with different allowed entries and a maximum number of days. Kenya visa fees depend on the type of visa. The cost of an e-Visa is generally lower than a traditional embassy visa.

To apply for a Kenya visa online, Moroccan travelers have to pay two (02) kinds of Visa Fee, which were called Service Fee and Government Fee. In addition, we recommend that you should buy Covid-19 Insurance.

If you apply online with, then feel relief that you have three options for you according to how fast you want your visa:

  • Normal: By selecting this option, your visa will be processed in 3 Business Days
  • Urgent: You will receive your Kenyan e-Visa within 24 hours.
  • Super Urgent: this is the fastest available option we offer you. Your Kenya e-Visa will be ready within just 5 hours.

Payment method: you can pay by using an electronic payment (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Paypal) or wire transfer (HSBC direct bank transaction).