Kenya visa requirements for Danish citizens

Kenya is a wildlife and adventure lover's dream destination. Thousands of visitors have visited Kenya throughout the years to experience the tranquil and refreshing environment. Kenya is also a country with a lot of potential in terms of commerce, trade, and investment. Because of that, the demand for transportation to Kenya is gradually increasing, requiring the country's authorities to take action ahead of time.

As a result of the previous issue, the Kenya electronic visa, known as e-visa, was created to provide convenience to you by eliminating the need to wait in lines for hours at embassies to obtain a visa for short-term travels, as well as saving you a significant amount of money.

Danish citizens, like the majority of the world's citizens, do not need a consular visa to visit Kenya for tourism purposes. This is because they are eligible for a Kenya e-visa for Danish citizens, which is an electronic visa that they can apply for online.

Keep reading this article to learn more about the Kenya e-visa requirements for Danish citizens. Be aware that we will also inform you about Kenya e-visa processing time.

Kenya e-visa for Danish citizens

1. Kenya e-visa for Danish citizens:

Kenya e-Visa is an online travel document in PDF format that is electronically linked to your passport. The Kenyan government introduced the Kenya electronic visa in 2015 in order to reduce the time it takes to process visa applications for Danish citizens and other visitors visiting Kenya for a short period of time.

Danish citizens travel to Kenya with e-visa may stay for up to 90 days in a row, with the option of extending the visa for an additional 90 days while in the country.

The Kenya e-visa for Danish citizens is a single-entry visa that can be used to travel to Kenya from Denmark at any time within three months of its issuance.

Activities permitted with the Kenyan visa online include a holiday, business activities, visiting friends and relatives, or medical treatment.

Kenya e-visa types for Danish citizens:

A Kenya visa is mandatory for entering the Republic of Kenya. Below are the types of e-visa in Kenya

  • Kenya Tourist e-visa: The Tourist Visa is a sort of e-visa that allows you to visit Kenya for tourism. It can be used for any form of vacation or recreational activity. The tourist e-visa for Kenya permits you to enter the country only once and stay for up to 90 days.
  • Kenya Business e-visa: This Kenya business e-visa is for attending business meetings, conferences, and other events in the country. If you are visiting Kenya for business, keep in mind that this sort of e-visa is only valid for three months from the date of issue and permits you to stay for up to 90 days with a single entry
  • Kenya Transit e-visa: A transit visa is required if you need to stop in Kenyan ports on your way to your final destination, which is not in Kenya. It's a 72-hour visa with a one-time use limit. The transit visa is not provided to tourists or business visitors.
  • East Africa Tourist e-visa: With this visa, you can go to Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda with just one visa. With this visa, you can travel to these countries and stay for up to 90 days with multiple entries, with Kenya as the starting point.

2. Kenya e-visa requirements for Danish citizens:

Kenya e-visa requirements for Danish citizens

The Kenya e-visa requirements for Danish citizens are the same as for everyone else. You must assemble a collection of documents and information that will be required during the online application process. Here's what you'll need:

  • A Danish passport is valid for at least 06 months from the date of your arrival in Kenya, as well as a blank page in your passport for verification markings
  • Digital copy (scan) of the passport bio page
  • Any variation of yourself in a photograph.
  • Your e-visa result will be sent to your email address.
  • Flight ticket/round-trip ticket: this document is necessary for transit and East Africa e-visa to validate your point of arrival. It is optional for tourism and commercial e-visas.
  • Business documents (for business e-visa): you must submit the following documents about your business trip: Your company's COI, an invitation letter, and a business ID card are all required.
  • Reservation of a hotel (if any).

Before beginning their application form, you must ensure that these requirements are met. If your passport is about to expire, you must renew or extend it before applying.

3. How to apply for a Kenya visa online from Denmark:

Obtaining a Kenya visa for Danish citizens is simple and requires just a few minutes. Danish citizens can complete the application for a Kenyan visa from Denmark on their smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.

Danish citizens can apply for a Kenya visa online in 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Fill out the Kenyan visa application form for Denmark
  • Step 2: Pay the Kenya processing fee by your Credit/Debit Card, Visa, American Express, PayPal or Wire Transfer to our HSBC bank account
  • Step 3: Print out Kenya e-visa

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After completing the Kenya e-visa application form, Danish applicants have plenty of time to double-check that they have correctly filled out all the relevant fields before paying the e-visa processing fee and submitting it for approval.

The approval of a Kenya visa can take up to 2-3 days, but applicants from Denmark should allow for more time due to the possibility of unexpectedly busy periods.

Once approved, Kenya electronic visa will be sent to your email address, at which point travelers should print a copy of the visa to bring with them to Kenya. When entering the country, border officials may ask to see it.

Please note: Besides, you can also apply to get a regular visa at Kenya Embassy in Denmark

4. Kenya visa fees for Danish citizens:

To apply for a Kenya visa online, you have to pay two (02) kinds of Visa Fee, which were called Service Fee and Government Fee

In addition, it is highly recommended that you ought to buy travel COVID-19 insurance in Kenya. You will be insured against many risks, including the Covid pandemic.

The Kenya Government fee is the obligation fee for applicants who wish to apply for a Kenya e-visa

For a service fee, we offer three alternatives to get your Kenya visa for Danish citizens

  • Normal: you can get your Kenya e-visa in 03 Business Days when choosing this type.
  • Urgent: if you go for this option, your application will be processed faster than usual and as a result, your e-visa will be landed within 01 Business Day
  • Super Urgent: the most rapid service which can help you get your e-visa within just 05 Business hours.

Payment method: to complete payment, you can choose 02 ways: electronic payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Paypal) and wire transfer (HSBC bank transfer).

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