Kenya ETA Requirements For Fijian Citizens in 2024

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Kenya ETA for Fijian Citizens

Kenya ETA for Fijian Citizens

If you are from Fiji, you will be pleased to learn that you are qualified for a Kenyan ETA. This implies that you do not need to visit the nearest Kenyan diplomatic mission to apply for a Kenya ETA. On the contrary, you can apply online using the Kenya Immigration Services website. The entire process takes place online and is pretty simple to grasp.

Do you want to know how to apply for an ETA in Kenya? Then continue reading this article.

1. What is a Kenya ETA for Fijian Citizens?

The Kenyan government has replaced its visa system with a new semi-automatic electronic travel authorization system (eTA), effective January 1, 2024. Currently, airlines arriving in Kenya can only board passengers with a valid eTA. Regardless of nationality, passengers are no longer required to fill out paper forms on board or upon arrival.

The Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is an official document that allows you to travel and enter Kenya.

This system includes an electronic link that operates through your passport and is accessible to people from all over the world.

With your Fijian passport, you can stay for 90 days per entry after you are in Kenya.

ETAs are designed for short-term tourist or business visitor activity. They are not meant to permit extended stays in Kenya for other reasons. Working in Kenya does not require an ETA.

Type of Kenya ETA:

  • Kenya tourist ETA: The Kenya Tourist Visa is a single-entry visa provided to visitors from countries that require a visa to enter Kenya and whose primary reason for visiting is tourism. With this visa, you can stay 90 days per entry once you arrive in Kenya.
  • Kenya Business ETA: The Kenyan Business ETA allows Fijian citizens to enter Kenya for business purposes. A single-entry visa permits visitors to stay in the country for 90 days. The application for this type of eTA is totally online.
  • Kenya transit ETA: A Kenya transit visa is provided to those who have a stopover in Kenya to other locations for a duration of no more than 72 hours.
  • East Africa eVisa: This visa is issued for people who want to travel to Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda simultaneously multiple times and Kenya is their first destination. East Africa eVisa allows travelers to stay within 90 days from arrival date.

Kenya ETA Requirements for Fijian Citizens

Kenya ETA Requirements for Fijian Citizens

As a Fijian citizen, you may be eligible for a Kenya ETA, but there are additional conditions to complete. Fortunately for you, We do not ask too many of them, so your odds of having everything you need are rather good. Here is what you need to provide:

Valid passport: All candidates must have a valid passport. The passport must be valid for at least another 6 months from arriving in Kenya.

A copy of your valid passport, valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Kenya, and with at least 2 blank pages for stamping.

Proof of trip arrangements, including evidence of lodging and an onward or return ticket to Kenya

Methods of online payment - Because this is an online application procedure, you must make your payment online. You may use a credit or debit card for this, but we also take PayPal.

E-mail address from Kenya The ETA is electronically connected to your passport, so you do not need to print it; nevertheless, we communicate by e-mail, so we require a valid address.

2. How to apply for e Kenya ETA from Fiji:

Now that you understand what a Kenya ETA is and what you can accomplish with it, let's look at the simple online process on our website:

  • Step 1: Fill out your primary and travel information on our website.
  • Step 2: Pay the Kenya ETA fees using a credit or debit card, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or wire transfers to a bank account. You'll receive a confirmation email with a manual guide to assist you in finishing the remaining parts.
  • Step 3: Provide all essential papers, double-check them, and click the "Submit" button.

The request for a Kenya ETA is relatively straightforward. Fijian travelers can simply apply online by providing their biographical and passport information on the application form. The form takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Applicants must take care to guarantee the correctness of the data entered. All of the information entered must exactly match what appears in their passport. Any errors or typos may result in a processing delay or even rejection of their application.

How Long Will it Take to Receive My Kenya ETA online for Fijian citizens?

Fijian residents who have submitted a completed application for the Kenya ETA should expect an update on the status of their application within three business days.

Fijian travelers will obtain their Fijian citizens securely by email. They will need to bring a printed copy with them when they fly, since immigration agents at passport checkpoints may seek to view a hard copy upon arrival.

3. Kenya ETA fees for Fijian Citizens

To apply for a Kenya ETA for Fijian citizens, you have to pay 2 types of Kenya ETA fees including government fees and service fees

As a Fijian citizen, please take note of the following processing times:

  • Normal: This takes the longest to complete but is also the cheapest. However, it is a short time because your application will be completed in three business days
  • Urgent: Would you want an ETA in less time? Then you can select this option. Your ETA will be in your email inbox within 01 business day.
  • Super urgent: Expect your travel document in less time. Your visa will be ready to use within 5 hours.

Kenya ETA fees for Fijian Citizens

Kenya ETA fees for Fijian Citizens

We recommend purchasing Kenya travel insurance. Travel insurance for Kenya is not required, but it can give pleasant confidence if something goes wrong during your trip, such as delays and cancellations, lost or stolen luggage, the need for emergency medical care, and so on. With the appropriate amount of coverage, you will be able to recover expenditures or losses caused by accidents, sickness, theft, or travel interruptions. It can also provide you with immediate support if you encounter any of these problems.

In addition, Kenya Immigration Services also provides package services to support international travelers when traveling to Kenya such as Kenya eSim and Car Pickup Service in Kenya.

4. Is the Kenya Immigration Services website a safe company?

The Kenya Immigration Services website is a supported website where you may apply for various online travel papers. We've been delivering eVisas and other travel documents for over 10 years.