Kenya eTA requirements for Malaysian citizens - Fee & Service

If you are traveling to Kenya from Malaysia, you must be aware of the requirements for a Kenya eTA for Malaysian citizens. You can apply for a Kenya Tourist eTA online if you are a Malaysian citizen.

A Kenya Tourist eTA is only valid for a short period.

You can apply for a Kenya ETA by taking advantage of the unrivaled services of You can get your document from the comfort of your own home while sipping your favorite cup of coffee if you work with us. Furthermore, you only need to devote 20 minutes of your time to the application process.

Our experts will double-check your application to ensure that there are no errors. Depending on the processing option you choose, your document will be processed.

Now we will provide you with the most complete information that you need to proceed and apply for Kenya eTA for Malaysian citizens

Kenya eTA for Malaysian citizens - How to get a Kenya eTA from  Malaysia

Kenya eTA for Malaysian citizens - How to get a Kenya eTA from Malaysia?

Do Malaysian citizens need a eTA for Kenya?

Yes. Malaysian passport holders are on the exemption list for visas to Kenya. Therefore, they need an ETA to enter Kenya. The period to stay there is limited to 3 months.  If a Malaysian Citizen is staying in Kenya for more than 90 Days, they should apply for another visa at Kenya embassy or consulate

Kenya eTA for Malaysians

Travelers from Malaysia to Kenya are therefore required to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), before entering the Republic of Kenya. People of all nationalities who plan to visit Kenya are granted an electronic travel authorization (eTA).

Kenya discontinued its eVisa system on January 1, 2024, and replaced it with the Electronic Travel Authorization system (eTA), which is now fully operational. With the exception of individuals with valid Kenya passports, Kenya Permanent Residence, valid Work Permits and Passes, and Citizens of the East African Partner States, all visitors, including infants and children, planning to visit Kenya must obtain an approved eTA before embarking on their journey.

The Kenya eTA is an electronic travel Authorization for the East African nation implemented to eliminate the need to wait in long border queues for an eTA on arrival or apply for an eTA from a Kenyan consulate in person.

The Kenya eTA for Malaysian allows citizens of Malaysia to visit the country for tourism, Business activities, and Visiting family

The Kenyan eTA online for Malaysian passport holders offers travelers from Malaysia a quick, simple way to secure an eTA for short trips to Kenya. It is a single-entry eTA that grants Malaysian citizens a stay of 90 consecutive days in Kenya.

Malaysian travelers can complete the simple Kenya eTA online application form with personal and passport information.

The online Kenya tourist eTA allows travelers to apply online and have an approved eTA to gain expedited entry upon arrival to the country.

To visit Kenya for other purposes, foreign citizens are required to contact at Kenya Embassy in Malaysia

Check Kenya eTA Requirements For Malaysian Citizen

There are some requirements travelers must follow to obtain a Kenya eTA for Malaysian citizens. Here is a list that includes the requirements:

Valid Malaysian passport – You will be unable to apply for a Kenya eTA unless you have a passport. Furthermore, Kenya's eTA policy requires that the document be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Kenya. Your passport should have a minimum of 2 blank pages for the immigration stamps on entry and exit to Kenya.

  • A scan of your passport's bio page – you must upload it to during the application process.
  • Digital passport photo – keep in mind that the photo must be recent. There are a few more rules that the photo must follow.
  • Return flight ticket (for East Africa and Business eTA) – This requirement is intended to reassure immigration officers that you intend to return to your home country before your eTA expires or verify your transit intention.
  • Proof of accommodation – this can either be a hotel booking confirmation or a letter of invitation from a friend/family.
  • Your business documents, including an invitation letter from a business partner in Kenya, your company COI, and your staff ID/business card.
  • E-mail address – Once your application has been processed, will send you the travel document in PDF format via e-mail. Before you leave, make sure to print at least one physical copy.

Any Malaysian citizen traveling to Kenya is required to check the eTA requirements for Malaysian citizens before beginning their Kenyan online electronic eTA application.

Malaysian travelers will receive the eTA as a PDF file attached to an email. This will be sent to the address they provide in the application.

Let’s check Kenya eTA requirements for Malaysian citizens

Let’s check Kenya eTA requirements for Malaysian citizens

All Types Of Kenya eTA For Malaysian Citizens

It all depends on your vacation itinerary and plans. With no eTA at all, you won’t be able to leave the airport as a Malaysian

  • Kenya Tourist eTA: is available for Malaysians to visit Kenya for touristic purposes. The eTA is a single entry and valid to use and enter Kenya for 90 days from the date of issue. With this type of eTA, you can stay in Kenya for up to 90 days from the date of your arrival.
  • Kenya Transit eTA: The Transit eTA is a great option for those who have a longer layover or a connecting flight. You can even leave the port of entry for up to three days to explore Kenya with this document. This is a Single Entry eTA that can help you stay in Kenya for up to 72 hours from the time of your arrival.
  • Kenya Business eTA: This eTA allows Malaysian travelers to visit Kenya for business activities or to attend conferences. The Kenya business eTA can help you stay in Kenya for a maximum of 90 days, and it allows a single entry to Kenya.
  • East Africa Tourist eTA: is the best option for dedicated tourists. It will allow you to travel between Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya for up to 90 days in total from the date of your arrival in Kenya. It’s a Multiple Entry eTA.

Malaysian citizens requiring multiple-entry Kenya eTA must apply for a necessary eTA in the Kenya embassy in Malaysia or consulate nearest.

How To Apply Kenya eTA For Malaysian Citizens Online

Apply online a Kenya eTA for Malaysian citizens

Apply online a Kenya eTA for Malaysian citizens

Malaysian citizens can apply for a Kenya eTA online by accessing and filling out an online form. 

The process of obtaining a Kenya eTA online for Malaysians is straightforward. The applicant needs to complete an online application form that includes information such as the airport of arrival, date of arrival, full name, passport number, date of birth, and nationality

Malaysian travelers can apply for a Kenya eTA online in 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Fill in our online form with your personal information
  • Step 2: Pay the Kenya processing fee
  • Step 3: Print out the Kenya eTA

After answering all the questions in the Kenya eTA application form, Malaysian citizens are advised to check they are correct and match the information published on their travel documents. Once they submit their eTA application, the answers cannot be corrected. Any mistakes could delay their approval or even lead to a rejection of their Kenya electronic eTA

When the Kenya eTA application is approved, the eTA is sent to the applicant via email. You must enter an email address when completing the online form. This account will receive the eTA.

A Kenya eTA online application usually takes up to 72 hours to process. Travelers can expect their eTA to arrive within this time frame.

Everything About Kenya eTA Fees And Services For Malaysian Citizens

Kenya eTA fees include Kenya service fees and Kenya Government Fee. Fortunately, eTA fees are inexpensive, and the payment can be processed online easily. 

We understand your concern about how much it will cost to get your Kenya eTA for Malaysian citizens. It is why our team prepared the following three choices:

  • Normal: The waiting time is long, but it is inexpensive. You will get your document within 3 business days
  • Urgent: You receive a faster service within 24 hours.
  • Super Urgent: It’s the fastest alternative if you’re in a hurry. You obtain your eTA in 5 hours 

Payment method: you can use electronic payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal) or wire transfer (HSBC direct bank transfer) to complete your transaction.

In addition, Kenya Immigration Services also provide other package services to assist Malaysian citizens while traveling to Kenya such as Kenya travel insurance, Kenya eSim, and Car Pick-up service in Kenya.

Lean about Kenya eTA fees for Malaysian citizens

Lean about Kenya eTA fees for Malaysian citizens