Kenyan e-visa requirements for Lithuanian citizens

Mount Kenya, Africa's second-highest mountain at 5199 meters, is located in Kenya.

Because the mountain's three peaks can be climbed, this is the main draw for Lithuanian visitors. Ropes are required to climb Batian and Nelion Peaks, but Point Lenana Peak can be walked.

We cannot ignore Kenya's incredible attractions for Lithuanian citizens; however, in order to enter the country, a valid e-Visa and passport are required.

With these precautions in place, the Lithuanian travelers can enter this dazzling country that is always on the lookout for ways to provide the best service possible to its visitors.

Read on to find out step by step how to obtain your Kenya e-visa for Lithuanian citizens easily.

Kenyan e-visa for Lithuanian citizens

Kenyan e-visa for Lithuanian citizens

1. Kenya e-visa for Lithuanian citizens:

A Kenyan e-visa for Lithuanian citizens is a simple way to travel to Kenya without having to obtain a regular visa from the embassy. Lithuanian residents, like residents of most other countries, can apply for a Kenyan e-visa electronically, as they will have the option of applying for an online visa.

Since 2015, Lithuanian travelers have been eligible for the online visa for Kenya. In 2021, the e-Visa became a requirement for visitors from Lithuania

The application for the Kenya e-Visa for Lithuanian citizens is completed entirely online. The form is simple to fill out and submit, and it only takes a few minutes to complete.

When your Kenya e-Visa is approved, the authorization is electronically linked to your Lithuanian passport.

The online visa for Rwanda can be used for visits for tourism, business, medical treatment, and visiting friends or family.

Lithuanian coming to Kenya to live, work or study for an extended period of time are required to apply for the relevant type of visa at their nearest Kenyan embassy or consulate

The Kenya electronic visa is a single-entry travel permit and valid for 03 months after it is issued. This allows holders to stay in the country for up to 90 days from the arrival date.

Type of Kenya e-visa:

Please read it thoroughly before beginning the application form. This will help you avoid unnecessary inconveniences and learn more about which type of e-Visa is best for you.

  • Kenya transit e-visa: You must transit through Kenya to get to your final destination. You may not want to stay at the airport, but you should leave to explore this beautiful country. You can apply for a transit e-Visa in this case. This type of visa is only available to visitors who plan to stay for less than 72 hours. If you intend to stay for an extended period of time, a tourist e-visa may be a better option.
  • Kenya tourist e-visa: Kenya's tourism industry is the country's second-largest source of foreign exchange revenue. Thousands of wild animals congregate in the Masai Mara National Reserve every year from August to October, creating a spectacular scene of animal migration. Are you planning a trip to Kenya to see this wonderland for yourself? Don't forget to apply for a tourist e-Visa before entering Kenya. You can stay and travel for up to 90 days with this e-Visa.
  • Kenya business e-visa: Kenya's economy has grown year after year as a result of technological advancements and the spread of knowledge. Kenya's society and physical infrastructure are relatively developed in comparison to neighboring countries, making it an ideal location for large corporations looking to expand into the African market. If your company sends you to Kenya to explore new business opportunities, attend meetings, or attend exhibitions, the Business e-Visa will be the appropriate visa for you. The visa is valid for 90 days, and you may stay for up to 90 days with a single entry.
  • East Africa e-visa: If you are a Lithuanian citizen and want to explore East Africa, you can also apply for the East Africa Tourist Visa. The East Africa e-visa allows multiple entries into Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda. It is valid for up to 90 days after it is issued, allowing Lithuanian nationals to visit three countries in East Africa for up to 90 days.

Please keep in mind that you will also need a valid travel document, at least 02 blank pages in your passport, and your return ticket to obtain this permit. Please keep in mind that if you are going sightseeing, a travel itinerary and hotel reservations may be required.

2. Kenya visa requirements for Lithuanian citizens:

Kenyan e-visa requirements for Lithuanian citizens

Kenyan e-visa requirements for Lithuanian citizens

Visa requirements for Lithuanian citizens stipulate that in order to receive the Kenya electronic visa, applicants must be able to provide the following:

  • Possess a Lithuanian passport, which will be valid for 6 months or more on your arrival in Kenya. A minimum of two blank pages in the passport for immigration to stamp when entering and exiting the country.
  • A digital photograph of the passport’s biographical page
  • Digital photo: This must be a headshot that meets all the standard passport photo specifications, including correct composition, size, lighting, and facial expression.
  • In addition to this photo, you must submit a scan or photo of your passport's biographical page.
  • Email address: We will communicate with you through the email address, we will also be sending the approved e-visa for Kenya to your email address.
  • Return flight ticket – This gives the impression to immigration officers that you intend to return to your home country before your visa expires.
  • Proof of lodging – If you stay with family or friends, you can use a hotel reservation confirmation or have them write an invitation letter.
  • Business documents (for Business e-visa): To apply for this type of e-Visa, you need to provide an invitation letter from your company's partner in Kenya, a company COI, and your information card (staff ID/business card).

As there are a few different prerequisites depending on the type of online travel permit, Lithuanian travelers should carefully review the Kenyan e-Visa entry requirements before applying online.

3. How to get a visa for Kenya from Lithuania:

The governments of Kenya and Lithuania agreed to ease measures that would allow their citizens to travel to those countries without any additional requirements.

This is the origin of Kenya's electronic travel authorization, also known as an e-visa. You can obtain it with just an internet connection and a valid passport.

  1. First and foremost, you must fill out a form with your information. This form is known as an application, and once approved, it grants you permission to travel freely to Kenya.
  2. Second, you must pay the expenses generated by the application for the e-visa through the same interface; however, you should not be concerned because many international banks are accepted; simply ensure that your credit or debit card, Visa card, American Express, MasterCard, PayPal, or Wire Transfer are enabled for online purchases.
  3. You will receive the approval response for the electronic travel authorization through your email address.

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It is also recommended that applicants review their forms before submitting them, as even minor errors in the details can delay visa processing and result in travel problems.

How to get a visa for Kenya from Lithuania

How to get a visa for Kenya from Lithuania

How will I receive my Kenya e-visa as a Lithuanian citizen?

If all of the submitted information is correct and all requirements are met, this process should take between 05 hours and 3 business days.

Lithuanian nationals will receive the document in PDF format in their email accounts once the electronic visa to Kenya is approved. Their passports will be electronically linked to their e-Visa.

Applicants from Lithuania should be aware that during peak tourist seasons, the approval of the online visa may take up longer; however, it is usually a simple and quick process.

We recommend that they print a copy of their approved e-Visa at the link provided in the email after confirmation.

4. Kenya visa fees for Lithuanian citizens:

One of the most common concerns about a Kenya e-visa for Lithuanian citizens is the visa cost. We offer its services at competitive prices to Lithuanian people, that's why Kenya Immigration Services has thousands of satisfied customers.

Kenya e-visa fees for Lithuanian citizens that you have to pay to get your Kenya visa include the Kenya e-Visa service fee and Kenya Government fee. 

For Kenya service fees, applicants have 03 options when it comes to processing times. Remember that every processing time has its price and the faster you want your visa, the more you will have to pay. Here's what you can choose from:

  • Normal: You will wait 03 Business Days to receive your Kenya visa. This option is worth it if you like to plan ahead.
  • Urgent: This option is slightly more expensive (1 business day), but it ensures that your Visa arrives on time.
  • Super urgent: Because it is the quickest option, it is also the most expensive. Your application is processed in about 5 hours.

In addition, we also provide other service packages to help customers have a safe and time-saving trip when coming to Kenya, including Kenya travel insuranceKenya travel Sim, and Car Pick-up service in Kenya.