Kenya ETA requirements for Ivorian citizens in 2024

You're only a few days away from your big trip, and you're wondering, "Do I need a eTA to go to Kenya?" Then the last few laps begin. Kenya, on the other hand, is one of those countries that welcomes tourists with open arms. The new eTA system facilitates the processing of Kenya eTA for Ivorian citizens

Kenya eTA for Ivorian citizens

Kenya eTA for Ivorian citizens

1. Kenya eTA for Ivorian citizens :

Before entering Kenya, all Ivorian passport holders must have a valid Kenya eTA. As a result of the implementation of the new eTA system, Ivorian citizens will be unable to obtain a eTA upon arrival in Kenya.

The government of Kenya has opened up the Kenyan eTA for people around the world. Since Ivorian citizens are eligible to apply for Kenyan eTA to visit the country.

Travelers from hundreds of countries can now complete the entire process online from anywhere on the planet thanks to the new electronic travel authorization system. The change also removes the need for the traveler to visit a local embassy or consulate.

The Kenya eTA is one type of eTA that grants authorized entry into the country in the same way that a regular eTA does but through an electronic system.

The Kenyan eTA for Ivorian citizens is a single-entry eTA that is valid for 90 days from the issued date. This eTA makes it easy for Ivorian nationals and citizens of other countries to take short trips to Kenya for purposes including:

  • Tourism
  • Business
  • Medical treatment
  • Visiting friends or family

Ivorians coming to Kenya to work or study for an extended period of time are required to apply for a Kenya eTA at the Kenya Embassy in Ivory Coast.

Type of Kenya eTA:

  • Kenya tourist eTA: This eTA is available if you are traveling for tourism. It allows one entry into Kenya and a duration of stay of 90 days from the arrival date.
  • Kenya business eTA: This eTA is available if you are traveling to Kenya for business-related purposes. This single entry eTA allows you to remain in Kenya for up to 90 days from the date of entry.
  • Kenya transit eTA: If you are only passing through Kenya, you can apply for this eTA. Besides transit purposes, this type of eTA also allows you to have a 03-day trip to Kenya and explore the stunning attractions there.

2. Kenya eTA requirements for Ivorian citizens:

Kenya eTA requirements for Ivorian citizens

Kenya eTA requirements for Ivorian citizens

The new eTA travel permit was created to make the application process easier for Ivorian visitors. It is a streamlined process that shortens the application process, allowing candidates to receive a faster response and spend less time submitting a request.

To do so, each Ivorian applicant must provide a list of Kenya eTA entry requirements. The following documents are required as supporting documentation:

  • A valid passport: Before entering Kenya, all Ivorian travelers must have a valid and up-to-date passport with at least 6 months of validity remaining. In addition, there should be at least 02 blank pages in the passport in case the immigration officer adds entry or exit stamps.
  • A scan of your passport's information page.
  • A recent digital photo of the traveler: A digital photo of the traveler taken within the last 6 months is required. The image should be sharp and clearly show the traveler's facial features.
  • Return flight ticket – This requirement is designed to reassure immigration officers that you intend to return home before your eTA expires.
  • Proof of accommodation – this can either be a hotel booking confirmation or a letter of invitation from a friend/family.
  • An email address: During the application process, please provide a valid email address. This is to ensure that you receive notifications about your eTA on time.
  • For Business eTA: An invitation letter from your company's partner in Kenya, a company COI, and your information card (staff ID/business card).

If Ivorian citizens hold dual citizenship, they must apply for the eTA with the same travel document they intend to use. The eTA is associated with both the passenger and the particular passport.

3. How to get a Kenya online eTA for Ivorian citizens:

As long as the applicant's documents are up to date and ready to be submitted with their application, applying for a Kenya eTA for Ivorian citizens is a simple process. To apply for a Kenyan eTA, Ivorian travelers must first fill out an online application with information about themselves, their passports, and their travel plans.

When filling out the Kenyan eTA application, travelers must provide accurate information; otherwise, processing delays may occur, leading to eTA denial in some cases.

Travelers can apply for a Kenya eTA online for Ivorian citizens in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Fill out the Kenya eTA application form from Ivory Coast

Step 2: Pay the Kenya eTA fees securely online

Step 3: Receive the approved Kenya eTA by email

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Most Kenya eTA applications from Ivory Coast are processed and approved in 05 hours to 3 business days.

Travelers who need their Kenya eTA urgently can choose rush eTA service for guaranteed 5-hour processing.

4. Kenya eTA fees for Ivorian citizens:

The total cost of a eTA will vary depending on how quickly you need it and the type of eTA. You have three options with the Kenya immigration service, so keep in mind that the option you choose affects the cost of your Kenya eTA. You have the following options:

  • Normal: The slowest option available to you is also the cheapest. Within 03 business days, you will receive your Kenya eTA.
  • Urgent: If you select this option, things will move a little faster. Your application will be reviewed within 01 business day
  • Super urgent: This is the most expensive option, but it is also the quickest. Your travel document will be ready in just 05 hours.

To apply for a Kenya eTA online from Ivory Coast, you have to pay two (02) kinds of Kenya eTA Fees, which are called Service fees and Government fees.

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