Kenya visa requirements for Maltese citizens

When a Maltese citizen considers a vacation, the first thing that comes to mind is to visit places where they can contemplate nature, such as jungles, beaches, high peaks, and impressive lakes.

This is why Kenya is always the top destination for Maltese tourists. This magnificent country is home to snowy mountains such as Mount Kenya, impressive volcanoes, and beautiful rivers such as the Thika and Tana.

You will also have the fantastic opportunity to witness natural wonders such as animal migration and the display of pink flamingos on Lake Nakuru.

You can also see lions, zebras, cheetahs, rhinos, giraffes, and many more on safari tours. To successfully receive your Kenya e-visa, you must adhere to the Kenya visa requirements for Maltese citizens

Kenya e-visa for Maltese citizens

Kenya e-visa for Maltese citizens

1. Kenya e-visa for Maltese citizens:

Malta is one of the nationalities that are eligible to apply for an online Kenya e-Visa. Therefore, a visa is required before flying to Kenya.

The term e-visa simply refers to an electronic visa. Because the entire process and obtention of the e-Visa are online, your nationality has the opportunity to obtain this visa in less time and without visiting an Embassy.

The Kenya e-Visa is a tourist visa that functions on a single-entry basis, has validity for up to 90 days, and can be used for various traveling purposes such as:

  • Tourism
  • Medical reasons
  • Business

A Kenya e-Visa must be obtained online and takes only a few minutes to obtain. The application process is intended to be simple, quick, and simple to fill out and submit.

There are other visas available for those Maltese citizens wishing to visit Kenya to study or to relocate, for example. If that applies to you, you are required to visit a Kenya embassy or consulate, such as the Kenya embassy in Malta

Type of Kenya e-visas:

  • Kenya tourist e-visa: The Tourist e-Visa is an excellent option for Maltese citizens who wish to stay in Kenya for an extended period of time. You can relax, visit friends and family in Kenya, or enjoy the food and culture of this amazing country with the Tourist e-Visa. You'll have plenty of time to explore Kenya once you arrive. With the Tourist e-Visa, you can enter and stay in Kenya for up to 90 days from the arrival date and it only allows for one entry into Kenya.
  • Kenya transit e-visa: The Transit e-Visa is a great option for longer layovers or if you don't have much time to spend sightseeing. With the Transit e-Visa, you can stay in Kenya for up to 03 days before continuing on your journey. What better way to pass the time while waiting for a flight than by exploring Kenya's beautiful sights?
  • Kenya business e-visa: Maltese citizens can apply for a Kenya business e-visa if they are visiting Kenya to do business-related activities. This is an online, single-entry visa that permits Maltese citizens to stay in Kenya for up to 90 days from their first day of arrival.
  • East Africa e-visa: Do you want to get the most out of your trip to East Africa? The East African e-Visa is the best option. This is the ideal e-Visa for visitors looking to see as much of East Africa as possible. Travelers from Malta can use the East African e-Visa to visit not only Kenya but also Rwanda and Uganda. If you obtain this e-Visa, you will be able to enter Rwanda and Uganda without restriction during your 90-day stay.

2. Kenya e visa requirements for Maltese citizens:

The new e-visa travel permit was created to make the application process easier for visitors. It is a streamlined process that shortens the application process, allowing candidates to receive a faster response and spend less time submitting a request.

To do so, each applicant must meet a list of Kenya visa entry requirements for Maltese citizens. The following documents are required as supporting documentation:

  • A Maltese passport valid for at least 06 months from the arrival date in Kenya, which must show the biographical data and also have at least 1 blank page
  • A scan of your passport’s information page
  • A photograph of the applicant that was taken recently
  • Email address: You will need a proper email address because we will communicate with you and also send your Visa via email.
  • A flight ticket
  • Business documents (for Business e-visa): to get qualified, you need to provide an invitation letter from your company's partner in Kenya, a company COI, and your information card (staff ID/business card).

A Kenya e-visa application cannot be completed without a passport..

The Kenya e-Visa has a fee that must be paid with a Credit/Debit Card, Visa, American, Paypal, or Wire Transfer to the Bank of Cyprus(Payment Guidelines) at this time. There are no other payment options available.

 Kenya e-visa requirements for Maltese citizens

Kenya e-visa requirements for Maltese citizens

3. How to get a Kenya visa online for Maltese citizens:

Getting your Kenya e-visa for Maltese citizens is a straightforward process.

Maltese travelers can get their Kenya tourist visa in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Complete the e-Visa application form

Step 2: Pay the Kenya visa processing fee

Step 3: Submit the electronic application and receive an approved visa via email.

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Maltese citizens need to complete the Kenya visa application form online. It’s quick to complete, just a few basic details are required, including:

  • Personal information: name, gender, date of birth
  • Passport data: number
  • Travel details: intended date of arrival/ departure in Kenya

Applicants should ensure that the information provided exactly matches the information on the Maltese passport. Errors, such as misspellings, may cause processing to be delayed.

Kenya e-visa for Maltese citizens are processed quickly. The majority of requests are processed within a maximum of 72 hours.

However, in case of unexpected delays, we recommend that travelers apply 03 days in advance.

Maltese applicants who are approved will receive their Kenya tourist electronic visa in their email inbox.

They can then print the visa, which is sent in PDF format, to present upon arrival at a Kenya port of entry.

4. Kenya e visa fees for Maltese citizens:

Once you have all of the necessary items, you must decide which processing speed you prefer in order to obtain a Kenya e-visa for Maltese citizens. Keep in mind that our services come in 03 types, each with a different price depending on how quickly you need the e-visa. The options are:

  • Normal: This is the slowest and least expensive option available. Your Kenya e visa will be ready in 03 business days, and you will only be charged a small service fee.
  • Urgent: This is a faster option. Kenya immigration services process your request within 24 hours
  • Super urgent: Since this is the fastest option you can choose, it is also the most expensive. Your application is processed in just 05 hours.

To apply for a Kenya visa online, you have to pay two (02) kinds of Visa Fee, which are called Service Fee and Government Fee. In addition, we recommend that you should buy a Kenya travel insurance to cover your medical benefits while traveling abroad.

5. Useful information: