Kenya ETA Requirements For Seychelles Citizens

Kenya is unique to the rest of the world. However, there is one nation that is unquestionably the ideal location to go on vacation with your family. The country takes it to another level by being renowned as a family-friendly location. Kenya has been at the forefront of transforming eco-tourism, making it an even more significant place for family trips. It educates young tourists about the benefits of ecotourism. And what better approach to teaching your kids about environmental protection than incorporating family fun?

Kenya ETA for Seychellois citizens

Kenya ETA for Seychellois citizens

Are you planning a trip to Kenya any time soon? If so, you should know that all Seychellois passport holders are eligible for the Kenya ETA application. This is the best alternative to a consular visa, as you can avoid a tedious and time-consuming process at the embassy.

You can obtain an ETA through an online application. Both permit Seychellois travelers to visit Kenya for tourism. You need only 10 minutes to fill out the application form on the Kenya Immigration Services website and then wait for the visa to arrive in your email.

Continue reading about Kenya's ETA requirements for Seychellois citizens on the following lines.

1. What is Kenya's ETA for Seychellois Citizens

The website for electronic travel authorization to enter Kenya, ETA Kenya, which will replace the online entrance visa (e-visa) on January 1, 2024, is now online.

An ETA shortens the entrance procedure, improves security, and allows for more accessible border crossings.

The Kenya eTA is valid for a single entry and visits to Kenya for up to 90 days

The Kenya ETA is a digital permit that allows tourists to enter and explore the Republic of Kenya. This ETA to Kenya may now be requested online, and the Kenyan government provides it to qualified international visitors who wish to visit Kenya.

Seychellois citizens who plan to visit Kenya for tourism, business, or transit purposes can apply for a Kenya eTA. However, ensuring that you meet all the eligibility criteria and have the necessary documents to support your application is crucial.

Who must obtain the ETA?

The eTA is required for all international visitors except East African Community (EAC) Member States nationals.

The eight EAC Member States include Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Type of Kenya ETA

  • Kenya Tourist ETA: If you plan on staying in Kenya for an extended period, the Tourist ETA is an excellent alternative. It allows you up to 90 days in Kenya and allows enter one entry
  • Kenya Transit ETA is valid for 3 days from the planned arrival date for a 72-hour stay.
  • Kenya Business ETA: This ETA allows tourists to attend conferences, workshops, seminars, or debates; however, it does not grant permission to work in Kenya. This ETA allows people of San Marino to remain for a maximum of 90 days in Total.

2. Kenya ETA Requirements for Seychellois Citizens

To apply for a Kenya ETA online for Seychellois citizens, you must fulfill the Kenya ETA requirements for Seychellois citizens

You simply need to prepare the following:

  • Seychellois passport is valid for at least six months from the scheduled departure date from Kenya.
  • A recent passport-size picture.
  • Proof of trip itinerary, such as flight reservations.
  • Documents that support your visit's purpose (for example, invitation letters for business travelers).
  • Payment method — You may pay for your e-Visa quickly and easily with PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.
  • A credit or debit card that is approved for online transactions

It is essential to review the specific requirements, as they may differ depending on the purpose of your travel.

Kenya ETA Requirements for Seychellois Citizens

Kenya ETA Requirements for Seychellois Citizens

3. How to apply for e Kenya ETA from Seychelles

Seychellois citizens can apply for a Kenya ETA quickly and easily. Seychellois tourists must fill out the online application for a visa for Kenya, pay the applicable charge, then wait for the ETA to be granted and sent to their email inbox using the following steps:

Step 1: Fill in the Kenya ETA application form

Step 2: Pay the Kenya ETA processing fee

Step 3: Submit the The Kenya ETA request

The Kenya ETA form just takes a few minutes to complete. To begin the application, Canadians must confirm their registration and give the following details:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Email account
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Phone number

Seychellois citizens should carefully check their information before submitting the form since any mistakes or typos cannot be corrected and could result in a rejection of their visa application

Apply for e Kenya ETA from Seychelles

Apply for e Kenya ETA from Seychelles

Processing times of the Kenya ETA for Seychellois citizens

The Kenyan government examines all eVisa applications. This is a quick procedure; Seychellois nationals often receive a response to their request within three working days.

Submit your ETA request at least 72 hours before your planned arrival to account for busy tourist seasons.

Applicants from Seychelles who complete their online Kenya ETA form will receive a confirmation email with a link to download the eVisa as a PDF document and print their ETA. Once issued, the online visa is instantly connected to their passport.

4. Kenya ETA fees for Seychellois Citizens

Kenya ETA fees for Seychellois Citizens

Kenya ETA fees for Seychellois Citizens

To apply for a Kenya ETA for Seychellois citizens, you have to pay 2 types of Kenya ETA fees, including government fees and service fees

Due to an emergency, you must pay an additional fee if you need your visa as quickly as possible. However, you may choose the cheapest option if you're not in a hurry. We provide three options; you must select the best one based on urgency.

  • Normal: Your visa application is processed within 4 Business days.
  • Urgent: You will receive your visa within 1 Business Day.
  • Super urgent: This is the quickest alternative. You will receive your Kenya ETA within 5 hours.

Do I need travel insurance for Kenya?

No, Kenya travel insurance is not essential for Indian visitors to Kenya. However, it is strongly recommended. It can offer financial stability and peace of mind in an emergency.

In addition, Kenya Immigration Services also provides package services to support international travelers when traveling to Kenya such as Kenya eSim and Car Pickup Service in Kenya.