Kenya e-visa requirements for Tunisian citizens

Are you planning a trip from Tunisia to Kenya soon? If you intend to leave the airport, you must obtain a visa. You do not need a visa if you are only visiting for a connecting flight.

However, since the Republic of Kenya began issuing E-Visas, it is now easier than ever to obtain one. To obtain a visa, you no longer need to visit an embassy or consulate.  All you have to do is complete a quick, easy, and completely secure online application. You'll be ready for your trip to Kenya after a quick verification process.

The Kenya e-visa for Tunisians is entirely online and comes in four varieties, depending on how long the traveler wishes to stay in Kenya.  Continue reading to learn about the step-by-step process and all of the requirements for Tunisians to obtain their Kenya e-visa.

 Kenya e-visa for Tunisian citizens

Kenya e-visa for Tunisian citizens

1. Kenya e-visa for Tunisians:

Tunisians are eligible to apply for the Kenya e-Visa if they intend to travel for tourism, business, leisure, or to visit family.

A Kenya e-visa for Tunisians, introduced in 2015, is an electronic travel authorization that allows Tunisian travelers to enter Kenya for a certain time period. Applying for a visa online eliminates the need to physically visit an embassy or consulate.

It is a quick and easy way to get your travel visa before you leave. What's more convenient is that you can apply for and obtain a Kenya tourist visa while still in your home country.

The Kenya e-visa for Tunisians is not valid for other purposes such as work or study or long-term stays. Tunisians may need to apply for a traditional visa in these cases. Visitors can inquire about specific conditions by contacting the Kenya Embassy in Tunisia.

The Kenya online visa allows for a stay of up to 90 days in Kenya. An eVisa is valid for 90 days from the date of issuance.

Kenya visa types for Tunisians:

There are 04 types of Kenya e-visa available to Tunisian passport holders. Here is a quick overview of each type:

  • Kenya tourist e-visa: This Kenya visa is issued to Tunisians who intend to visit Kenya as tourists. This type of visa allows you to travel around Kenya for a maximum of 90 days in total within the validity of an eVisa.
  • Kenya business e-visa: This visa is an official document that allows you to enter Kenya only for business; it cannot be used for medical or other purposes. A Business e-Visa allows you to stay in Kenya for a total of 90 days and grants you a single entry.
  • Kenya transit e-visa: The Transit e-Visa is an excellent option for Tunisians who are in Kenya for a particularly long layover and want to leave the airport, as well as for globetrotters who only want up to 03 days in total to explore Kenya.
  • East Africa e-visa: Want the ultimate East African travel experience? With the East Africa e-Visa, you will not only be able to visit Kenya, but also Rwanda and Uganda without restrictions for the duration of your 90-day stay.

2. Kenya e-visa requirements for Tunisian citizens:

Travelers who wish to obtain a Kenya visa online must make sure that they meet all the Kenya e-visa requirements for Tunisian citizens

  • Valid Tunisian passport: To apply for a visa, applicants must have a Tunisian passport that is valid for at least 06 months after entering the country. If the traveler's current passport expires after receiving the visa, he or she must reapply with a new passport number.
  • The digital photograph that meets Kenya visa photo requirements
  • A scanned copy/image of the passport's biographical page
  • Travel plans and a return ticket: The Republic of Kenya will ask you why you are visiting and how long you intend to stay once you arrive.
  • Email address: Following a brief verification process, we will send you your e-Visa confirmation. Simply print your e-Visa and bring it with you when you travel.
  • A photograph of the applicant that was taken recently
  • A return ticket or proof of onward travel
  • For applicants who want to obtain a business e-visa: Provide an invitation letter from your company's partner in Kenya, a company COI, and your information card (staff ID/business card).

Kenya e-visa requirements for Tunisian citizens

Kenya e-visa requirements for Tunisian citizens

The applicant must ensure that the information submitted is correct and complete, as changing or updating details later may cause delays in receiving the document. It is critical to ensure that the information provided in the application form is correct and that all required documents for the Kenya e-Visa are included in order to avoid delays at the immigration counter.

Travelers from Tunisia who hold multiple passports will need to fill out a single application. There should be no discrepancies between the travel document and the e-Visa application information.

3. How to apply for a Kenya visa online from Tunisia:

Obtaining a Kenya e-visa for Tunisians is very simple. Filling out the e-Visa application form, paying the visa fee, and submitting the application takes only a few minutes. Minors must submit an individual application form in order to obtain a visa to Kenya.

In the application form, travelers from Tunisia to Kenya must provide the following personal, passport, and trip information:

  • Full name and gender
  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport number
  • Date of arrival and departure

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To the best of the traveler's knowledge, all information provided in the application form must be correct. Visa approval can be delayed or denied if parts of the information are missing or incorrect.

It is best to apply for a visa at least 03 days before the trip, in case of any delays or if additional information from the traveler is required.

If all of Kenya's visa requirements for Tunisian citizens are met, visa approval will be sent via email. The processing time for a visa is 05 hours to 3 business days. If the applicant has not received any response by that time, he or she should check the spam folder and double-check that the email address provided is correct.

Finally, an active email address is required to receive all visa information and to obtain visa approval. It is important to note that even though this is an electronic visa, it must still be printed.

4. Kenya e-visa fees for Tunisian citizens:

Now, citizens of more than 150 countries can obtain an eVisa to Kenya. However, the cost of the Kenya visa is not the same for everyone, it can vary depending on different elements, like the visa type and the processing time you select when you fill in the application.

To apply for a Kenya visa online from Tunisia, you have to pay two (02) kinds of Visa Fee, which are called the Service Fee and Government Fee. 

For Kenya service fees, Kenya Immigration Services offers you 03 options:

  • Normal: It is the most popular option, most likely because it is less expensive than the others. You can get your Kenya e-Visa in 03 business days
  • Urgent: This option, as the name implies, is ideal for people who need to obtain a business visa quickly. When you apply for a business visa and select this option, the processing time is only 1 business day.It is, predictably, slightly more expensive than the previous processing time.
  • Super urgent: If you have an emergency and need to get to Kenya as soon as possible, this is the option for you. Your application will be reviewed and processed within 05 business hours

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