Check Kenya e-Visa requirements for Indian citizens

Are you an Indian citizen who wishes to travel to other countries? Traveling abroad is a fantastic way to learn more about how other people live and can provide rewarding memories and experiences. Kenya is one of the world's most unique and interesting tourist destinations.

If you are an Indian citizen and planning for a trip to Kenya, you will need a visa to do so, and thanks to the development of technology in this age, it is now easier than ever to obtain a Kenya visa for Indian citizens following the introduction of the e-Visa for Kenya. The Visa application for Kenya from India can be proceeded 100% online.

Indian passport holders planning to visit Kenya for reasons of tourism, business, or other reasons can apply for a Kenya e-Visa.

To apply for a Kenya visa online, you should meet the Kenya e-Visa requirements for Indian citizens.

1. Kenya e-Visa for Indian citizens: 

The Kenya e-Visa for Indians is an electronic document that confirms travelers' permission to enter the country. This online visa application is fast and simple that can make you feel comfortable.

Once approved, you will receive an email with a single-entry Kenya e-Visa and this document is also linked to your Indian passport electronically. An e-visa for Kenya from India allows holders to stay in the country for up to 90 days.

If you leave Kenya while on your trip and want to return, you will need to apply for a new electronic Visa. If you want to stay in Kenya for a longer period of time, you can extend your Kenya e-Visa, but the time of validation cannot pass 1 period of 90-day.

On the day your e-Visa expires, Indian nationals should go to the immigration office in Nairobi. You will then be issued a new tourist visa that will allow you to stay in Kenya for an additional 90 days.

People who decide to stay for more than 3 months or for other reasons should contact the Kenyan Embassy in India for visa information.

Types of e-Visa in Kenya:

Kenya's e-Visa only allows single entries; anyone requiring multiple entries must apply for a different type of Visa. There are 4 types of Kenya e-Visa available to Indian citizens, depending on the purpose of the visit:

  • Tourist e-visa: mainly used for traveling and sight-seeing. To get a tourist e-Visa for Kenya from India, you just need to log on to Kenya e-Visa for Indian passport holders for application.
  • Transit e-Visa: used when you need to overlay in Kenya before taking another flight to a different country. A validation of this type is a maximum of 72 hours from the date of arrival.
  • Business e-visa: crucial for your work trip to Kenya. You will have 90 consequential days of Visa validation.
  • East Africa Tourist e-Visa: new type of e-Visa, used for traveling around 3 countries: Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda. You will check-in at the entry point in Kenya and get stamped before going without concern.

2. What are the Kenya e-visa requirements for Indian citizens?

Tourists must ensure that they meet the Kenya e-Visa requirements for Indian citizens before starting the registration process. Visitors need just a few items to apply for a Kenya e-visa from India:

  • An Indian passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date of your arrival in Kenya.
  • When entering and leaving Kenya, the passport must have at least two blank pages for immigration stamps.
  • Immigration officers at the airport require applicants to present either the confirmation page of their application, together with the applicant's date and signature or the Kenyan e-visa printout
  • A passport-style and size photograph of the applicant in color.
  • You would have to pay for Kenya visa fees through Visa, Master Card, American Express, or PayPal.
  • A current email address that will be linked to your application. This is where the final approved e-Visa in PDF format will be sent.
  • A travel itinerary: Indian travelers may be required to submit information about their travel plans, such as cities to be visited and a copy of their hotel/accommodation information.
  • A return ticket: Officers may ask for a return ticket (or onward travel ticket) to ensure that the visitor does not overstay their visa.
  • COVID-19 insurance (optional): not only for increasing the chance of getting approved, but to keep your benefit as well.

Kenya evisa for Indian citizens

3. How to get a visa for Kenya from India: 

Before visiting Kenya, you should apply for a Kenya e-Visa from India, according to Kenya's visa policy.

Kenya eVisa applications are only accepted online. The form is simple to fill out and only takes a few minutes to complete.. You can obtain a tourist visa online for Kenya from India in 3 steps.

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Your Kenya eVisa application is typically processed within 72 hours of submission. Indian citizens are recommended to apply at least 4 days before take-off time to avoid unwanted situations. But if you are in hurry, do not worry because we have 3 kinds of e-Visa application service:

  • Normal: used in most cases. You will get your approval in a guaranteed maximum of 3 business days.
  • Urgent: used in some special cases. You can get a Visa in a guaranteed maximum of 24 hours.
  • Super urgent: used in emergency cases. You can get your Visa in a guaranteed maximum of 5 business hours.

Travelers from India can choose to print or show their approved online visa to border officials.

4. Kenya e-Visa fees for Indians:

In Kenya, various types of visas are available, each with a different number of entries and stay duration.The Kenya visa fee for Indians is solely determined by the type of visa you have chosen.

To obtain a Kenya visa for Indian citizens, applicants have to pay two kinds of Visa Fee, which are called Service Fee and Government Fee. 

In addition, Kenya Immigration services also provide other package services to assist Indians while traveling to Kenya such as Kenya travel insuranceKenya eSim cards, and Car Pick-up service in Kenya