Kenya Embassy in India

The Kenya Embassy in India is an office of communication between the Kenya Government and the India Government. It operates as the official representative of Kenya in India. The following is major information about the Kenya Embassy for India citizens and the way through which you can apply for your visa to Kenya

Information about High Commission of the Republic of Kenya in New Delhi, India

  • Address: 34, Paschimi Marg, Vasant Vhihar, New Delhi, 110057
  • CONTACT NUMBER+91 11 49068644 +91 11 41687720
  • FAX: +91-11-2614-6550
  • EMAIL: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
  • WORKING DAYS: Monday to Friday
  • WORKING HOURS: 9:30am–3pm

List of services provided by Kenya embassy

The consulates and embassies have services to provide to the seekers. The services provided are listed as follows: 

  • Represent Kenya as a country: Upholding Kenya's alliance relations and interests and raising the level of engagement between the two countries is how the Embassy represents the Kenyan nation. Other duties of the Embassy include dealing with political, economic, social, cultural and defence issues and any other matters of interest to Kenya.
  • Assisting the authorities from Kenya to visit India: At times, the authorities of the country may need to visit India for one reason or another. It is the duty of the Embassy to facilitate their entry into the country and to assist them in their affairs within the country.
  • Issuance of an Indian visa for Kenya: The embassy has certain duties towards issuing of visa for the Indian citizens. The duties are listed as follows:

           + Taking in the applications: The Kenya embassy accepts applications submitted online or offline through the country's website or embassy website. These can include tourist, work, residence, and business visas.

           + Verification of the forms: The embassy verifies the forms and determines whether the information submitted is legitimate. The procedure is then continued ahead.

           + Attestation of documents:It is part of the visa paperwork procedure, which involves acquiring a stamp from the embassy. Prior to embassy attestation, documents must go through further steps of authentication. It is done to issue long-term visas such as a resident, job, or student visa.

            + Conducting visa interviews: The embassy conducts interviews for visa applicants as needed. There is a specific department that handles visas.

  • Helping the Kenya citizens with their passport issues: Kenyan embassy staff help Kenyan citizens who are currently in India and have passport concerns.

       + Lost passport affidavit: IIf the passport is missing, a FIR report must be filed at the police station. A missing passport must also be issued so that the embassy can assist with the subsequent procedures.

       + Circulate a new passport: When a passport is lost, the embassy will sometimes issue a temporary passport.

  • Consular help to the citizens of Kenya: Assistance is provided to the individuals of Kenya at the time of arrest or any kind of the judiciary reasons.
  • Attending to commercial and financial matters: The embassy also handles financial and business concerns for the Kenyan government.

To obtain the services you want from the Kenya embassy, please contact the embassy directly with any questions or concerns about visas, rules, or passport requirements. However, before going, you should check that embassy staff are available. To confirm the address and business hours, call them virtually first.

How to apply for a Kenya visa from India?

Citizens or residents from India can choose one of 2 options below to apply for a visa to Kenya

  • One, contact and apply for your Kenya Visa at the nearest Kenya embassies or consulates in your neighboring countries or any country in person or by email before arriving in Kenya.
  • Two, apply for a Kenya ETA (recommended) for time-saving.  In this way, you will get the Kenya ETA before traveling to Kenya.  This is the most efficient way to get a visa for Kenya

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