Kenya eTA requirements for Sudanese citizens

Kenya is a country in Eastern Africa that is rich in diverse cultures, geographical wonders, magnificent waterfalls and wildlife environment. Kenya is one of Africa's top safari destinations as well as one of the continent's most visited countries, making it a popular honeymoon, vacation, and adventure destination.

When planning a trip to Kenya from Sudan, travelers must obtain a Kenya tourist eTA, which is valid for 90 days of in-country travel. The Kenya eTA for Sudanese citizens allows travelers to obtain a eTA online prior to arrival at one of the country's land or air borders.

This comprehensive article covers everything travelers should know before applying for a Kenyan eTA online.

Kenya eTA for Sudanese citizens

Kenya eTA for Sudanese citizens

1. Kenya eTA for Sudanese citizens:

To gain entry, all Sudanese passport holders must apply for the Kenya eTA. They are not allowed to enter Kenya unless they have a valid eTA. Sudanese nationals can take advantage of the electronic eTA, which simplifies the process by allowing visitors to simply submit online information via a form and then wait for the electronic eTA to be sent via email. This improves arrivals at Kenya airports and other points of entry.

For Sudanese nationals, the Kenya eTA is a single-entry eTA, which is valid for up to 90 days from the date of arrival. The Kenya electronic eTA for Sudanese citizens is valid for purposes of tourism, transit, business, and visiting family. Sudanese nationals must first gather all the necessary documents in order to begin the application and be granted the Kenya eTA.

This document is now accessible via a simple electronic application that takes only a few minutes to complete. It can be submitted from the applicant's home, eliminating the need to travel to a Kenya embassy in Sudan to apply for an eTA.

Type of Kenya eTA:

  • Kenya tourist eTA: If you want to spend more time in Kenya, the Tourist eTA is ideal. This eTA is ideal for Sudanese visitors who want to relax, visit friends and family, or go sightseeing. When you arrive in Kenya, you'll have plenty of time to explore everything this beautiful country has to offer.
    The Kenya tourist eTA is valid for 90 days from the date of entry and allows you to enter Kenya only once. You will have 90 days in the country once you enter. Simply apply online for your Tourist eTA. The procedure is quick and easy!
  • Kenya transit eTA: A lengthy layover is a common reason for obtaining the Transit eTA. You can't leave the airport and enter the country without a eTA, but you can only spend up to three days exploring Kenya before your next stop with a Transit eTA.
  • Kenyan Business eTA allows a variety of foreign nationals to enter Kenya for business purposes. Once approved, the Kenya eTA permits Sudanese tourists to stay in the country for 90 days.

2. Kenya eTA requirements for Sudanese citizens:

Kenya eTA requirements for Sudanese citizens

Kenya eTA requirements for Sudanese citizens

Kenya has a few eTA requirements for Sudanese citizens. These must be met to apply for the online eTA.

Applicants from Sudan must provide the following items:

  • Sudanese passports are valid for at least 6 months from their arrival date, with at least 2 blank pages.
  • Colored digital photo of the applicant (passport-style)
  • Scan of the passport’s biographical page
  • Ticket of your return flight (flight schedule), or booking confirmation of your accommodations.
  • A letter of invitation from a Kenyan organization or person in Kenya
  • A company COI if you want to apply for a business eTA.
  • You must provide a valid email address in order to receive the approved application notification letter and eTA grant notice, as well as any updates and notifications.

If your Sudanese passport expires within six months of your arrival in Kenya, you should renew it before submitting an eTA application. Only a valid passport can be registered in the online application for the Kenya eTA. Sudanese with dual nationality must travel using the same passport for which they applied.

If your original passport is lost, damaged, stolen, or otherwise becomes invalid before your trip to Kenya, you must reapply for a new eTA with your new Sudanese passport. All correspondence pertaining to your eTA application and the eTA will be sent to the email address provided on the form.

3. How to get a Kenya eTA online for Sudanese citizens:

Completing the application form for the Kenyan eTA is a simple and quick process. Sudanese travelers must complete the eTA form, providing personal information, passport details, and travel plans, which must include the following:

  • Full name, gender, date of birth, nationality
  • Date of arrival and departure in Kenya
  • Passport number

How to get a Kenya eTA for Sudanese citizens

How to get a Kenya eTA for Sudanese citizens

From start to finish, the Kenya eTA application takes less than 15 minutes and can be completed from anywhere in the world. There is no requirement to be a resident of Sudan at the time of application.

  1. The first step requires you to enter your personal information, but you must also disclose your mode of transportation and choose a processing time for your application. Your choices influence the cost of your Kenya tourist eTA.
  2. The second step requires you to address the payment issue, but you must also carefully review your form to ensure it is error-free. Failure to do so may result in the issuance of an invalid tourist eTA.
  3. Finally, in the third step, will instruct you on how to upload the supporting documents for your application.

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Before submitting the Kenya eTA application form, Sudanese applicants are advised to carefully double-check that all the information supplied is correct and free of errors. The approved eTA is granted via email as an attached PDF between 24 and 72 hoursF.

During busy times, the evaluation may take longer. Sudanese are advised to submit their applications well in advance of their visit to allow for any unexpected delays. The approved Kenya eTA will be sent to the email address you provide on the online application form. Sudanese visitors are advised to print or save a copy of their eTA to present to border officials upon arrival.

4. Kenya eTA fees for Sudanese citizens:

The Kenya eTA fees vary depending on the type of eTA the applicant requires and the processing time. Here are your choices:

  • Normal: Your travel authorization will be ready in 72 hours.
  • Urgent: choose this alternative, and you will have your Kenya tourist eTA in 24 hours
  • Super urgent: if you need your Kenya eTA online as soon as possible, you can apply for it and your travel document will be in 5 hours

The payment of the eTA fee is a necessary step in the online application process. Payment is secure and all the major credit/debit cards, eTA cards, American Express, MasterCard, and PayPal.

To apply for a Kenya eTA online from Sudan, you have to pay two (02) kinds of eTA fees, which are called Service fees and Government fees.

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