Kenya eTA requirements for Russian citizens

If you plan to visit Kenya, you may require an eTA to gain entry. We can confirm that Russian citizens require a Kenya eTA. Fortunately, Kenya immigration services are on your side and ready to assist you with the process. We have worked hard to simplify the process so that Russian citizens can easily obtain a Kenya eTA.

The Kenya eTA provides access to Kenya. Start planning your trip to this side of Africa, and let Kenya immigration services help you with the Kenya eTA for Russian citizens.

Kenya eTA for Russian citizens

1. Kenya eTA for Russian citizens:

The Kenya eTA is a eTA that can be obtained online. Kenya immigration services can provide you with a low-cost service for this travel procedure. The process is entirely online, so all you need is a Wifi connection.

Every Russian citizen who wishes to enter Kenya must first apply for electronic travel authorization; otherwise, they may be denied entry.

Fortunately, applying for an eTA has never been simpler. The online application process for electronic eTA to Kenya has been simplified for Russian citizens, making it a simple process to apply.

The Kenya eTA for Russian citizens is valid for a maximum of 90 days from the issued date and it allows a single entry or multiple entries to Kenya.

An electronic eTA for Kenya entitles the holder to stay in Kenya for short periods of time for tourism, business, or medical purposes.

For all other types of trips such as studying or working in Kenya, it is necessary to obtain a traditional eTA via a Kenya embassy in Russia .

Kenya eTA types for Russian citizens:

Consider the length of your trip and whether you want to visit other countries while you're here before selecting the best eTA for you. There are four eTA types:

  • Kenya transit eTA: You're only in Kenya for a few days and want to learn about the local culture? The Transit eTA may be ideal for you. Citizens of Russia can stay in Kenya for up to 03 days with this eTA.

It's important to note that if you don't have a eTA, you won't be able to leave the airport. If you have a connecting flight in Kenya and have a long layover, why not explore our beautiful country and experience Kenya's culture, food, and scenery? With the eTA, we've made it simple.

  • Kenya tourist eTA: This eTA allows Russian citizens to stay in Kenya for up to 90 days. It is possible to apply for the eTA to Kenya for purposes of sightseeing, cultural activities, visiting family and friends.
  • Kenya business eTA: This eTA is an official document permitting entry into and travel within Kenya for business purposes. The maximum stay in India with the business eTA is 90 days in Total and it grants you a single entry.

2. Kenya eTA requirements for Russian citizens:

There are several prerequisites for applying for a Kenya eTA for Russian citizens. Kenya eTA requirements include:

  • A valid Russian Passport. The passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry into Kenya. It should also have at least two (2) blank pages in case immigration officials require a stamp upon entry into the country.
  • Digital photo: The online Kenya Cambodia eTA application requires all travelers to have a recent passport-size photo in digital format (either in JPEG or PNG format)
  • A current email address to receive notifications regarding the Kenya eTA application.
  • Details of the travel itinerary. Travelers are frequently asked for information such as where they will stay in Kenya, details about planned trips, and flight tickets. Border officials may need to cross-reference this with the reasons stated on the eTA for entering the country.
  • Onward travel details. Officials will want to look into where travelers are going next, including proof of a ticket to the next destination, whether it's back to Russia or to another country.
  • Business documents (for Business eTA): to get qualified, you need to provide an invitation letter from your company's partner in Kenya, a company COI, and your information card (staff ID/business card).

Kenya eTA requirements for Russian citizens

All applicants must ensure that the validity of their Russian passport is sufficient for their trip to Kenya. Otherwise, they must renew their passports before proceeding with the application. Furthermore, dual nationals must travel to Kenya using the same passport that was used to apply for a eTA online.

Russian students using an eTA for academic purposes, as well as Russian citizens staying with family in the country, will be required to submit a eTA invitation letter in order to enter Kenya.

3.How to apply for a Kenya eTA online from Russia:

Russian travelers who have access to a stable internet connection and an electronic device such as a phone, tablet, or computer can complete the Kenya eTA application online in just a few minutes.

Russian travelers can access the application form from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Applicants must provide essential personal and Russian passport information, such as:

  • Personal information (full name, address, date of birth, etc.)
  • Passport details (number, expiration date, nationality, etc.)
  • Purpose of visit

Russian applicants must pay the Kenya eTA fee once they confirm that the information provided in the form is correct. Payment is made using a bank card through a secure online system.

The Kenya eTA for Russian citizens is emailed to the applicant's email address listed on the application form. Candidates should print a copy of their eTA so that they can show it to Kenyan immigration officials at the border crossing if asked.

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Kenya eTA processing time for Russian nationals:

Kenya eTA are typically processed immediately after the application is submitted. Delays can occur as a result of, for example, errors and omissions in the application form, high demand, or national holidays. In the event that a mistake is made on the form, Russian applicants must begin a new application process and provide the correct information.

This is why, even though the Kenya eTA processing time is normally short, Russian nationals are strongly advised to begin the application process at least 72 hours before travel.

4. Kenya eTA fees for Russian citizens:

To apply for a Kenya eTA online from Russia, you have to pay two (02) kinds of eTA Fee, which are called Service Fee and Government Fee. In addition, we recommend that you should buy Covid-19 Insurance.

Kenya eTA fees are paid securely online using a debit or credit card, eTA card, American Express, MasterCard, PayPal, or Wire Transfer to our HSBC bank account.

The Kenya eTA fees are determined by two factors: the length of the process and the service fee. Fortunately, we have three excellent options that will suit the needs of all customers:

  • Normal: The cheapest option when you have a small budget. When you pick this option, your Kenya eTA will arrive through email in at least 3 Business Days.
  • Urgent: This option will shorten the application processing time by one day. Your application will be done within 24 business hours.
  • Super urgent: If you have an emergency and need to be on a plane to Kenya as soon as possible, this is the best method for you. Your application will be processed within 05 business hours.

In addition, we also provide other service packages to help customers have a safe and time-saving trip when coming to Kenya, including Kenya travel insuranceKenya travel Sim, and Car Pick-up service in Kenya.


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