Diani Beach one of top 50 beaches worldwide according to new list

By Jenna Jolie

Kenya's Diani Beach

Kenya’s Diani Beach has been included in a list of the Top 50 beaches compiled by FlightNetwork.

The Canadian travel site ranked the world’s 50 best beaches based on the opinions of more than 600 travel journalists, editors, bloggers and agencies. 

Diani Beach in Kenya comes in at number 49, scoring 8/10 for sheer untouched beauty, 6/10 for remoteness and 9/10 for sand and water quality. With 111 annual days of sunshine and an average temperature of 26 degrees, it is the perfect destination for anyone wanting a holiday in the sun by the Indian Ocean.

“An impeccable, 10 km stretch of powdery sand, Diani Beach is quickly becoming one of the most popular spots in Kenya. Once you see it, you’ll understand why. The sand here is one of the softest found on the planet, the water is warm yet crystal clear, and, when the wind’s up — the surf is perfect. This is also one of the few places where you can spot the world’s largest fish: the whale shark. On land, you’ll be able to watch monkeys swinging in the trees, play volleyball with the friendly locals, or treat yourself to laying on the silky-smooth sand. Your days on Diani Beach will be filled with spotting rare animals, catching some waves, and soaking up the warm African sun as your tropical dream becomes reality.”

According to tour planner AfricanMecca Safaris, “Diani Beach transports you to a cultural beach experience made even more amazing with access to Kisite Marine Park for snorkeling and whale shark diving”.

Grace Bay in the Caribbean archipelago of Turks and Caicos, a British Overseas Territory, topped FlightNetwork’s list.

The beach, on the island of Providenciales, which enjoys 319 days of sunshine annually, received a perfect 10 score for both ‘sheer untouched beauty’ and ‘sand and water quality’, receiving an 8/10 for remoteness. A colorful barrier reef lies only a mile offshore.

(Source: britsinkenya.com)