8 Best Beaches In Kenya To Relax And Unwind

By Azure Lee

Kenya, a nation in Eastern Africa, is well known for its wildlife safaris and game reserves. You might be surprised to learn that Kenya also has a lengthy coastline that runs along the Indian Ocean, with palm-lined beaches, pristine coral reefs, and centuries-old Swahili ports.

The best beaches in Kenya are generally extremely safe, not too deep or wavy, and there are no dangerous or poisonous fish to detract from such an interesting landscape. If this is your first time here, don't be shocked if you start to daydream about going back to any of the breathtaking Kenyan beaches listed in this guide.

Grab your beach bag and let's get started now!

List Of Beaches In Kenya You Shouldn't Miss

Discover tranquil and picturesque shorelines such as Nyali, situated near Mombasa, or venture into the exhilarating waves for surfing at beaches like Diani. Whether you seek water sports, privacy, or awe-inspiring scenery, this list of best beaches in Kenya offers it all.

  • Diani Beach
  • Bamburi Beach
  • Watamu 
  • Tiwi Beach
  • Malindi
  • Nyali Beach
  • Shanzu Beach
  • Lamu Island Beaches  

Diani Beach

Diani Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Kenya. It holds the title of the most visited beach in Kenya, drawing a significant number of tourists annually. Situated merely a mile south of Tiwi Beach, Diani is easily reached from Mombasa and offers a wealth of amenities and well-developed infrastructure for its visitors. 

Diani is long, white, and wide, and it is surrounded by coconut palms. Coral reefs shield the beach from strong waves, making it the ideal place to swim, float, or snorkel. You can also expect plenty of great bars and restaurants in the area, not to mention an abundance of beachfront resorts.

Diani Beach holds the title of the most visited beach in Kenya

Diani Beach holds the title of the most visited beach in Kenya

Bamburi Beach

How about camel rides, coral reefs, snorkeling, and scuba diving?  These sports, along with others, may be found at Bamburi Beach in Mtwapa, one of the top beaches in Kenya

A coral reef is located directly off the coast and makes for an excellent location for snorkeling and scuba diving. You can travel around the Bamburi Beach sands on the back of a camel and make innumerable memories for a truly unique experience. Don't anticipate being the only beach lover on the sand at Bamburi Beach because it is a popular tourist attraction in Kenya. However, the fact that it attracts such a large number of visitors is a testament to its exceptional allure.


Watamu, a delightful village situated along Kenya's coastline, is renowned for its immaculate white sand. As a significant part of the Watamu National Marine Park, this destination offers excellent opportunities for scuba diving and snorkeling. The coral reefs that thrive in these waters harbor a plethora of colorful marine life, making it a haven for underwater enthusiasts.

You may stroll for miles out into the shallow sea when the tide recedes. A fantastic experience can be had even after a brief excursion outside.  Even a brief stroll out into this white sand beach Kenya can offer a memorable experience. 

With so many top-notch lodging options and dining establishments in close proximity to the beach in Watamu, you can stay there for the entire day or even an entire overnight excursion and take in the scenery.

Watamu Beach is one of the best beaches in Kenya for diving, with coral outcrop islets within swimming reach of the hotel grounds. Although many of the hotels began as fishing and diving destinations, many are now participating in community and environmental programs that redirect visitor excursion money back into the local economy.

Watam is renowned for its immaculate white sand

Watam is renowned for its immaculate white sand

Tiwi Beach

For a quieter and less developed ambiance, but equally enchanting, near the renowned Diani Beach, make your way north to Tiwi Beach. This palm-fringed haven with its pristine powdery sands, maintains a sense of untouched magic away from the bustling tourist crowds.

At Tiwi Beach, you'll find countless opportunities for both onshore and offshore exploration. Don't miss the chance to discover the various secluded coves and pools teeming with vibrant marine life. Among them, the Tiwi Africa Pool stands out, offering the perfect setting for self-guided snorkel adventures.

Tiwi Beach is one of the best beaches in Kenya for budget travelers looking to spend, and it also attracts a lot of Kenyan resident families from Nairobi.


For a variety of reasons, Malindi is a well-known tourist attraction in Kenya. First of all, it is the location of Vasco de Gama's final African landing. The best beaches in Malindi are now among Kenya's most popular beach locations, offering a fantastic temperature, breathtaking vistas, and a variety of fantastic hotels right by the water.

Try deep-sea fishing, windsurfing, snorkeling at the coral reef south of the town center, or sailing. You may find some wonderful cuisine as well as a few active nightlife venues in the neighborhood's restaurants and pubs, which attract a broad clientele.

The best beaches in Malindi are now among Kenya's most popular beach locations

The best beaches in Malindi are now among Kenya's most popular beach locations

Nyali Beach

When people talk about the most beautiful beach in Kenya to try surfing, they usually mention Nyali. Nyali is a fantastic beach just a short distance from Mombasa. Nyali is a great day trip location because it is so close to the city. Yet, it's also the ideal getaway location for a beach vacation because of the abundance of hotels located directly on the coast.

The beach also gives a lot of peace and quiet to everyone and is never too crowded. The white sandy shoreline is perfect for building sandcastles or simply taking a leisurely stroll next to the sea if you're more interested in unwinding. Once you've worked up an appetite, you can find many local or foreign restaurants that are just a short stroll from the beach.

Shanzu Beach

Looking for top beaches in Kenya where you can do nothing but relax? Go to Shanzu Beach, which is the ideal option for you. This cool beach, which is located off the Mombasa-Malindi highway, will greet you with its crystal-clear seas, gentle white sands, and swaying palm trees

You won't have any trouble locating nearby lodging or a restaurant where you can savor mouthwatering seafood each day because Shanzu Beach is home to a lot of hotels and resorts.

When visiting Shanzu Beach, it's essential to be mindful of the tides as they drastically transform the beach's appearance. The landscape varies significantly between low tide and high tide. If feasible, consider scheduling a coastal walk during low tide, as you'll have the opportunity to stroll for miles in either direction on foot.

Lamu Island Beaches

Best beach in Kenya for soft white sands. The island of Lamu is located just off the Kenyan coast. The preferred mode of transportation for visitors to this location is a donkey, and it is entirely pedestrian-friendly.  To explore the island's numerous beaches, hop aboard a traditional dhow boat – these dhow tours play a significant role in supporting the local economy.

Back on dry land, take a short stroll from the town of Lamu to reach the picturesque Shela Beach on the northern side of the island. The shoreline is a beautiful mix of shells and sand, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere. One of the highlights of this beach experience is the opportunity to savor homemade samosas, sold right on the beach by the locals. These delectable treats are renowned as some of the best food offerings on the entire island!

The island of Lamu is located just off the Kenyan coast

The island of Lamu is located just off the Kenyan coast

Tips For The Best Experience At These Beautiful Beaches In Kenya

1. Plan Your Trip According to the Season

Kenya's coastal region experiences different weather patterns throughout the year. The dry season, typically from January to March and July to October, offers the best beach weather with clear skies and sunny days. However, the wet season from April to June and November to December can bring occasional showers. 

2. Sample Local Cuisine

Don't miss the chance to savor Kenya's delicious coastal cuisine. Indulge in fresh seafood dishes like grilled prawns, lobster, and fish curries. Visit local eateries and beachside shacks for an authentic taste of the region.

3. Pack Essentials for the Beach

Ensure you have the right gear for a day at the beach. Pack essentials such as sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, beach towels, and a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated under the sun.

4. Visa preparation

Obtaining a visa is essential for all international travelers intending to visit Kenya. To prepare for your relaxing beach vacation in Kenya, make sure to apply for a Kenya ETA. Familiarize yourself with the visa requirements to understand the application process and the necessary documents needed for the e-visa procedure.

With the ultimate guideline that we have provided you, you will have the best experience at these beautiful beaches in Kenya. If you have any questions, please contact us through Kenya Immigration Services to learn more about the visa process and Kenya visa status.