Diani Beach Travel Guide 2024 - Tips For A Memorable Getaway

By Azure Lee

Maybe one of Kenya's top beaches is Diani Beach. In comparison to other beaches on the nation's east coast, it is farther out and less crowded. It offers a lengthy, gorgeous stretch of sandy beach, clear water, and a huge selection of beachfront hotels and resorts where you may enjoy.

Diani Beach enjoys favorable weather, which is one of the reasons it is favored by many tourists from all over the world. The beach's weather is quiet and pleasant, offering the favorable conditions needed for a beach lifestyle. The weather is ideal for participating in various water sports and going barefoot while traveling.

You can't go wrong with Diani Beach if you're in Kenya and looking for a pleasant beach to unwind on. You can find all you need to know about visiting Diani Beach in this Diani Beach travel guide, including directions and suggestions for the finest places to stay.

Where Is Diani Beach In Kenya?

Diani Beach is a renowned coastal destination located on the south coast of Kenya, in East Africa. It is situated approximately 30 kilometers (18 miles) south of Mombasa, Kenya's second-largest city. Diani Beach is part of the larger Diani Beach Resort area, which stretches along the coastline and includes several beautiful beaches.

Diani Beach is a renowned coastal destination located on the south coast of Kenya

Diani Beach is a renowned coastal destination located on the south coast of Kenya

Best time to visit Diani Beach

Since rainfall in Diani during the rainy season usually starts in the afternoon and often even occurs at night, the southern coast of Kenya is a real year-round destination. In addition, enormous discounts and favorable offers are possible in Ukunda during the two rainy seasons.

However, the best time to visit Diani Beach in Kenya is the somewhat cooler months of July to September and the very hot (but dry) travel season from January to early March. Since the European summer holidays are usually in high demand, January and February offer the better price-performance ratio.

How To Get To Diani Beach

How to get to Diani Beach from Nairobi

Take the fast train from Nairobi Train Station and join one of the two daily trains, either at 3 PM or 10 PM, headed for Mombasa. This is one of the most beautiful and reasonably priced ways to go from Nairobi to Diani Beach. Before you get at Mombasa Railway Station, the train ride should cost about 1,000 KES (10 USD) per person and it should take about 5 hours.

You might be able to spot some wildlife as you go through national parks on the train. So if you want to see some animals, make sure to board the 3 PM train.

You can alternatively fly directly from Wilson Airport to Ukunda Airstrip, which is only a few kilometers from Diani Beach, if the previous option sounds too time-consuming and you would rather avoid the difficulties of rail travel. 

Diani Beach's weather is quiet and pleasant

Diani Beach's weather is quiet and pleasant

How to get to Diani Beach from Mombasa

Diani Beach can be reached by road in a number of ways, including self-driving. If you decide to drive from Mombasa to Diani Beach, simply take the A14. If you pot to fly to Diani Beach from Mombasa, you can fly from Moi International Airport in Mombasa using Mombasa Air Safari.

Local buses and taxis are the cheapest method to get to Diani Beach (matatus). Around Ksh 30 gets you from Mombasa Town to the Likoni Ferry. Take another matatu for around Ksh 100 to Ukunda from the Likoni Ferry (30 km). Take a 5 km-long, roughly Ksh 50-priced matatu from Ukunda to Diani Beach.

Top Things To Do In Diani Beach

Visit the beach itself

Diani Beach is one of the best locations to visit and explore for deep sea fishing, kite and wind surfing trips, and is also one of the few unrivaled beaches in Africa and the entire world. The beach is ideal for swimming and other water sports like diving because of its pure white sands, palm tree-lined shores, and clear blue waters.

In addition to the stunning beachfront, Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park, which is home to a diverse aquatic population, including dolphins, is located along Diani Beach's ocean line.

Diani Beach is one of the best locations to visit and explore for deep sea fishing

Diani Beach is one of the best locations to visit and explore for deep sea fishing

Explore the Shimoni Slave caves

Shimoni Slave Caves are intriguing historical caves that date back many years. The name Shimoni, which means "the place of the cave" in local Swahili, was given to the caves.

The enormous stalactites and stalagmites inside these caves indicate their age. The caves have a terrible past because they represent the famed slave trade in East Africa. Between 1860 and 1895, almost 1 million slaves were held in these caves as a holding area before being transported to the Zanzibar slave market in Tanzania and then to Yemen. Several slaves perished on the voyage and were thrown overboard to be eaten by sharks. It is thought that the slaves were detained here for two to three weeks before being loaded into dhows.

Eco bike rides

One great and environmentally responsible activity to do at Diani Beach is biking, which gives you the chance to ogle the beach's magnificence and get lost in its depths. Diani Bikes organized this special excursion, which allowed you to pedal along the beach, past the villages, and to the famed Kaya Kinondo forest. 

Go deep sea fishing

Diani Beach is an excellent place to go deep sea fishing because it is close to the Pemba Channel, one of the top fishing locations in the world.

Many marine species can be found in abundance in the Pemba Channel, including giant trevally, sailfish, sharks, yellowfin tuna, dorado, and striped, black, and blue marlin. A quick journey to Pemba Channel will enhance your vacation to Diani Beach and help you understand the allure of the setting.

Discover Kaya Kinondo Forest

Discover Kaya Kinondo Forest is one of the top things to do in Diani Beach. With roughly 187 plant species, 48 bird species, and 45 butterfly species—representing 5% of Kenya's known butterfly species—this is among the oldest forests on Kenya's South Coast. In addition, there are the endangered Colobus Monkey and the unique Zani Elephant.

Diani Beach offers a lengthy, gorgeous stretch of sandy beach and clear water

Diani Beach offers a lengthy, gorgeous stretch of sandy beach and clear water

Where To Stay In Diani Beach

If you are trying to find good places to stay in Diani Beach Kenya, we strongly advise looking for a beachfront hotel where you will always have easy access to the beach at any time of the day. You can stay at Bahari Dhow Villas for visitors on a budget, and you will have a great time there. Large accommodations, excellent seafood options, and a beachfront location. 

If not, be careful to book lodging that is directly on the beach. Really, it is not worth staying somewhere that is not directly on Diani Beach. The beach is the only thing you can do here, and you'll discover that having access to it constantly is the greatest way to enjoy Diani Beach. The top hotels at Diani Beach are listed below:

Diani Reef Beach Resort

If you are looking for one of the best resorts in Diani Beach, Diani Reef Beach Resort is a great option for you. In close proximity to Diani Beach and only 5 minutes' drive from Ukunda, the award-winning Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa is a beachfront hotel.

Swahili Beach Resort

The Swahili Beach Resort is an absolute gem, both in terms of art and architecture. One of the best resorts in Diani, Swahili has a private beach area and water sports amenities.

Amani Tiwi Beach Resort

The ideal family vacation destination is Amani Tiwi Beach Resort, which is situated on Tiwi's private beach in Diani. Enjoy the sunrise and take in the beauty of the African environment while relaxing.

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