Kenya Immigration Services Suggests Useful Tips For A Wonderful Holiday In Kenya

By Jenna Jolie

International tourism has gradually recovered after the pandemic, many travelers expect their holiday in Kenya 2022. According to Najib Balala, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife: "The reopening of tourism is expected to increase the number of international travelers visiting Kenya, from less than 900,000 recorded in 2021 to more than 1 million in the next year".

Kenya Immigration Services experts provide helpful tips for traveling to Kenya. These Kenya travel tips will definitely help their trips to Kenya worth every second.

1. Choose top-rated attractions in Kenya

Diani Beach has been awarded Africa's Top Beach Destination for 06 consecutive years since 2014. The crystal clear water makes Diani Beach an ideal destination for peace-seekers who love chilling out on the beach.

Maasai Mara National Park is a wildlife conservation haven that brings travelers out of the noise and bustle of the city. This destination is famous for stunning sprawling savannahs and plenty of wildlife, attracting many tourists for their holiday in Kenya 2022.

Nairobi, the capital, and also the largest city of Kenya is well known for the combination of a bustling city and famous wildlife sanctuaries. International restaurants, music clubs, shops, and markets bring a vibrant urban scene, making Nairobi appealing for nightlife.

To guarantee fascinating experiences, international tourists should avoid traveling to Kenya during national holidays in Kenya. Public holidays in Kenya 2022 include Eid al-Fitr in May, Madaraka Day in June, Mashujaa Day in October.

2. Find a reliable partner for visa applications

The introduction of the Kenya e-visa helps travelers simplify the process of applying for a visa to enter the country.

Applying for a Kenya e visa with Kenya Immigration Services

Applying for a Kenya e visa with Kenya Immigration Services

According to Eric Wong, the Director of Kenya Immigration Services: “To find the most trustworthy e visa-making service, travelers should choose a provider with highly qualified professionals who can help their e visa process easier and faster, especially in difficult cases."

Kenya Immigration Services has assisted more than 40,000 customers in getting Kenya visas with an aim to shorten the Kenya e visa processing time and save Kenya e visa fees. Global tourists should check Kenya evisa requirements to learn more about the necessary documents for visa application.

3. Look for an affordable travel insurance package

Travel Medical Insurance to Kenya can help to protect traveler’s benefits in unexpected cases in Kenya.

With an affordable price, Kenya Travel Health Insurance may help travelers with emergency benefits regarding medical, transportation, or trip interruption. Especially, the fear of being infected with Covid while traveling has been allayed since Covid-19 medical expenses are also covered in Travel Insurance.

Kenya Immigration Services is delighted to be a partner with Trawick Insurance, one of the best travel insurance companies recommended by Forbes. The reputation is always put on priority, so travelers can freely choose the insurance package that best suits their budget.

4. Compare flight tickets price to get the best deal

Travelers should consider flights to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport which is Kenya’s largest airport, also the busiest airport in East Africa.

Kenya Immigration Services experts advise that travelers purchase flight tickets directly on the airlines websites, or choose an intermediary supplier with a clear pricing policy and enthusiastic support. They can also receive advice from our consultants to get the best deals for package services to Kenya.

Foreign visitors should consider Kenya vacation packages all inclusive from making a visa, supplying insurance, booking flights to choosing tour packages. These packages can help travelers save time and costs for their holiday in Kenya 2022. Kenya Immigration Services is delighted to be a reliable partner for many travelers, making their trip more accessible and comfortable.