Kenya ETA Witness The Digitalization From The Processing To The Outcome

By Jenna Jolie

Kenya ETA (Kenya electronic authorization): The "Black Continent" of Africa, far away, always evokes the passion for adventure and adventure of tourists. Travel to Africa to discover ancient civilizations that are considered the cradle of humankind. This land is rich in minerals and is famous for the vast Sahara desert. The natural living conditions (climate, topography, etc.) of Africa have produced a specific population of organisms, with many types of flora and fauna that only exist in Africa.

Tourists who want to travel around Africa should go to Kenya once in their life, because this country also contains a lot of interesting things. Kenya is like a miniature Africa; you will experience and learn the traditional identities of the indigenous people and immerse yourself in the vast nature and lively wild animals that you have seen on TV. So, travel to Kenya requires a Kenya ETA? Let's find out through this article with Kenya Immigration Services

Kenya tourism is getting better with Kenya e visa

Kenya tourism is getting better with Kenya ETA

Kenya Electronic System For Travel Authorisation (ETA) - Factor That Pushes Tourism In Kenya

Last year (2022), Kenya's Tourism Authorities reported an 83% increase in revenue. Tourists recovered to 72% of pre-pandemic levels in 2019, Tourism Minister Peninah Malonza told reporters, surpassing the rest of the continent, which is at 65%. This is a marker of Kenya's tourism's prosperous return.

Because of that, Kenya provides and improves beach vacations along its Indian Ocean coastline as well as wildlife excursions inland. According to Malonza, the United States was the primary source of tourists during the year, followed by Uganda, the United Kingdom, and Tanzania.

All of this is thanks to the convenience and speed of Kenya ETA online procedure. This means that travelers worldwide can apply for a Kenya ETA with just some simple mouse clicks. Do you think this is awesome? We will guide you through some facts about Kenya ETA that you should know before traveling.

What Is Kenya Electronic Travel Authorisation?

Kenya ETA is a digital travel permit implemented by the Kenya Government. This aims to speed up the visa application process and minimize the backlog of visa applications at the Kenya Embassy.

All types of Kenya ETA are appropriate for visitors entering Kenya for a short amount of time with various intentions ranging from tourism, business, and transit.

At the moment, the Kenya Government has approved some types of Kenya ETA for travelers to apply for:

  • Tourist Kenya ETA

Within 90-day validity, travelers can stay in Kenya for 90 days with a single entry.

  • Business Kenya ETA

Travelers have 90 days to stay in Kenya during the 90-day validity period with one chance to enter and exit the country.

  • Transit Kenya ETA

Stop over Kenya for 3 days with the single-entry 90-day validity visa.

Kenya e visa makes travelers comfortable while planning their trips

Kenya ETA makes travelers comfortable while planning their trips

Applying for a Kenya ETA is far more convenient than traditional visa application methods. Travelers may apply for a Kenya ETA from the comfort of their own homes and learn about the Kenya ETA check status, Kenya ETA fees, and Kenya ETA online application.

The Advantages Of Kenya ETA - Overcoming The Implementation Challenges

The Kenya ETA has appeared as one of the most innovative services provided in the field of free traveling and person-to-person communications.

That means Kenya ETA enables the administration of the visa application process to be monitored fully online. Everything is managed with the help of the internet: the application and required papers are submitted online, payment is paid online, and the application outcome is approved online too.

Due to this convenience, tourists gradually switch to applying for a Kenya ETA online instead of going to the Embassy. So, what makes travelers use this method?

People Are Changing To Kenya ETA Online Application

The world now is transferring to visa processes online, and so does Kenya. The Kenya government engaged freedom of movement and immigration specialists from several countries during the project design phase of the Kenya ETA program to acquire their perspectives on ETA service implementation and associated challenges.

The online Kenya e visa system is easier to apply for than the traditional method

The online Kenya ETA system is easier to apply for than the traditional method

Indeed, after a long time of researching and improving, Kenya ETA application has overcome some concerns and won the most choice of travelers:

  • Kenya ETA makes travel more accessible

The Kenya ETA online application form is submitted through a safe and secure portal that is available 24 hours a day and throughout the week. The primary distinction is that the ETA saves you time and money on ineffective, time-consuming, and tedious paper-based processes.

A visa applicant must complete the required documentation and then physically deliver it to the Embassy of the desired country. Kenya electronic travel authorisation can handle this matter; with a few steps, travelers can have a ticket to travel to Kenya in a few days.

  • Kenya ETA has lower administrative costs

The electronic version of the Kenya visa offers significant cost savings throughout the procedure. Because it is an online procedure, it runs smoothly and is considerably simpler. There's no need for face-to-face meetings or trips between your home or business and visa offices.

The Kenya ETA fees were also announced and clarified in the link; therefore, travelers do not have to worry about additional fees during the procedure.

  • Kenya ETA can be completed 100% online

The process is totally online; travelers just need to fill in your identical information and passport numbers, then pay for the Kenya ETA fees. In a few minutes, travelers can send their request to the government and wait for the result in three (03) working days.

In case you want to track the procedure, you can use the Kenya ETA check status button on our website by clicking on the link here. After 30 minutes, the outcome will be sent to your email box after you complete the form.

Tips To Guarantee Your Kenya Electronic Travel Authorisation Application Success

In order to guarantee your online application form is successful, travelers must understand and follow some Kenya ETA documents required that are regulated by the government. In this context, these documents are:

  • Travelers’ passport is valid for at least six (06) months after the date of arrival into Kenya and has at least two blank pages for receiving exit/entry stamps at the Kenyan border

  • Travelers must submit 01 scan of the full details of the biographical page

  • 01 portrait of applicants that need to meet photo specifications

  • Travel itineraries must include accommodation & flight bookings

  • Other related documents depending on your nationality. Please check your eligibility to know what you must do to apply for a Kenya ETA here.

Visitors traveling to Kenya must meet essential Kenya e visa requirements

Visitors traveling to Kenya must meet essential Kenya ETA requirements

To be on time before your flight starts, travelers must apply for a Kenya ETA at least 07 working days in advance if you use our standard services and at least 05 working days if you choose a Rush Kenya ETA service. Remember to pay Kenya ETA fees to have your application processed; otherwise, your application will be rejected.

During the process, contact us through Kenya Immigration Services to learn more about Kenya ETA, the fees, and other requirements. We hope you have a perfect journey to Kenya!