Fly-SAX airline for Christmas launch in Kenyan domestic market

By Jenna Jolie

Fly-SAX, Kenya’s safari and private charter airline, has confirmed fully-owned subsidiary, SAX-Tanzania, the new airline established in Tanzania, will be ready for take off at the end of the year.

Fly-SAX set for Christmas launch in Kenyan domestic market

The new airline is presently making final preparations to commence flights, subject to receiving regulatory approvals from the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority.

“Since we announced our plans to launch the airline earlier this year, we have been working hard to get all the regulatory approvals in place to ensure that during Christmas time, we have an efficient airline servicing Tanzanians as well as international tourists,” said Don Smith, chief executive of Fly-SAX.

“We are in the process of recruiting the crews, sourced locally within the country, and training them to deliver service to international standards, making sure they are ready in time for the Christmas rush.”

SAX-Tanzania will be flying Dash 8 Q400 modern turbo prop business-class standard 68 seater planes on the routes from Dar Es-Salaam to the popular destinations of Kilimanjaro, Mwanga and Kigoma.

Brown Francis, general manager of SAX-Tanzania, added: “We have chosen the Dash 8 Q400s because they are faster than any jets currently servicing these destinations.

“Additionally, because of their size, they are environmentally friendly as fuel consumption is lower compared with bigger jets.

“My country is home to three of Africa’s natural wonders and is rapidly becoming the holiday destination of choice for international visitors as well as domestic holidaymakers.

“I believe that we have the right planes, the right crew and the right business model in place to grow this airline to best serve our passengers within Tanzania.”