Entry Requirements For International Travelers To Travel To Kenya During The Covid-19 Pandemic

By Jenna Jolie

Kenya - a land full of savannas and mountains, home of a variety of animal species is actually a must-visit place for your Africa tour in 2022. Thanks to high vaccination rates in many countries, Kenya is now open for international flights.

As long as international travelers meet Kenya Entry Requirements to prevent the spread of the virus, they can check out top-rated tourist attractions in Kenya. From amazing nature reserves to beautiful beaches, it has a lot to offer for your wonderful trip to Kenya.

Kenya Travel Requirements for International Travelers during the pandemic

1. Kenya Travel Requirements for International Travelers during the pandemic

International travelers who had their Kenya trip delayed by Covid 19 now can continue visiting this beautiful country as Kenya’s borders are now open to international passengers. Here are Kenya Travel Entry Requirements for foreigners who are planning a Kenya tour in 2022 need to know:

  • All international travelers entering Kenya must have a certificate of COVID-19 vaccination. Travelers are not required for this document include:
    • Foreigners who are under 18 years old.
    • International visitors who are unable to receive vaccinations due to medical conditions. Such individuals must provide a letter from a qualified medical practitioner stating the reasons for their refusal to get vaccinated.
    • Foreign visitors who have recovered from an active COVID-19 infection or received convalescent plasma in the last 90 days must provide a letter from their doctor indicating their recovery.
  • All international travelers to Kenya must show a valid COVID-19 negative PCR test certificate conducted within 72 hours before departure.
  • All travelers must fill electronic traveler’s surveillance either through link uploaded in Traveler QR code retrieval on Republic of Kenya Ministry of Health or on Jitenge application which requires you to present a QR code to access the details filled in the form to submit daily health information for 14 consecutive days.
  • All passengers having flu-like symptoms at the point of entry, or those who develop clinical symptoms within 14 days of arrival shall be placed into quarantine and be tested for COVID-19 at a government testing facility.
  • Anyone who has a positive test result for coronavirus on antigen RDT at any point of entry shall be isolated for 10 days at a Ministry of Health designated facility. In addition, they have to pay all the quarantine fees at their own cost. Before discharge, international travelers also need to submit a negative COVID-19 PCR test result to make sure that they are in good health.
  • Pre-departure testing may be considered at the discretion of any of the airlines terminating in Kenya.

Follow this website : https://www.kaa.go.ke/airports/covid-19-measures/ to keep you updated with the latest information about Entry Requirements to Kenya.

2. Regulation of Kenya PCR Test Requirements

Before arriving at the airport/ point of entry in Kenya, travelers who are either planning to take a trip in Kenya or transiting through Kenya, are required to show their negative COVID-19 PCR test certificates to Port Health Officials to meet Kenya Entry Requirements.

The PCR test must be conducted by international travelers within 72 days before their departure regardless of the route of entry. Children under the age of 5 are exempt from PCR testing according to Kenya PCR Test Entry Requirements before their arrival to Kenya.

Regulation of Kenya PCR Test Requirements

Verification of negative PCR test results and vaccination certificates are not presented in paper upon arrival into Kenya. Instead, they should be verified digitally through the Trusted Travel, and uploaded into Global Haven before boarding. If your certificate has not been verified, you won’t be allowed to Kenya.

If it is necessary, a free random antigen test may be taken by the Port Health Officials at the airport. Travelers will be allowed to enter Kenya if the result is negative. In case passengers are tested positive with Covid 19, then a PCR test will be done and they will be isolated in a government identified isolation facility.

3. Kenya Travel Advices for International Tourists.

Booking Flights, Hotels or Kenya Tour Packages may be the first things you do before your trip to Kenya. However, Visa application is included in the Kenya Travel rules that should also be well-prepared to make sure that you are able to enter this country.

Kenya Travel Advices for International Tourists

As of 1 January 2021, visitors to Kenya are required to obtain an e-visa before their departure.

Instead of waiting for weeks to obtain a regular visa at the embassy, foreigners now can get their eVisa within 3 business days. Read more information about the processing time of the Kenya evisa here How long does it take to get Kenya e-Visa?

International travelers who plan to have a trip can now check Kenya e-visa requirements on

What are the required documents for Kenya e-Visa? To successfully apply for a Kenya evisa, travelers must have a passport which is still valid at least 6 months by the date of entry into Kenya and meet photo requirements.

Click here A 4 step process to apply for Kenya e-Visa to complete your application for Kenya evisa before your tours to Kenya.

Besides, packing long-sleeve shirts, pants, or long skirts, wearing comfortable closed-toes shoes and using reusable cloth bags are some useful Kenya travel advice for your unforgettable trips in Kenya.