Best Places To Visit In Kitengela For An Unbeatable Experience

By Azure Lee

Compiling a list of the best places to visit in Kitengela is no easy task. Kitengela Town, nestled in the heart of Kajiado County, is a serene oasis providing respite from the urban rush, yet remaining a focal point of Kenyan civilization. It's an ideal getaway for those seeking refuge from city clamor but desiring access to necessary facilities, given its closeness to Nairobi.

This region is dominated by the Maasai people, who are fiercely protective of their culture and provide tourists with a chance to engage with and learn about their magnificent way of life.

You can go there whenever you want. It is also easily accessible by public transportation, so anyone can go there. Kitengela is also developing into a major hub for entertainment; with so many nightclubs, it is a great place for partygoers and swimming enthusiasts to go. Today, you will learn about the best places to visit in Kitengela.

List Of Top Places To Hang Out In Kitengela

If you are thinking about visiting Kenya and do not know where to spend your holiday, Kitengela is the place to go. It offers a range of hotels and cottages at reasonable prices, making it one of the greatest places to visit for a day trip or weekend retreat.

Check out the top places to hang out in Kitengela:

1. Nkasiri Adventure Park

One of the fun places to visit in Kitengela for a fun-filled day out with family and friends is this adventure park, which is situated along Acacia Main Feeder Road. The well-kept garden provides a tranquil setting that is perfect for team-building exercises like high-rope courses and other thrilling games.

Seminars, corporate meetings, and group retreats can be held in the park's expansive space. If you would like to stay longer, the park offers first-rate lodging options with excellent service. For those seeking an even more exciting experience, camping is an option where you can sleep under the stars and wake up to the melodies of singing birds and chirping crickets.

One of the fun places to visit in Kitengela for a fun-filled day out is Nkasiri adventure park

One of the fun places to visit in Kitengela for a fun-filled day out is Nkasiri adventure park

2. GMC Place, Kitengela

The GMC Place is a highly regarded children's amusement park that offers families an amazing, practical, and enjoyable day at the park. This friendly facility has a range of thrilling activities that ensure joy, convenience, and fun for kids and their families.

Apart from the playground, GMC Place includes a restaurant where you can have a satisfying dinner while your children play. It also has a large event space that can accommodate important events like birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations.

3. Maasai Ostrich Resort

The Maasai ostrich resort and farm are fun places that you should definitely visit. It is a great place for tourists to ride ostriches or eat their meat for lunch. The resort has helpful staff that work hard to help you get on and off the ostrich as you ride it around the shed. The only weight limit for riding an ostrich is 75 kg.

Children will love the amusement park's swings, slides, and trampoline jumps. The swimming pool is a great way to cool off on hot days. There are lodging options available, and the first-rate service will make you feel like home.

The Maasai ostrich resort and farm are fun places

The Maasai ostrich resort and farm are fun places

4. Leleshwa Getaway

Next on our list of nice places to visit in Kitenge is  Leleshwa Getaway. Open all year round, Leleshwa Getaway is a cozy getaway for families, friends, or couples, set atop a cliff overlooking Nairobi National Park in Kitengela. 

Nestled amidst acacia trees, there is a distinctively constructed cottage called the "bush house."With flushing toilets, running hot and cold water showers, and an attractive living area decorated with African art, the bush house is ideal for self-catering. It has a fully functional kitchen with cabinets, cooking gas, refrigerator, crockery, and cutlery, and guests can relax in the cozy lounge while having meals and drinks.

Leleshwa Getaway offers a diverse range of experiences for its guests, from bush breakfasts and guided nature walks to trips to Nairobi National Park, cultural tours, horseback riding, and riverside picnic lunches at Mbagathi River. On-demand services like babysitting, airport pickups, laundry, and car rentals are also accessible, alongside generous parking facilities.

Leleshwa Getaway offers a cozy retreat for families, friends, or couples

Leleshwa Getaway offers a cozy retreat for families, friends, or couples

5. Funland Amusement Park

If you’re looking for the best places to visit in Kitengela for a fun day out with your kids, this spot on Namanga Road is a perfect choice. It's budget-friendly and packed with amenities to keep your kids engaged.

When it is time to refuel, you can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes made by skilled chefs, including nyama choma, fries, ugali, fish, and rice, with a wide range of drinks to choose from. The facility is open from 6:30 am to 7:00 pm. For those who love the water, there is a kid's pool with floaters and guides to watch over them.

Funland amusement park is a fun place for families that offer kids’ favorite games

Funland amusement park is a fun place for families that offer kids’ favorite games 

6. Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park is home to a diverse range of animal species, including lions, hyenas, giraffes, zebras, warthogs, and gazelles. It is the smallest park in Africa and the only park in the world that borders a capital city. An alert system at the park's entrance keeps you informed of any movements by lions before you even enter.

Nairobi National Park is the nearest national park to Nairobi, ideal for families, tourists, and students seeking to observe wildlife. It is also the most reasonably priced, with local visitors and children under eight years old receiving a subsidized admission cost.

Nairobi National Park is home to a diverse range of animal species

Nairobi National Park is home to a diverse range of animal species

7. The Rayan Water Park

Rayan Park is one of the best places to visit in Kitengela. It is located in Milele Centre on the Nairobi-Namanga route. The amusement park provides a variety of enjoyable water activities for children. Some of the most popular activities are swimming and water slides. Floaters are provided for safety, and guides are available to provide swimming instruction.

8. Kitengela Glass Studio

The Kitengela Glass Studio, located in Tuala, off Magadi Road, is primarily a factory established to recycle glass and convert it into usable items.
The purpose was to protect the environment via sustainable projects, and the studio has since become one of the most recognized.
Tourists travel around to visit this workshop, and you should also witness how glass is recycled and converted into various things.
You could also learn something about environmental deterioration. Aside from the glass recycling initiative, the facility offers a variety of interesting activities, most of which are family-friendly, so bring your family along.

You must try crossing the famed glass bridge; the experience is absolutely thrilling, especially if you are an adrenaline addict. Swimming is another option, which is ideal given the high temperatures in Kajiado.
If you've never attempted camel or horse riding before, here is an excellent opportunity to experience the excitement for a nominal charge.

9. Galaxy Resort

The Galaxy Resort, located off Namanga Road, is a tranquil setting that will provide your team with a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.
The facility offers a well-equipped conference center that can host interactive training sessions.
The huge field will accommodate exciting outdoor activities such as games and picnics, which will undoubtedly strengthen your team spirit.
Play a game of water ball throw or swim against an opposing team. At dusk, sit in the lounge and enjoy cocktails while getting to know your coworkers.

10. Kitengela Breeze Gardens

This four-star resort offers a blend of luxury and nature, just what your team needs to unwind and bond with one another.
Do you need room for outdoor activities? The garden will take care of it, and you may participate in activities such as ball games, races, and tug of war.
Hold a picnic on the grass and take the opportunity to get to know your coworkers better.
Play board games and quizzes while eating or drinking to help you improve your problem-solving abilities.

11. Club O34 Kitengela 

Club 034 is one of the top tourist attractions in Kitengela for folks who enjoy music, nice cuisine, and having a good time. The club is located aboard an ancient Boeing 707 with a seating capacity of 200 passengers. Waiters and waitresses wearing aircrew uniforms serve guests. For people who enjoy partying, the venue boasts the greatest DJs playing current music. The ambiance is excellent, and the seating area is comfy. The club also offers a visually appealing bar menu and delicious meals from the on-site restaurant.

Best Time To Visit Tourist Attractions In Kitengela

The best time to visit tourist attractions in Kitengela typically falls during the dry season, which spans from late June to October and December to March. During these periods, the weather is generally dry and pleasant, making it easier to explore outdoor attractions comfortably without much rainfall.

The wildlife in Nairobi National Park, which is close to Kitengela, is more active during the dry season, offering better opportunities for game drives and wildlife viewing. Additionally, this time of year is great for activities like guided nature walks, picnics along the Mbagathi River, and cultural visits.

However, it's essential to note that tourist attractions in Kitengela can be visited year-round. Peak hotel costs usually start between September and November, so if you are more of a frugal tourist, you might want to consider visiting Kitengela between March and May, when prices are usually at their lowest.


Whether you are traveling alone, with family, friends, or a significant other, the fun places to visit in Kitengela have you covered. Kitengela offers travelers the opportunity to embark on an extraordinary road journey with remarkable sightseeing locations along the route.

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