211. Who DOES NOT qualify to apply for an e-Visa?

    If you are a passport holder of the CATEGORY THREE COUNTRIES, you will be required to submit a paper based application for a visa to the Department of Immigration services.
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    212. How much is Kenya Online Visa (e Visa) Cost?

    There are two kinds of Kenya eVisa fee that you have to pay for to get your eVisa to Kenya, including Kenya eVisa service fee and Kenya Government fee:
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    213. What types of visas are available for those visiting the Republic of Kenya?

    There are three e-visa types for people traveling to the Republic of Kenya temporarily.
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    214. Who needs a visa for Kenya?

    The e-visa is only available to passport holders from 148 evisa eligible countries.
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    215. Do I need a Visa to visit Kenya?

    All foreign citizens wishing to travel to Kenya will need an evisa, except citizens from countries who are exempt. 
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