Is Kenya visa free to Nigeria?

 No. Nigerian citizens cannot visit Kenya without a visa. With the electronic visa system, Nigerians do not need to apply for a visa at the Embassy. An eVisa can be easily obtained by completing a 03-step process as long as the applicants meet Kenya eVisa requirements for Nigerian citizens. There are certain documents that must be provided in order to complete the application process:

  • A passport that is valid for at least 06 months from the intended arrival date in Kenya.
  • A photo of the applicant. It should be a recent one with a clear face against a white/ plain background.
  • A scan of the passport’s biographical page
  • A flight ticket so that the Kenya Immigration Officials can be sure that Nigerians follow the 03-month validity of their visa. 
Obtaining a Kenyan eVisa is fast and straightforward, taking most travelers from Nigeria less than 20 minutes to do so. First of all, click on the apply for Kenya online visa button and complete the application form by providing some useful information. Once they make sure that they provided the accurate data, they need to pay the eVisa fee using electronic payment methods (PayPal, American Express, Debit/ Credit Card) or Wire Transfer (via the Bank of Cyprus). The last step is submitting the application form. The Kenya Visa is typically processed within 03 business hours. It will be sent to the email address provided in the application form so that Nigerian applicants should check their inbox frequently to get updates on their visas. 

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