Top Places To Visit In Kilifi For Every Traveler

By Azure Lee

Mombasa's port city is home to Kilifi, a stunning seaside town known for its multiculturalism. Perched above the Gosh River's estuary, this location offers a magnificent backdrop brimming with breathtaking features.

Kilifi is well-known for its immaculate white sand beaches and the historic Mnarani ruins. It also offers mouthwatering food, a wide variety of wildlife, and, of course, friendly Swahili locals. If you have some spare time, visit the magnificent Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve, home to a variety of plant and animal species, or experience the exhilaration of kite surfing at Watamu. 

So, if your next family vacation is in Kilifi, keep reading to learn about the top places to visit in Kilifi, Kenya.

Best Places To Visit In Kilifi   

While you discover Kilifi, every encounter is assured to be as distinctive as the coastal town. Kilifi tourist attractions might satisfy your desire for excitement, peace, or just a taste of the way of life in the locals. Here are the best places to visit in Kilifi:

1.  Bofa beach

Number one on the list of the best places to go in Kilifi is Bofa Beach

Number one on the list of the best places to go in Kilifi is Bofa Beach

Number one on the list of the best places to go in Kilifi is Bofa Beach, which rivals Diani for having Kenya's whitest and smoothest sand. It is renowned for its serene waters and breathtaking view and is situated about 8 km north of Kilifi town.

Bofa Beach is a must-visit location that will leave you with priceless memories, whether you're traveling alone or with friends and family. Activities include swimming, sunbathing, or simply taking strolls along the water’s edge.

2. Kuruwitu Conservancy 

One of the affordable places to visit in Kilifi is Kuruwitu Conservancy.  Though Kuruwitu Conservancy is about 20 minutes further down the coast, close to Vipingo Ridge, it's not quite Kilifi, but it's still worth a visit. The locals founded this incredible conservancy in 2003 to protect the threatened marine life along Kenya's coast.

Kuruwitu Conservancy has evolved into a proud marine refuge with more than 200 fish species and stunning corals that add to its charm. One of Kenya's most prolific marine life habitats is visible when snorkeling over the conservancy. 

3. Kilifi Creek 

Enjoy a wonderful evening by seeing the bioluminescent planktons at Kilifi Creek

Enjoy a wonderful evening by seeing the bioluminescent planktons at Kilifi Creek

Enjoy a wonderful evening by seeing the bioluminescent planktons at Kilifi Creek. This enormous estuary of azure blue waters that spills out to the Indian Ocean is only two hours' drive from Mombasa. 

While you are here, you can take a sunset boat and see the breathtaking coastline up close, or you can unwind by the golden shoreline and enjoy the refreshing breeze.

4. Kilifi Plantation

For those exploring Kilifi places to visit, Kilifi Plantation is a must-see. It is a dairy and sisal plantation spanning 2500 hectares. Kilifi Plantation is breathtakingly gorgeous. Those unending lines of sisal silhouetted against the blue sky make you feel something. Kilifi Plantation boasts a vast system of walking and cycling paths. 

5. Mnarani Ruins

If you are a history buff and looking for affordable places to visit in Kilifi

If you are a history buff and looking for affordable places to visit in Kilifi

If you are a history buff and looking for affordable places to visit in Kilifi, then a visit to the fascinating site of the Mnarani ruins needs to be on your itinerary.

With its thick Baobab trees, two mosque remnants, and several ancient tombs—which are regarded as a place of worship by thousands of believers worldwide—the Mnarani ruins, which overlook Kilifi Creek from the southern side, are unquestionably a favorite attraction for most locals and tourists alike. Many flock here to pray and offer sacrifices. The baobab trees, which date back more than 800 years, the tombs, and the mosques are all considered holy.

6. Mnarani Snake Park

After learning something interesting at the ruins, proceed to Mnarani Snake Park. Numerous native snake species and other reptiles, each with a unique history and set of traits, can be found in this snake park. 

As your guide shares additional information about these incredible reptiles and their natural habitat, feast your eyes on the interesting snake species, such as the king cobra, black and green mambas, and beautiful tortoises. Despite being one of the best places to visit in Kilifi  , Mnarani Snake Park allows you to enjoy a fun weekend getaway

7. Vipingo Ridge

If you're seeking for a calm spot to take in the exhilarating moments of the thrilling game of golf, or if you've recently taken up the sport as a hobby, head to Vipingo Ridge and feel the lush Baobab course's flawless green embrace you. 

Africa's first and only PGA-accredited championship course, this 18-hole facility is nestled between the stunning coastline and the undulating hills of Chodari. Additionally, "Top 100 magazine" ranked it as the best golf course in Kenya in 2015. Situated atop a high hill and created by renowned European course architect David Jones, this course offers a magnificent background and a flowing terrain that appeals to players of all ages and skill levels.

8. Kilifi Bridge

You cannot miss the stunning architectural brilliance of Kilifi Bridge

You cannot miss the stunning architectural brilliance of Kilifi Bridge 

When visiting the Kenyan coast, it is impossible to miss stopping to take in the breathtaking architectural brilliance of the well-known Kilifi Bridge. With a total length of 420 meters (1377 feet), this amazing bridge is the longest in Kenya and links the busy cities of Kilifi and Mnarani. 

This remarkable architectural feat, best defined as a prestressed continuous box girder supporting two lanes, travels to Mombasa in the south and the charming villages of Malindi, Lamu, and Garissa in the north. Stretching your legs on a little stroll here will allow you to enjoy the coastal sun and the mesmerizing views of the Indian Ocean's sky-mirrored waves.

9. Naivas Supermarket

If you're looking for some shopping therapy, Naivas Supermarket has got you covered. This trendy shopping area sells a wide range of items, from groceries to electronics. It's more than simply a shopping destination; it's a glimpse into local life and an opportunity to mingle with Kilifi's welcoming locals. Grab some souvenirs, taste some local delicacies, and enjoy the lively scene.

10. Mida Creek

Mida Creek is a 32-kilometer-squared tidal watercourse that runs from the coast to Arabuko Sokoke Forest. The stream is lined by beds of seagrass and coral, which attract a variety of fish and turtles. It is also bordered by lush mangroves, which provide habitat for a variety of birds. A lengthy boardwalk along the creek and mangroves provides the most peaceful nature stroll, leading to a bar and restaurant. The stream offers a unique chance for a variety of water activities, including kayaking, waterskiing, and wakeboarding.

11. Gedi Ruins

Gedi Ruins is a national museum and historical monument located 16 kilometers south of Malindi. Gedi is said to be one of the largest and most opulent towns on the East African coast. It was populated by Omani sailors, traders, and settlers. The earliest indication of habitation is a gravemarker radiocarbon dated between 1041 and 1278. A visit of the ruins, museum, and information center will help you better comprehend early Swahili culture.

12. Vasco Da Gama Pillar

The Vasco Da Gama Pillar is a prominent historical landmark and tourist attraction in Kilifi County. It's located in Malindi town. The pillar is a bell-shaped monument with a cross at the top. It is one of the first monuments constructed on the East African coast (completed in 1498). The Portuguese erected it to lead seafarers traveling by sea to India.

13. Malindi Museum

The museum is located in Malindi town, within walking distance of the Malindi fish market. Based on its construction, the building is thought to have been constructed at the end of the nineteenth century. It was donated to the National Museums of Kenya in 1999 and opened to the public in 2004. The museum houses an exhibition of cultural items created by early Arabs and Swahilis. It also serves as an information center for Malindi's tourism attractions.

Best Time To Visit Tourist Attraction In Kilifi County

Best times to visit in Kilifi

Best times to visit in Kilifi

The climate in Kilifi is tropical savanna. Every month is warm, and there are rainy and dry seasons. In Kilifi, the average annual temperature is 29°C, and there is roughly 437 mm of precipitation.

Suppose you want to take in the beauty of tourist attractions in Kilifi County without dealing with the crowds. In that case, you should plan your visit to the tourist attractions around the end of May or the beginning of January and February. The beaches are less crowded and more readily available than they are from June to late September.


Embrace the charms of a tiny Kenyan seaside hamlet. Needless to say, there’s no shortage of thrilling places to visit in Kilifi County! This seaside town offers visitors a wide range of life-changing adventures. Kilifi provides a wide variety of activities to make your trip genuinely unforgettable, whether you are a history buff, a nature lover, or someone looking for a lively nightlife.

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