Let's check out the best time to visit Kenya

By Jenna Jolie

Best time to visit Kenya: Kenya is located in East Africa and borders the Indian Ocean. This country is considered the cradle of humanity and one of the best places to explore wildlife. Moreover, there are gorgeous beaches in Kenya and numerous attractive natural sceneries for sightseeing.

To experience all the wonders that Kenya has to offer, choosing the best time to visit Kenya is extremely important. Here are some suggestions you can refer to have the best trip to Kenya, let's see!

January And February Are One Of The Best Time To Visit Kenya

The best time to visit Kenya may depend on many different factors. However, travelers are highly recommended to travel to Kenya between January and February as they are the best months to visit Kenya.

  • January is a great time to visit Kenya

The weather is dry and hot, making this high season a popular time for game viewing and safaris. For visitors who love adventure travel, this season is especially good for climbing Mount Kenya and other peaks as well as hiking in places like Hell's Gate National Park.

In January, animal concentrations are higher in popular tourist destinations, such as Amboseli, Masai Mara, and Lake Nakuru. Traveling to Kenya this time of year, you can see them more clearly. In addition, divers who are waiting for the best time to travel to Kenya should not miss January because they can dive and snorkel in the crystal clear water of the Indian Ocean.

Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya

Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya

  • February sees both the dry and high seasons in Kenya

It has the lowest rainfall compared to other months in Masai Mara. Therefore, the chances of encountering wild species in the waterholes are higher. With the long dry season well established, February is one of the best months to visit Kenya.

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The Best Time Of Year To Visit Kenya Falls From June To October

The best time of year to visit Kenya is during the dry season from June to October. Early June is the beginning of the dry season here. At this time, the weather in Kenya is pleasant enough to observe the Great Migration in the Masai Mara, something that nature and wildlife lovers can't miss.

The Wildebeest Migration

The Wildebeest Migration

  • From late July to early August, herds leave the arid lands of the Serengeti, looking for water and food. The weather is cool and mild. There may be occasional showers here but not too much dust. This is the best time of year to visit Kenya to observe these amazing things.

In August, the Great Migration becomes dramatic. Most wildebeest and zebras will go to the Mara. They cross the river despite death, where the crocodiles are waiting. Until September, the weather is generally dry. You can enjoy the peace here and catch the migration but with fewer numbers.

  • By October, the rains begin to fall, and the migratory herds usually begin to leave the Masai Mara and return to the Serengeti. At this time, Nairobi also hosts Tusker Safari Sevens, an annual Rugby Sevens tournament open to international representative sides, creating a buzz for Kenya.

October 20 is Heroes Day, also known as Mashujaa Day, it honors the independence movement in Kenya. It's a public holiday and Kenyans flock to the beaches and parks. If tourists like the hustle and bustle, this is one of the best times to go on holiday in Kenya.

November And December Are The Best Time To Go To Kenya For Safaris

The rainy season is also one of the best times to go to Kenya.

  • November starts to see short rains and most of the camps and parks remain open. Despite the rain, you can take the opportunity to enjoy a less crowded Kenyan safari for a lower price. There are fewer visitors so you can admire the beautiful emerald vegetation.

Safari tours in Kenya

Safari tours in Kenya

  • In particular, December is an ideal time to witness the migration of birds in Kenya which is an one of a kind experience for visitors. The number of birds increases greatly at this time of year. You can see migratory birds and newborn animals. The rains usually end around mid-month. Then Kenya's parks take on a beautiful shade of green. The scenery looks so beautiful under the clear blue sky.

Something May Be Useful For Travelers To Get The Best Experience In Kenya

  • Before traveling to Kenya, you should make sure that you are fully vaccinated against Covid-19
  • Do not take any photos of military and government buildings. You may be detained and questioned, or your camera could be confiscated.
  • Kenya has a ban on single-use plastics.
  • The Kenya Government requires visas to permit foreigners to enter the country. But don’t worry, Kenya visas can be applied online. With many years of experience, our specialists from Kenya Immigration Services can help you get an e Visa for your travel to Kenya.

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