The Kenyan Government Introduced Kenya ETA System In January 2024

In a progressive step towards enhancing border security and streamlining international travel, the Kenyan Government introduced the Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) in January 2024. This initiative replaced the Kenya eVisa, marking a pivotal moment in the nation's commitment to modernizing its immigration processes while ensuring secure and efficient entry for global visitors. Let’s keep reading the article below to get all the necessary details regarding the new Kenya eTA and arrange your trip properly from today!

What Is A Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)?

The Republic of Kenya Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is developed and managed by the State Department for Immigration and Citizen Services under the Ministry of Interior and National Administration. This semi-automated system determines the eligibility of individuals planning to journey to Kenya. 

Here are brief information about a Kenya eTA that travelers should note:

  • The Kenya ETA has replaced the Kenya eVisa. It is now a compulsory prerequisite for all foreign visitors planning to travel to Kenya. 

  • Kenyan nationals and travelers from the East African Community (EAC) are exempted from the Kenya ETA. These countries include: 

    • Burundi

    • Democratic Republic of Congo

    • Rwanda

    • South Sudan

    • Tanzania

    • Uganda. 

  • The ETA is valid for 03 months from the date of issuance for a single entry and permits a stay of up to 90 days.

  • Children are also required to obtain Kenya eTA to enter the country. Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by a legal guardian, parent, or accompanying adult who will complete the application for them on their behalf.

Kenya eTA is mandatory for all travelers who plan to visit Kenya

Kenya eTA is mandatory for all travelers who plan to visit Kenya

The Differences between Kenya ETA and Kenya Evisa

The Kenya eTA is a pre-screening procedure for foreign nationals exempt from visas. Although it is not necessarily a visa, it remains a compulsory prerequisite for all global travelers visiting Kenya.

In contrast, the Kenya eVisa is a digital version of the traditional visa. It fulfilled the same role as a regular visa but was processed and obtained through online platforms.

What Are The Benefits Of  Kenya ETA?

The introduction of Kenya ETA is a strategic move to bolster national security. By implementing advanced electronic authorization, the Kenyan Government aims to have a more comprehensive and secure screening process for international travelers. 

  • One of the immediate benefits of the Kenya ETA is the simplification of the check-in process for airlines and passengers alike. Transport carriers can now easily verify travelers' authorization, ensuring a smoother boarding process. 

  • The ETA system allows travelers to obtain authorization conveniently before their journey, eliminating the need for complex visa processes. Travelers can apply for an eTA electronically within a few minutes.

  • Reduced visa costs: The fees for eTA are less expensive than conventional visa fees, making the travel budget to Kenya more affordable.

  • Simplified documentation: Compared to traditional visas, Kenya eTA applications require less documentation. It is crucial that travelers check visa requirements in advance to learn what documents they need to obtain for an eTA application. This helps to expedite the process, allowing travelers to get an eTA in time.

With the introduction of Kenya ETA, the entry process into Kenya has been simplified significantly. The new visa policy helps to promote Kenya's image in the world travel market, welcoming tourists to enjoy the captivating landscapes and rich cultural heritage that the country has to offer.

Getting a Kenya ETA is now hassle-free on the Kenya Immigration Services website. With a smartphone or a computer, tablet, and a stable Internet connection, you can complete the application quickly from the comfort of your home and obtain an eTA in a matter of days.