What Are The Kenya Visa Requirements For Saudi Arabian Citizens?

A Kenya visa is one of the most important documents Saudi Arabian nationals need to acquire before visiting Kenya. Fortunately, the Kenya visa is now available in an electronic version; thus, Saudi Arabia travelers can obtain it faster and more efficiently. The procedure is simple, and all unnecessary steps are skipped. You only need to meet the following visa requirements to obtain a Kenya eVisa:

  • A valid passport: All visitors need to have a passport that is valid for at least 06 months from the entry date in Kenya and has a minimum of 02 blank pages to place the stamp
  • A recent photograph of yourself in any version as long as your face and background are clear
  • A valid email address to receive entry permits for Saudi Arabia visitors
  • A scan of the passport’s biographical page
  • Credit/debit cards or PayPal accounts to make payments
  • Flight ticket (compulsory for Transit and East Africa): The applicants need to show their flight bookings to verify their starting point. To get an East Africa e visa, their starting point must be Kenya. For Kenya transit e visa, they need to show their transit ticket through Kenya within 03 days
  • Business-related documents (for Business eVisa): Saudi Arabia passport holders will be required to provide an invitation letter from a partner of their company in Kenya, their company COI and their staff ID/business card if they want to apply for a Kenya Business e visa.

If the applicant's plan does not follow the rules and regulations of the Kenya e visa, you can apply for an alternative Kenya visa at the Kenya embassy.

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