What Are The Different Types Of Kenya e-Visas for Egyptians?

Kenya is an ideal destination for Egyptian travelers who enjoy the wildlife and gorgeous beaches. Many individuals have been to Kenya over the years to experience the country's tranquility and refreshing atmosphere.

The Kenya visa is one of the most essential documents that Egyptian citizens must obtain before they can travel to this beautiful country. Fortunately, the Kenya visa is now available in electronic version, thus Egyptian travelers can obtain it faster and more efficiently. The Kenya e-Visa is a single entry visa that permits a stay in Kenya of up to 90 days for travel, and short-term business. 
There are 04 types of visas for Egyptian tourists, with each having a different purpose. Most Kenya eVisa types allow Egyptian travelers to stay in the country for 90 days, except for transit eVisa. 
  • Tourist eVisa is issued for tourism purposes. This includes trips made for sightseeing, visiting family or friends. 
  • Transit eVisa: This type of visa is granted to Egyptian tourists who need to stop in one of Kenyan ports en route to another destination. It permits only a 03-day stay in the country. 
  • Business eVisa is used by Egyptian citizens to attend conferences, business meetings, and other events held in Kenya. 
  • East Africa Tourist eVisa is a Joint Tourist Visa, allowing multiple entries between three countries: Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda. 


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