What are the Benefits of a Kenyan Online Visa for Australian Travelers?

To make the process of applying for a visa simpler, the Immigration Department of Kenya has launched an electronic visa system in 2015 for certain countries. Australia is also on the eligible list for Kenya eVisa, making it easier for Australian citizens to obtain a visa to visit this fascinating country. An electronic visa has more advantages than a regular visa that is obtained in the Embassy:

  • Australian citizens can apply for a Kenya eVisa easily from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Therefore, Australians no longer need to spend much time and effort visiting an embassy and go through a traditional application.
  • Simple & quick process: Australian citizens just need to follow a 03-step process to complete the visa application online at Kenya Immigration Services . After Australian applicants submit their application, it will be processed in a maximum of 03 business days. The processing time can also be shortened to 05 business hours if Australian citizens utilize the rush visa service .
  • Australian nationals can track the progress of their visa in only 30 minutes.
  • Once the eVisa application is approved, it will be sent to the applicant’s email address. Australian nationals can thus print it out and bring it along with them to Kenya.

These reasons mentioned above make Kenya eVisa the preferred alternative for Australian travelers, which is one of the main reasons it is currently taking place of conventional visa application procedures.

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