How much is the visa from Russian Federation to Kenya?

For Russian travelers who wish to enter Kenya must obtain a visa before departing. Russian citizens can apply for a visa online to Kenya, which is more convenient and cost-effective than a traditional one.

Russian nationals have to pay the Kenya visa fee before sending their application in for evaluation. There are two kinds of Kenya e visa fees that you have to pay to get your eVisa to Kenya, including the Kenya visa service fee and the Kenya Government fee.

  • The Kenya Government fee is the amount that the Russian applicant has to pay for the Kenya Immigration Department to process eVisa
  • The Kenya visa service fee is the amount that the applicant has to pay in advance for visa service during a Kenya e visa processing from consulting.

The processing time you select for your Kenya e visa application determines the Kenya visa service cost you must pay:

  • Normal Kenya e visa: Travelers have to pay $59.00 for the eVisa service fee. With this price, Russian travelers will get a Kenya e visa approval in a guaranteed maximum of 03 business days
  • Urgent Kenya e visa: With this Kenya visa service, Russian citizens need to pay an additional $79.00 to get a Kenya e visa in a guaranteed processing time of 24 hours
  • Super Urgent Kenya e visa/Rush Kenya e visa: With a fee of an additional $99.00, this is the quickest and most expensive Kenya e visa service option available. When using this eVisa service, Russian customers can obtain your Kenya e visa in a maximum of 05 business hours.

Travelers from the Russian Federation can apply for a Rush Kenya e visa here.

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