How much is a visa to Kenya from India?

 Indian travelers can obtain a visa online on Kenya Immigration Services which is more time-saving and economical than a regular visa. Before submitting their visa application for review, Indian applicants must pay the Kenya visa fee. There are 02 types of Kenya visa fees that they must pay: the Government Fee and the Service charge. 

Because a Kenya visa is required for Indian nationals to enter the country, they need to pay a Government fee. This Kenya visa fee is paid to the Kenya Immigration Department to grant their eVisa. Note that the Government fee is different between 04 types of Kenya eVisa. For example, Indian citizens applying for a Kenya Tourist visa or a Business visa must pay US$ 95.00 for the Government fee, while a Kenya Transit Visa costs US$ 65.00 for this fee and $150.00 for a Kenya East Africa Visa. 
Regarding the Service Fee, Indian residents need to pay based on the processing time for their visa application. Currently, there are 03 types of visa service:
  • Standard: This service is used in most cases. Indian applicants can receive their visa approval in a maximum of 03 business days. They need to pay only $59.00 for this service. 
  • Urgent: Indian travelers have to pay a higher fee to use this service as it guarantees your visa to arrive in just 24 hours. An additional $79.00 will be charged for this service.
  • Super Urgent: This service allows Indian citizens to receive their visa within 05 hours with a fee of extra $99.00

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