How many times can an Egyptian enter Kenya with the evisa?

The Kenyan Government has launched the electronic visa system to help Egyptian travelers obtain a visa to visit Kenya most conveniently and effectively. Kenya electronic visa is granted a single entry only to Egyptian nationals for short stays for tourism, business, and medical reasons.

This travel permit allows Egyptian travelers to enter the country once and remain there for up to 90 days from the arrival date. Visitors from Egypt who have left the country must obtain a new visa to re-enter the country. Note that a Kenya eVisa is valid for 03 months from the issued date, Egyptian travelers must enter the country during this period.

Multiple entries are allowed for Egyptian citizens who possess East Africa visas. This type of visa is issued for people who want to visit Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda on the same trip, with Kenya being the first destination on the journey. Egyptian travelers can enter these countries as many times as they wish with a total stay duration of 90 days.

If Egyptian citizens want to extend their stay in Kenya, they can apply for a Kenya visa extension which allows them to stay in the country for another 90 days.

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