How long is the Kenya e visa for Moroccans valid for?

The validity of the Kenya eVisa for Moroccan citizens is 90 days from the issued date. Moroccan passport holders must enter Kenya within the validity period. If Moroccan visitors do not enter the nation within this time frame, the visa will expire automatically. In this case, Moroccan travelers must apply for a new online application to visit Kenya. The visa application process takes no more than 20 minutes, and Moroccans can complete it from anywhere with a computer, or a smartphone.

Moroccan passport holders must possess a valid visa before traveling to Kenya. Therefore, it is recommended to apply for a Kenya visa online at least 07 days prior to their departure date. Moroccan citizens can determine how long their Kenya visa is valid by checking the date of issue specified on the authorized document. The Kenya eVisa is valid for three months (90 days) from that day.

With an eVisa, Moroccan nationals can stay in the country for up to 90 days from the arrival date. The duration of stay depends on the type of visa they obtain. They can also request for a visa extension which must be made at the main immigration offices in Kenya if they wish to stay longer. The offices are located in Nairobi and Mumbai.

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