How Long Does It Take To Get A Kenya Visa From France?

The processing time for obtaining a Kenya visa from France can vary depending on several factors. Typically, it is advised to allow sufficient time for the visa application process to prevent any potential delays or processing fluctuations.

The estimated processing times for a Kenya e-Visa application are as follows:

  • Normal processing: Under normal circumstances, it takes around 3 business days to process a Kenya e-Visa application. This option provides a reasonable timeframe for visa approval.
  • Urgent processing: If you need your visa more quickly, you can choose the urgent processing option. With this choice, you can expect to receive your Kenya e-Visa within 24 hours by paying an additional fee.
  • Super urgent processing: For the quickest processing time available, the super urgent processing option is offered. By paying a higher fee, you can obtain your Kenyan e-Visa in a maximum of 5 business hours. This option is the fastest but also the most expensive.

To ensure a smooth and timely visa processing experience, it is recommended that visitors from France apply for their Kenya visa well in advance of their travel dates. Applying at least one week before the intended departure date allows for any potential delays or processing fluctuations and provides peace of mind for your trip.

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