How Can The Kenya Visa For Jordanians Be Extended?

Visitors from Jordan wishing to stay in Kenya for more than three (03) months can apply for a Kenya visa extension. They need to make an appointment at the Immigration Headquarters in Kenya before their visa expires.

  • Visitors from Jordan can also apply for a Kenya visa extension in person at the Kenya Immigration offices in Mombasa, Kisumu, Malindi, and Lamu
  • Jordanians can check the validity of a Kenya electronic visa by looking at the issuance date stated on the permitted document
  • Following the given date, the Kenya e visa for Jodanian citizens is valid for 90 days. Kenya must be entered by Jordanian visitors while their Kenya visas are still valid
  • The validity of Kenya tourists visas for Jordanians expires if they do not enter the nation within this time limit. This means that in order to enter the nation again, Jordanian individuals must submit a new online Kenya visa application.

The applicant must finish the Kenya visa extension application form before paying the Kenya e visa fee. Furthermore, Jordanian nationals are advised to purchase Kenya travel insurance because it will protect their rights in case of medical expenses, unexpected travel delays, or lost luggage.

It is more convenient for Jordanian customers to add travel insurance Kenya while applying for your Kenya e visa, see more information about Kenya travel health insurance here.

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