Do infants and kids require a visa to enter Kenya from Australia?

No. Australian children aged 16 and under are exempted from a Kenya visa. They have permission to enter the country without having to show a valid visa. At the entry point, only their legitimate transport documentation will be required.

Kenya's visa policy applies to adults and must be followed by anyone above the age of 16 as well. German passport holders must make sure that they meet the Kenya visa requirements for Australian citizens before beginning their visa application process:
  • A passport that remains at least 06 months validity from the arrival date in Kenya. Australian travelers who have dual citizenship should use the same passport used in the application. 
  • A photograph that was taken recently with a clear face against a white/plain color.
  • A flight ticket to make sure that Australian citizens do not exceed the 90-day validity of a Kenya eVisa. 
  • An email address to receive their visa. Australian travelers should bring a printout of their eVisa along with them during their Kenya trip because the Immigration Officer at a border checkpoint may ask them to present it before permitting them to enter the country. 
In addition, Australian applicants have to supply some additional documentation depending on the visa types they are applying for. 

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